Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas white and Blue

Spent the Christmas with Hon and went to their house. Felt good to be welcomed and all. Just that I've been meaning to have something like this for a long time. That you're liked by his parents, or he is proud to bring you to his house. I just love this year, and as it halt to an end, I'm gonna miss all the fun and the not-so-fun things that happened to my life.

Back on Christmas again, Hon became the hero when he saved my family from some opportunists that might take a heap of money from us. I'm just so glad that he was there to protect me and all. As I've told him, although that incident happened, this has still been one of the best Christmases I ever had. And to add that after so many months, we are still very much in love and happy with each other. (^___^)

Hopefully, I could be back in total writing. Not sure yet though..

But project is in lift off. and so excited of the output. Maam Kit says there will also be a grand launching. Cool.

2006 has been a grand year. I guess this will be my last post for the year. I'll be back on Tuesday or Wednesday to update what happened in my yearender. haha.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Of Fairy wings and other stuff

Went to Paskuhan yesterday. I sooo love the lights of UST. As Brent said "It's like Hogwarts in the Philippines".

Had the sudden rush to meet my friends last night. When I went to Makati for the web's photoshoot, I thought of Brent and asked him if he is still at work. But then he replied and thought that I was asking him because I wanna go to Paskuhan. Ergo, that led me to see the ivy walls (yeah!) of my alma mater once again. Sadly, I didn't get the chance to see the fireworks in the sky..

But really, I was kinda hoping that some of my classmates would be there. Ang nakita ko lang si Sir Jere. Kamusta naman yun.

Anyway, Fortune Care had our Christmas Party last Tuesday wherein I had to be a fairy. So being the camwhore that I am, I am fairly obliged to post the pictures. Anyway, it was a pink party so everyone was dressed in pink and thought it was my debutante party once again..
pink fairy!

My Fortune Care Family...


Sorry to post this little. Sucky internet sucks right now. Hafta work. bye!

Oh and by the way.....


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Party Mode

Still feeling cranky. Have been arguing even the tiniest things with Hon. I don't feel like having a flu or something but I'm definitely in the dumps lately.

Went Christmas Shopping with Hon last Saturday and yesterday. Having someone with you is a big help when youre not only shopping for gifts but for costumes for the party as well. The whole Customer Care ladies will be in wings. Wait til tomorrow for women to be fairies. And yeah, wait for the dozen of pictures that I will be taking. Haha!

My Christmas list is halfway done. Hon has been an angel from the start. Although we managed to fight over the number of people at Divi, how we almost got lost, the sweat and all the striking sun, in the end, we still made it..and had peace...finally.

Then yesterday was the second round of the Christmas Shopping. It's actually burning holes in my pocket my seeing my brother all glad about his gift, it was definitely worth it. I can't even imagine how my mom's face would look like once she's seen hers. I feel really cool..(^___^)

I saw this guy I once knew, and seeing that he's happy now, makes me feel that I had very good decisions. Decisions that led me to my destined partner. And now that he's happy makes me feel the same way about him too. And I really mean it.. especially now..

i just couldn't explain how I'm feeling now. but it sure is cool to finally spend christmas with lotsa reasons to celebrate. and going to 2 houses for the holidays makes you feel so welcome and warm. I so love this life. And I sooo love Hon Hon..

GTG.. party tomorrow.. details the next day.. when Im sober.haha

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Movie Marathons are Here Again

Hon and I are starting to build our DVD collection for when we get married someday, we'll gonna have a movie room. Nice huh? Hence, we went to Quiapo last Wednesday and found out that DVD only sells for 60 pesos. Kamusta naman diba? So maybe next year, after all the mad X-mas shopping, I would start acquiring a selection of American TV series like Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, Charmed and One Tree Hill. Funny coz Hon saw this McGyver DVD.Haha.

Launching was finally over. But career doesn't end yet. Presently, I have making changes and stuff for the website. Done deal a lot of articles already. And I'm really loving my job. Hon just keeps on being weirded on me staying so late at work But it pays a lot for me, I mean, it fulfills me a lot.

Tatin just called a while ago. I missed our High School Days. You know like the first time I got to know them, the jokes that we always share and the dramas that fell behind us. She even recalled about how I wished for someone who would love me unconditionally. And apparently, I found him and she was so happy about it. Now I'm really dedicated to organize the party with them.

I really miss my friends.. Tats and Tin, don't worry, while were partying, we'll really and definitely be thinking that somehow, both of you are here too. Promise!

I wouldnt want to say negative things in my blog, but I couldn't be everyone's friend na. Or nice about her matter. As Brandy told Monica, the boy is definitely mine and what we have is something REAL.

gotta go..

Sunday, November 26, 2006

is there such thing as few mistakes?

I have a tip I just learned recently. When you feel the need to cry, just close your eyes so you don't know that it actually falls. Nah, it's a stupid trick but I get to do that. And pretended everything's okay just to shut my mind up.

New Products are to be lauched this Wednesday. And i made this huge mistake of putting the wrong hotline number to every brochure in the product. Just great. Although my boss says I shouldn't just blame myself, I still feel I should have been more responsible and all. I have proofread it a lot of times but still, this happened. SO stupid.

And I have to write a full-blown article while at it. I feel so incompetent anymore. And Im wallowing with self-pity and guilt. I just hope I could really get through this phase.

Haven't finalized Christmas plans yet. or Im not sure if it'll ever happen. the giddy feeling seems gone right now. I don't know who could turn back my Holiday spirit. Oh well, crap.

I just finally realized I shouldn't blog when I don't feel good. But this is me. I'm not blaming anyone. I just want to feel good again. That I'm needed and not stuck up to the thin air where I'm not supposed to be..

And with all the drama, I have to go to the curtain call...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Santa Claus is coming to town.....

Blogger is sorta weird. Having tied up with Google and all. Nah, I'll make a pass while at it. It's messing up my brain anyway.

Small Small world. Hon has this friend whose girlfriend is a fellow glee club of mine. just weird having in common people in our lives when we already have a lot of people in common, who knows each other and vice-versa. Or just having so much people in common.

Work is putting a stab on my chest right now. Been swamped with so many things to do. The two new products will gonna be the end of me.. Not that I'm complaining, but its just that I could work really fast if Im not squattering at Chay's PC. Well, just that mine's coming next week (or so the MIS said), but they bkeep on giving me hopes. Hopes that you should not give a twentyone -year-old person, by the way.

But hopefully, when these two products are out by December, its gonna be fun fun fun for me again. And going to actually stop leaving the office at quarter to seven and go out with my boyfriend at least. But then again, the website should be out by January, and I have like two articles due, so my death is continuous. Thank you very much.

Its really Christmas in Manila. Well, I'm actually hoping to see UST as night. Just that I've been used to seeing an awful number of Christmas lights actually blinding anyone who walks across the Benavides Statue and the Arch of the Centuries. I miss the days when we were going home from our 9pm class and when boredome gets the heck out of us, the lighted Lover's Lane would be this great pick-me-upper or something. When I think of school, I get so nostalgic and all, but having friends with you really makes it more magical. And I desperately am missing it...

Chay asked me to be her wedding coordinator, saying will all my creativity and taste.I personally think she asked me because she can't ask anyone. hehe. just kidding. Just that I'm not big on these stuff so I'm doing a lot of researching and all. Its good actually, because one day, when its like, my turn to get married, I could actually pick up some pointers there right? So it wouldn't be the traditional I do's and all. But really, I think I have to work on the planning skills because I lack some of them. So, still internet browsing so I could give justice to her because she's such a nice friend and I don't wanna let her down. =)


I am through Season 4 of Gilmore Girls. Hon made me have a me-time today. And apparently, were both broke so we took a break from seeing each other haha! But then again, it was my idea for us to miss each other more and see what'll happen when we meet again. haha. But I miss him already and for the love of God, I can't even remember how he looks like anymore. Uh, yeah, that was me, overreacting again. But I had a date today with my brother and it involves an mp4 player, that I too, would want to buy in a few days, when I get my paycheck. Wait Tuesday, and I'm gonna get my hands on one too. HA!

I have to go now. another big day tomorrow. muah!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

happy happy ria..=)

I have been swooning over my gilmore girls dvd for the past weeks. And now Im on season 4. Yay!

Went to Nova yesterday because my Dad's home again. And my hon went to our house too..Wala lang. Kakatuwa lang for him to be there and all. Like the whole family was awkward but supportive. Nice.. Very..Haha..

Work is still work.. Lots to do before the end of the year. I just hope I could really make it that far. But I'm having fun and all.

Oh well, short post again. Wait til im not busy anymore.haha!

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Im really convincing myself that I'm happy for you. Guess that is where you should really belong.

Im happy with Hon, and so do you with someone else. That I'm thankful of.

yun lang, just not feeling well.

and im really out.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Im loving my stay at Fortune Care. It's just that no matter how toxic my day could be, I could say that I want to stay longer with them. And very much excited of my projects and all. My boss has faith in me. She makes me feel empowered everytime I talk to her. Like when she says that I should grab every oppurtunity that was given to me.

Pero what I love about her is when she wants to be treated as my mommy..heheh..


Am about to celebrate our 5th month this saturday. And so far, everything's been fine. Pat has been a best friend, a confidante, my go-getter, my shoulder to cry on, my mr.fix-it and one who loves me as much as I do. So basically, everything about him is perfect, no matter what anyone would say about him.

love is soo divine.. and tomorrow, im gonna live life with my complete set of gilmore girls dvd.

i so love having my life. muah!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

tagalog post. (para maiba lang)

I admit (tagalog nga eh. kulit ko.) im not sure kung alam niya na naiinis ako sa kanya. naging sobrang envious ako f0r the longest time sa isang taong sabi nila eh wag ko daw pagselosan. hindi ko rin alam kung bakit inis na inis ako sa kanya. siguro the mere fact na sobrang minahal nya noon si girl. na he kept on seeing her almost all the time. na threatened ako sa fact na theyre having the same environment.

Ngayon, hindi ko sinasadyang mabasa yung blog niya. well, for quite sometime, kinalimutan ko ng tingnan yun dahil pinromise ko sa sarili ko na hindi ako maiinsecure. dahil there's no basis for comparison. iba sya, iba din ako. dati rin, pinipilit kong pigilan yung sarili ko na mag-message sa kanya kasi alam ko na gulo lang mangyayari if i would have to open a way of communication to her. kasi masakit. kasi hindi ko kaya makipag-usap sa kanya kahit gustong-gusto ko nang ipaubaya sha sa kanya. kasi i naisip ko, pag naging masaya sila together, makakamove on na rin ako.

hindi ko naman sinasadya talagang basahin yung blog mo. kasi alam ko hindi ka kasali sa mundo ko. pero nung sinabi mo na masaya ka for him, for us, na-guilty ako kasi nagalit ako sayo noon. na akala ko inaagaw mo sya sakin. na ayaw mo na shang patahimikin kahit may iba ka na. na bakit friends pa din kayo hanggang ngayon. na alam ko na mas marami akong pwedeng ibigay kaysa sa iyo. na mas malalim yung nararamdaman ko para sa kanya kaysa sa naramdaman ninyo para sa isa't-isa. punong-puno ng bitterness ang puso ko dahil sayo. pero kahit minsan, inaasar ko sya sa iyo, alam ko walang basehan para magalit pa ko. kasi pag ginawa ko yun, ako rin naman yung talo, ako pa nanakit sa sarili ko.

its surprising na sa tagal ng gulo na ito, hindi naman sa all that ends well ang kwento. ni hindi nga kami magkakilala eh. sa pangalan, oo. ugali, malamang hindi. kaya nga i didnt bother to know you at all. aaminin ko, nagreresearch ako tungkol sayo noon. na pag may nababasa akong testimonial ng mga memories niyo, nasasaktan dumating sa point na willing na kong kausapin ka na maging kayo nalang ulit dahil pati ako naguguluhan sa inyo. at mas lalong willing ako mag-let go kung sasaya kayo.pero kung tatanungin mo ko kung gaano ko sya kamahal, papatunayan ko na mamahalin ko sha, no matter what it takes. na minsan kahit sabihin ng friends ko na wala na kong time para sa kanila, gagawin ko lahat kahit patayin ko sarili ko maprove lang na worth lahat ng ginagawa ko.

Ni hindi ko nga alam bakit ako nag-eexplain sayo ngayon eh. siguro dahil guilty ako for hating you. i never wanted us to be friends pero ayoko na rin mainis pa kapag nakikita kong viniview mo yung friendster profile niya. ayoko na rin maasar kapag naririnig ko yung pangalan mo. ayoko na din mabwisit kahit madalas kayo mag-email sa isa't isa noon. and most of all, ayoko na rin sumakit yung puso ko kasi mahirap kung ibabalik pa niya ulit sakin kung ano yung hawak niya ngayon.

but I wish you well too. and im sincere about that.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Go USTe!

I believe I'm a changed woman. Hahaha.


UST won Game 2 at the UAAP Finals. Wishing i could watch the finals, but I have work til 6 tomorrow. And being the self-admitted (and I dont know if I really am) jinx, I opt not to go to the last game because it could be their chance to, if not win the finals, at least be into the finals.

And Im praying they would win.hahaha!

Kami lang anak ng Diyos sa Tondo last Friday

Due to the massive blackout, my life went miserable but lo and behold, at four am that friday, sobrang street lang namin nagka-ilaw. Hahaha. I can't believe our luck. So cool. =)

I'm not sure if he could read this, but I am more in love with "the one". I don't know why but for as long as Ive waited for him to come back, the more I realized that I wanna spend my future with him. As one message said, I just wanna cherish it for as long as its here. And I'm really wishing we could end up together someday soon.

Hafta go. Started with a kiss marathon tonight. Mwah!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Reunion and new celebrations

So I miss blogging...hahahaha

Started my second job and my technically "first corporate job" last Monday. Now I'm a Communications Assistant at Fortune Care. The whole job is great but I'm afraid I'm always stuck at traffic whereas I couldn't do anything but mumble about how long would it take me to actually be there. So I made a resolution to get up as early as possible. And that's something I haven't done for a very long time.

Anyhoo, my first project is to update the company's website. Kamusta naman yun diba? Mam Kit said I should treat it like a project in school, not that I'm afraid to tell her that we usually have a team in school. But I'm not complaining, because this will prove my position and probably and early regularization or something to lift my probationary status. Dream on Ria.

Last Friday night, we went back to relive our elementary days. Met up with friends Ninya, Sason, Iye, Camille and Michael. It was fun considering we havent seen each other for years. Well, so much has changed. Si Sason may family na and all. Though I'm not seeing myself having one yet, I'm happy with what the wind has brought us.

SO much for my comeback post. I promise to update when I have the chance. nytnyt! muah!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Best Birthday Ever

I know this is long overdue. Just that when it rains, our connection sucks.

So anyway, spent my birthday at the Mall of Asia last Monday with Hon. Shempre its my first time to go there and was so psyched to celebrate it with him since it would be the first time in a long time that we were together. We have a new baby, she's named hannah. Okay, she's a teddy bear. and yun, she was so cute and all. At goodluck naman sa Toy Kingdom because they sang me a happy birthday! =)

To Hon, I know this is a start of more birthdays together. Thanks for everything. I have been the luckiest person in the world because I have you. *hugs*

Started my first day at my new work. Stressful ang biyahe, and hopefully hindi ang job. Now I'm a communications assistant at Fortune Medicare. Pasig. Kamusta talaga!

Met new friends din like Det, Gerome, Jewel, Gelo and Chay. Been with Chay the whole day and was really fun because I feel as if I belong there. Hopefully, I would be able to do meaningful things there.

Have to go already. Early pa tomorrow. mwah!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

counting down

im turning twenty-one in less than 24 hours. well, this must be the biggest step ive ever made in my whole life.

i quit my job last week, hence, i have been bumming around, filling up application forms and facing an interview in another company. and i will start my training on the seventh. hopefully, this job could bring out the best in me, in my life and definitely my persona. im really crossing my fingers for this.

relationship is at its best. i have been very happy with it. i could say that i could never ask for more than being with him.the past months have been filled with gladness, adventure,chaos (kidding) and whole lotta love.=) its those moments that you just want to be with him even for a split second. or talk to him and imagine waking one morning that you see him by your side. so my wish for this is to make it last a lifetime.

As for myself, I wish to be successful in my path. like i dont have to worry about my work if it sucked or something. i just wanna be appreciated. i guess thats why i searched for a new job. that no matter how hard i tried for adam's, mb just couldn't see the best that i could offer. or like mam amor said, maybe I?m fit somewhere else. Somewhere I could unleash my talents. Actually, when joedy told me I was really good, I cried because I never thought that the people I least expect would be impressed at me.

Hon keeps on asking me what I wanted for my birthday. I honestly don?t know if I should answer. It?s just that I?m not used to expecting a lot of material things for my birthday. I?m very much satisfied if I would receive something or not.

I remembered one person who said he gives flowers to his friends on their birthday, well, I know I?m never going to receive one from him, but then, he could really come across my mind when it comes to this part of the year. I don?t know, I just wish we could?ve stayed friends. I?m not sure. But when I think of it, I know I could get hurt. Maybe because for the months that we?ve kept in touch, I felt really special, but after that, when I felt you were invisible, I led myself to move on.

?.and frankly, I am very much happy with my life with hon. I had everything when I won you back.=)

Saw YOU ARE THE ONE with Tita Chat, Ate Pinky, Joedy and Gerdah this afternoon. It?s nice to be with them again, And Sam, oh Sam! You are simply dreamy! Haha!

Have to go fix myself up to meet family. Gtg.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Ooh I Missed you!


Okay, was feeling sentimetal for a while, but thankfully, we were able to manage it all without having to not continue the monthly anniversary. Of course, only we two know the story. hahaha

Now here's one issue, I'm gonna bring him to our house in Novaliches tomorrow. Yeah, terrifying, I know. It's like meeting the parents, only my parents know him all my life. I just don't know why were even scared or something. Maybe because this is a different thing now. Like we can't hang out in my room anymore and talk about each others' relationships because this is an US thing now.


Honey, you are the best thing that happened in my life. I couldn't ask for anybody than you. Even though we were hesitant if we should continue this at first, it was the best decision and you are the wonderful choice I ever made. If I ever nag you at times, it doesn't mean i'm guarding on you. I just care about you. I also understand your work, so please dont think I couldn't. I just want you to know that despite our differences, our love keeps us strong. And wherever it might take us together, you know were not just an "us". As you've said before, we make the best of friends. And I intend to keep it because it would define what we wanted to have for such a great deal of time. Thank you for eveything and I would always stick with you no matter what! I so love you! (^______^)

No work tomorrow. Finally wouldn't have the Monday gloom. Thankfully, I'm gonna see him din. =) Happy happy! Well, have to rest now. have to doll up myself tomorrow. hahaha!

muah again!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I missed blogging! I miss my friends. I miss going to school. I miss being a bum.

Okay, so i havent posted in while, that's why i'm feeling all sentimental over here. Well, seems as if I'm not that motivated to work anymore. I dunno if i feel as if I'm unappreciated or my stupid pride won't admit that I'm not really for television or for newspaper, or even for a travel agency. Argh, I think too much.

Well, though I would sometimes motivated at work, I often feels restless even though my day isn't that tiring. It's just that my boss is expecting me to do some things that I'm not even aware of. Not that I'm complaining, because I'm very much willing to learn, but not to accept my work, is the worst thing he could do. Tama ba naman na murderin ang article at palitan lahat? No, I don't hate him, but I wish he could've not asked me to do the release.

In a few days, we will be nearing our third month. Yay! Three months of no chaotic whatsoever. Well, some days would be filled with silent treatments, but we learned to be patient in a lot of ways. And I'm kinda happy that hon is more understanding now. And he's willing to wait in a lot of ways again. And seriously, I could shout to everyone that this could definitely be "the One".

I have a plan to move to another company. Although we tackled loyalty in our meeting this afternoon, I still couldnt help but wonder if I would have a much better life in another work, one that's willing to let me grow and enhance my passion for writing. Mela feels were destined to work in Makati. Well, because she thinks she's gonna find her Mr. Right there. As for me, I'm still deciding for my reasons.

I have to sleep now. I just realized I have been spending too much on whatsoever things that doesnt include in my agendas. muah! gotta sleep. zombie na in a few minutes. hahaha!

nyt world!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Finally had the nerve to post an entry here at the office.

Anyway, storm was huge yesterday. Thought I shouldn't go to the office but was disappointed because I still have to work since Sir MB would be in Cebu and Bohol today. Had our meeting till 7:30 so I decided to go home using my Divi way, but was stranded. Windblows were huge too, and I wouldn't want my umbrella be ruined so I stopped by the nearest corner. Argh. Was sad. Was definitely gloomy.

Went out with Mela, Brent, Migs and Hon last Saturday to watch Lady in the Water. Nice yung movie, full of twists though some parts tend to bore me. Bad lang coz I have to be home early to attend Steffy's debut. So yun, went to Jade Garden to celebrate her coming-out party. Good thing Anne was there or I would be lonely there, with my mo and her friends.

Hon and I would nearly be legal to my parents. I have been feeding them ideas about us being a couple. And it's nice that my mom finally got it. Siguro basta I wouldn't get married yet, anyone's fine with them. And he's no stranger to the family naman eh, so I hope my plan would work. hahaha!

Have to go. Lunch break already. Feed me! mwah!

Friday, July 21, 2006


definitely in love and definitely happy!

Spend the second month at Baywalk last night. Whereas my my mom asked me why I came home late. Shempre, I lied to her again. Not that I wanna hide anything from her but I still can't make her face hon. stupid me.

My friends, Migs, my hubby and I will go to Starcity tomorrow to post-celebrate Brent's birthday. It should be fun but I have to go home early because I'll be attending Steffy's debut at 7 pm. Talk about hectic and schedules huh?

My boss will be back this weekend. Thankfully, I've done almost all of the things he asked me to do. Or something of that sort. Because if I see that I've disapponted him again, I think I have to move out here and look for another job, a writing job that fits well with me. Or something

But I dunno. Maybe I wouldnt.

Or maybe I would.

Argh my head hurts already. Have to meet Mela later so I should be going.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Goddess Godmother!

I may not show my truest feelings, but I hope you know I do love you...

Sentimental mode struck me today. Maybe because I thought I couldnt fit it your world. But then I realized, we share our own world, so why should I worry about anything? But really, I have been so happy from right from the very start and I couldn't ask for anything more perfect than this. Too bad my mom didn't get to see you again. Argh.

I need to write something. I don't know. Work requires me to write but not that much as I did back in college. I feel as if the passion is slowly losing. But oh heck, I love writing, I shouldn't be too affected by the bug.

I'd be a Godmother tomorrow to Ariadne (Shang's baby girl!) Haven't seen her yet though 'cause its been pretty hectic at work or because of dates, I have been going home a little later than I was expected to. So tomorrow's a pretty big day, seeing my xzeno family again, and I would be introducing my honey to them. (^___^)

but before going to bed, I'm wishing my friend BRENTI a very merry and happy Birthday!

Gotta go sleep! muah! =)

Goddess Godmother!

I may not show my truest feelings, but I hope you know I do love you...

Sentimental mode struck me today. Maybe because I thought I couldnt fit it your world. But then I realized, we share our own world, so why should I worry about anything? But really, I have been so happy from right from the very start and I couldn't ask for anything more perfect than this. Too bad my mom didn't get to see you again. Argh.

I need to write something. I don't know. Work requires me to write but not that much as I did back in college. I feel as if the passion is slowly losing. But oh heck, I love writing, I shouldn't be too affected by the bug.

I'd be a Godmother tomorrow to Ariadne (Shang's baby girl!) Haven't seen her yet though 'cause its been pretty hectic at work or because of dates, I have been going home a little later than I was expected to. So tomorrow's a pretty big day, seeing my xzeno family again, and I would be introducing my honey to them. (^___^)

but before going to bed, I'm wishing my friend BRENTI a very merry and happy Birthday!

Gotta go sleep! muah! =)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

After all..we all deserve an explanation

I have treated the relationship as a silent one because I don't want to ruin everyone. It's not as to being sorry for what happened, but for what had lost and for having the right decisions for myself.

I may have feelings for you before. Thinking that you could be the first guy to introduce to my parents as the "first official boyfriend", I anticipated and waited for months. But I was feeling hopeless and alone. That it's better if I would settle my life by my own and not to wait for you anymore. I'm stubborn that I couldn't take being the last priority. It could have been better, it could've worked out (no offense hon), but I guess fate didn't really want me to be yours but I have really tried hard to understand. It's just that sometimes, you have to give up.

TO HON:I'm sorry that I kept you waiting. I could've started this earlier but i promised my heart to someone before. But now that you have proven that this deserves a second (or technically) a third chance, I am up for it. I couldnt ask for a better boyfriend. I have seen the ups and downs of this relationship, and I'm very much happy that you share your dreams with me. I am really thankful for all your efforts and patience, going from south to north just to make sure I get home safe, for holding my hand when I feel tired, for kissing my fears when I'm afraid of losing you, for erasing my worries at work when everything seems hazy, for letting me see the sunset even with my eyes closed and for the love that you have been giving me for the past months.

I may be paranoid but you still accepted my madness, I may not be perfect but I seem to be the most perfect girl when I look into your eyes. I may be afraid of the thought of you going back to her, but when you repeatedly assured me that you would always be with me, all my worries are erased in a blink of an eye. And I am grateful for that.

Now the thing with the parents, my mom already told me na "kapag naging boyfriend mo si Patrick, blah blah blah." Goodluck, pero at least may thought na ganun. hehehe.

And I really pray that this would last a lifetime, as I have said, I have a good feeling about it. Thanks for everything, all these make up for the lost years. I so love you.

Went to Makati Shang this afternoon to attend the Hongkong Tourism Board Forum. Mam Lorie was supposed to go with Joedy and Mam Amor, but she let me go there because I was envious of Joedy seeing Mickey and Minnie Mouse (yeah, pathetic, I know!) They featured Hongkong Disneyland, and I'm really hoping to go there someday. Picturing the Disney Hollywood Hotel makes me have goosebumps and all. Also had my picture taken with the rat couple and freebies galore. (^__^)

After that, I forced him to meet me at glorietta. It's just that the place still feels strange for me and I'm not used to going there. Anyhoo, I'm glad to go there. The perks of my work! hehehe

Gotta sleep already. Am tired. buzzing off now.. (^____^) mwah!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Super Movie

I never liked Superman. Dahil isa kong praning and super paranoid before.

But after watching the movie, (of course with Brandon Routh), I kinda liked the story. Not to mention Lois Lane being a journalist, and a Pulitzer Prize winner. Hence, I find myself relating to it, with Superman being in vamoose for five years.

Okay, so here's the situation, Hon has been gone for almost four years. I am a journalist (well, technically because of my degree). When he came back to me, I am kind of loving someone. Come on, just bear with me on this. I'm just being sentimental and all. Guess that's what love's doing for me.

Went out with Brenti and Mela this Saturday afternoon. Well because I'm a free woman today, I have to be with my friends' company. I just missed them because this would probably the longest time that we three have been separated. And like everyone who knows us could ever guess, we still had the chismisan part of classmates and all. But nothing gross or anything, haha. And somewhere in Robplace, there's this Massageforless chairs that costs 20 pesos for three minutes. After having lunch ( a divine Supreme Pizza at Sbarro's), we tried the massage chairs, talked about going to Starcity and etcetera, etcetera.

There, it was super fun because the last time we went to watch a movie was months ago or maybe a year ago, I'm not sure. It's just great that I got the chance to spend my time with them again. So I proposed that now that were earning from work (or Mela as the Sosy high!), we should go out once a month. Maybe next time, I could push my StarCity plan. Actually I had a Starcity visit two Fridays ago because of the holiday and all.

And the funny thing was, I actually missed him because I promised that my Saturdays are for him, but he had this event he should be going to, and Superman's his favorite movie. But then I had to watch it first, without him, when he begged me to go with him before. haha. Now he's green with envy, though he could still watch it again naman.hehe.

Work for the week would be kind of like a breeze. My boss would be gone for a week and two days, ergo, I could leave early, do things more smoothly and go on dates. Though I have to do things for our seniors because a tour would be coming up. I even asked Mam Chat if I could join the briefing because Father Lucio would be there, and I kind of like to see him because he's a part of AB and college and UST. Connect it, I'm not in explaining mood right now.

Have to go. can't be stressed anymore. It's going up my system and it's not good for me. Nytie nyt!

Super Movie

I never liked Superman. Dahil isa kong praning and super paranoid before.

But after watching the movie, (of course with Brandon Routh), I kinda liked the story. Not to mention Lois Lane being a journalist, and a Pulitzer Prize winner. Hence, I find myself relating to it, with Superman being in vamoose for five years.

Okay, so here's the situation, Hon has been gone for almost four years. I am a journalist (well, technically because of my degree). When he came back to me, I am kind of loving someone. Come on, just bear with me on this. I'm just being sentimental and all. Guess that's what love's doing for me.

Went out with Brenti and Mela this Saturday afternoon. Well because I'm a free woman today, I have to be with my friends' company. I just missed them because this would probably the longest time that we three have been separated. And like everyone who knows us could ever guess, we still had the chismisan part of classmates and all. But nothing gross or anything, haha. And somewhere in Robplace, there's this Massageforless chairs that costs 20 pesos for three minutes. After having lunch ( a divine Supreme Pizza at Sbarro's), we tried the massage chairs, talked about going to Starcity and etcetera, etcetera.

There, it was super fun because the last time we went to watch a movie was months ago or maybe a year ago, I'm not sure. It's just great that I got the chance to spend my time with them again. So I proposed that now that were earning from work (or Mela as the Sosy high!), we should go out once a month. Maybe next time, I could push my StarCity plan. Actually I had a Starcity visit two Fridays ago because of the holiday and all.

And the funny thing was, I actually missed him because I promised that my Saturdays are for him, but he had this event he should be going to, and Superman's his favorite movie. But then I had to watch it first, without him, when he begged me to go with him before. haha. Now he's green with envy, though he could still watch it again naman.hehe.

Work for the week would be kind of like a breeze. My boss would be gone for a week and two days, ergo, I could leave early, do things more smoothly and go on dates. Though I have to do things for our seniors because a tour would be coming up. I even asked Mam Chat if I could join the briefing because Father Lucio would be there, and I kind of like to see him because he's a part of AB and college and UST. Connect it, I'm not in explaining mood right now.

Have to go. can't be stressed anymore. It's going up my system and it's not good for me. Nytie nyt!

Friday, June 30, 2006


YAY! I finally have an access to my blog. Stupid PLDT sucked service for almost two weeks. I had to call to their service center for eight days. Imagine? Eight long days! I so missed the phone.

But anyway, I finally proved myself that when God closes a door, He opens a window. I remember Malyn saying that good things would come my way one at a time. First, I got a job, next a nice guy who really loves me and cares for me that he would even go from south to north then south again just to make sure I get home safely. And lastly, I have my new Motoslvr. Haha! My dad (who was having pity on me because I have to settle for my 3310) finally gave in to my dream fone, so voila. My new baby! =)

Okay, things at work is pretty hazy and all. I am not sure of what would happen. I am unsure of some of the things they teach me. But I'm kinda learning on some of the things, things that I havent even heard of before. And its kinda nice. And yeah, everyday's like a feast in the office. Our senior bosses would always have food for everyone or junk foods for us. Mam Lorie would even want us to be fat and all. I'm actually getting bigger, but I promised myself that I would start on having my old figure back. Go on Fonda, Make my day! Wahaha!

I'm gonna see Mela (and hopefully Brenti) this Saturday. I so miss my best friends. But if rich Brent couldnt come, Mela and I would go to RP or somewhere. It's just that I'm a free woman that day. hehehe.

Gotta go, my boss will be touring Mindanao in a few days. And he will barge me again tomorrow for eveything that should be done and things he would bring for the trip. Oh well, tomorrow's another night! mwah!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Past, Present, Future

Somehow, I just couldnt decide.

Past is coming back to my present, Present is not taking care of me. My future is still uncertain. And I really am trying hard to do the best thing that I wouldn't end up being sorry for my decisions. I just wish I could just disappear and go to this another world where I could start with past. Jargon. Well, I have to decide immediately.

Went to SM SL this afternoon to watch CARS. Too many kids at the moviehouse nga lang. But of course, its an animated movie, and based on what I saw this noon, it was a hit. hehehe.

Work is getting a little complicated nowadays. It's just that I needed for our press releases to be released to every newspaper in the country. MB says we should revolutionize. And anyhow I make up for it, I just can't seem to really try to make him proud of me again. Or making his money's worth. This week, I have to go to this seminar pa. Ang cool talaga ni Boss MB, and I'm grateful because somehow, he believes in what I could do. I just have to act fast.

People at work are nice but getting complicated. Or maybe I'm just irritated that they are always seeing my faults nowadays. I mean, they should at least cut some slack out of me. Or see me as an individual and not compare me to other people whom I dont want to compete with. I hate competition with friends. Argh.

And my mother. I don't know what I'm gonna do with her. I just wish she'd accept my choice. Enough said.

I'm just tired of rationalizing things. Sha said she hasn't heard me laugh in a while until tonight when I talked to her. I guess I was really happy and its am obvious moment for her to notice. I guess so, I just wanted to be happy. I think I've suffered enough.I don't know. But it's really getting complicated every minute.

SO now I am asking you to wait.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Saturday fever

I am never really on blog leave. It's just that I've been really busy with work and sleeping. Yeah, I missed my bed, although I haven't really had the nicest sleep these past few days. Have been really confused with practically almost everything that's been happening in my life. Guess I haven't adjusted yet to the fast pace of the real world. Kaya rin siguro I miss school.

Watched Over the Hedge this afternoon. But was stupid to leave my fone in the office. Kaya pala Tita Chat asked me to text her when I left. Nakakainis lang kasi they should've given me my fone already instead of making me panic. Ang malala pa dun, i can't go back to the office since I'm already in Ortigas. Yeah, I'm gonna be fone-less again for two days. Shempre, walang tao sa office ng Sunday. Argh!

After the movie, I thought I was going to be soaked at the sight of the rain. Honestly, these are the times when you wish you have someone to cuddle up with. Oh well, I guess I'll just start dreaming.haha. Next week, Starcity naman. Haay, consecutive gimmicks every Saturday is really swell.=)

Gotta go catch sleep. Have huge pimple in my face due to stress. Nytienyt!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Da Vinci Hungover

I'm having hung-overs with the Da Vinci Code!

Last Saturday, this very great person treated me at Greenbelt to watch my most-awaited movie. So, who am I to decline the tempting offer right?

Hindi ako magiging spoiler. Basta maganda sha. Maganda yung cinematography, maganda yung storylines, magaling si Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou. Waah! I can't get over it. I really do!

Went to Makati at night. It was fun because for the first time, I saw the lights, people and all. Yeah, Ngayon lang nabubuhay ang social life ko. Masarap din ang may pera.hehehe..I know. So cool! =)

Anyway, work is hectic nowadays. Had few screw-ups already but I'm coping up with it. I'm also getting bigger already because we always have lots of food in the office. It's just great that the people you work with are so willing to train you. Had teary-eyed days and all, but it doesn't matter now, I would really want to do good for the company.

Fiesta yesterday. Saw friends so I'm uber happy right now. Tita Pin and her family also went to stay here so I really had fun. I just wish my insides are as fun as my outsides.

Reality sucks. Haay, ito na naman ako. Everything's undecided and unfathomable. I just wish my dark path would clear up to my expectations. I just couldn't help it.

Gotta Sleep. Work tomorrow.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

stressed, crazed.

My day was quite chaotic (well if quite could be paired to chaotic.hehe). Made few mistakes that caused me to have the teary-eyed syndrome. Ok, I admit, I had my first tear shedding day at work because I'm stressed, confused and feeling hazy. But the best excuse I made was

"Sorry tita Chat, gutom lang po ako".

Well, it's really true naman no!

Will watch The Da Vinci Code tomorrow with a friend. Am really excited because I have read the book years ago and have been waiting for its release once I found out that Tom Hanks would play Robert Langdon and Audrey Tatou got Sophia's character. =)

Fiesta on Sunday. So excited. Gotta see bezzie and Jasmin there.

Oh and before I forget, congrats to Nina for giving birth last May 14. And welcome to Anna Victoria in this world. =) Your fairy godmother Ria will always be here for you, though I havent seen you yet. mwah to both of you! =)

Gotta go now. Have to sleep. Again, work and pleasure in one day. I can't get sleepy because I have to concentrate on the movie. hehehe.

God, I'm really confused. Don't ask, few are only chosen to know why.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

First Meeting.

During my internship at Times, I used to see editors having their storycon, though I'm not working in a publishing company, I kinda experienced my own storycon, only through a form of meeting. Ok so I don't know a thing about tourism and package tours, but I know how to advertise and further establish marketing for the agency. It's also great to know that some people are depending on you because you know some things that they don't. =)

Anyway, Sir MB talked about passion for work last night. I'm not sure if I have passion for my work. Well, I hope. =) I love writing, I love people, so maybe it's a criteria for having the job. But really, I'm trying to do my best in it. I even took the job home so that I could pass a better work for my boss.

Got my pay from my CITEM work today. Well, its a four day job so its kinda small. It was even frustrating because I have to leave my work to get the check, encash it to the bank and all. It was really stressful. Good thing MB isn't at the office yet, or else, I would just have a week's work and I'm gonna be fired or something.

My mom's in Galera today. I'm green with envy. Imagine her having to plan a vacation when she knows I can't come because of work. Nice! But she has all the right to enjoy since it's Mother's Day on Sunday and she deserves a break from her stressful kids.

O well. Have to go now. Needs rest. AND YEAH, I SO HEART YOU! <3

Monday, May 08, 2006

kiss me down by the broken tree house..

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Just finished watching The Princess Diaries. I so love the last scene, where Mia got her foot-popping kiss. I don't know if I'm ever allowed to say this, but I'm realy envious of her moment at the garden, with her dream guy and all. Of course, we should get over with our firsts, so I'm really hoping that the next time it'll happen to me, I mean like being kissed, it's really for it to happen somewhere special, like in the movie, it happened at the garden with the fountain and the flowers. But well, she's a princess. Lucky her.

Wah! Also watched the MTV Asia Awards feature on Bangkok and saw my then-favorite band, THE MOFFATTS. And what's more surprising is that there were just the two now (BOB and CLINT) and their new name is SAME SAME. Wow, I was just overwhelmed. And I wanna see DAVE! nyahahaha, Forever Fan!

So anyway, enough about that, I'm still ecstatic of the fact that I already have a job. Not that fancy, but I'm just happy to finally have one, and yeah, paycheck every month, earning and spending, saving for a new fone (and a much better one, say Motoslvr or that Nokia fone that you could twist) and yeah, more movie dates with myself and friends.

And that leads me to watching the The Da Vinci Code this 18th. I am that excited that when I see its trailer, my body's having goosebumps. I can't believe myself too. Today, I'm celebrating my One year and a month SINGLEHOOD. Yeah, I still remember that heartache. Hope he'd be happy in his country. Yes, I am banning you in the Philippines. Ha!

But I'm not bitter. I have moved on and happy with my life. I guess in through my heartaches, I am learning to love myself more. And happily giving others a chance in proving that love could still happen. Ok, I'm already being sappy. My friend told me last night that I'm insensitive. I just want to clear to you that I'm not like that. I just don't wanna complicate things especially if I know that it's doing fine. And yeah, I know I yield to some things that would make me happy, it's just that in my situation right now, I'm not sure what would really happen. Remember, its like a long distance relationship but its not long distance and definitely not a relationship. You were right when you said that "like" is the only thing left for me. It sucks, but I don't know where the heck I'm getting the energy to go through with it. Maybe faith, faith in someone, and faith in second chances. Now I'm gonna cry...

Well we just have to learn to deal with things and add love and patience.
Ciao! Work day! (^____^)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

job love.

Finally snagged a job. It was surprising because I didn't know that I'm gonna start this afternoon. Kung alam lang namin eh di nagcelebrate na nanay ko! But anyway, now I'm a PR assistant in a travel agency. I'm obsessed with the desk and the work, I wanna marry it. Just kidding, like I would really do that. So anyway, the travel co. specializes on Pilgrimage Tours. So I think I got in because I graduated from UST and ICAM, both Catholic Schools and with the help of my sample works, Voila, instant job! And yeah, the interview was okay, though our boss told me I look sixteen. =)

But I'm really caught up with the fact that I saw Manila Times and passed my resume there at the last Job Fair we've been to. I mean, I wished that I have the bigger chance to work there since I had my internship at that company. Oh and yeah, I saw Sir Rome at the travel agency. Funny but small world. And at that moment, I kinda missed working for a newspaper, the deadlines, the pressure, Miss Tessa's freebies and even the people. it's not that I don't want to work for PR at Adam's, but then, i just missed the feeling of working in a paper, that's all.

I guess my mistake was that I didn't go to Times earlier or something. I just hesitated because they have a journalism school and would probably hire from their graduates. oh wel

Sunday, April 30, 2006

kill me quick...

Many people say I could adjust anywhere.

Put me in a room full of kids and I could be one of them, or inside a place where opinionated people are in and I could talk for hours. That's how valuable I am. Because I know where I should stand.

But lately, I'm finding it hard to even recognize and adjust to myself. Seems like I'm in a different trance where I should be "miss nice" and not throw my imperfections to people. Seems like I'm kidding myself. And the worst part? I couldn't even find my voice in that crowd. It's stupid right? But really, it's breaking me every minute. Some friends are asking me plans about it, and definitely, I couldn't find an answer inside my head anymore. I'm letting imaginary heroes take care of it. Why? Because I don't wanna be the possessive, narrow-minded and nag that people wanted to think of. And that makes it more confusing. I used to have a plan on those things, or a counter-attack, but then voila, I can't find that reasoning anymore.

I'm not asking for eternity, some minutes would be fine, but I can't even form you in my head.

I need a break. I need to clear my mind or else I would continue suffering and that would cause me a crack in the head. I'm not so sure whether I am that insensitive or you're the one that's dense. I'm really not sure.

I'm not used to psy-wars. Malyn told me I'm not used to that because I still live in the perfect and peaceful world. Maybe I am still living in the warm and fuzzy environment. Or maybe because I let people lead me to it and I can never be ready for those situations. So what, I'm pampered. I am used to being treated as a princess, and used to getting things my way. I plan early, because I don't want to miss out on things. I love hard, and fall really hard, that's why I'm always hurt. I'm a little paranoid because I am traumatized by the drama that my past relationships has brought me. I am sensitive and a crybaby, because I cannot control my tears falling from my eyes and I let my emotions rule my head. Yeah, so what?

Problem with me is that I could forgive easily. With a message saying just a simple hi, my anger and disappointments would disappear just like that. Bottom line? I'm hurt but please, give me something to hold on to. That I'm not just hoping, that someday, all of these would be real, that I'm not the only one who feels warm and fuzzy, and that I would never be alone again.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

work. nuff.

I can only express my truest feelings through writing.. the problem is, I'm unsure of how I feel.

Don't get me wrong by this, I'm just pressured to find a job that suits me. My four-day work with CITEM is already over. It's unemployment for me again. But I found real people with the enumerators I've worked with-- Vic, Leo, Kharl, Richy, Louie, Dianne, Marvi, Vanni and of course to my partner in taking the guts out to the buyers, Kuya Ryan. Mas ibang level ka talaga. hehe. Although four days is a short span of time to realy know each other, we proved that it was a team. No foreigners who didn't want to answer our surveys nor the buzz at the Buyer's Lounge could ever make us give up. haha, I just hope they learned the lesson to deal with us the next time, well, if there is by chance a next time. =)

More thanks to Vic because he proved that he isn't really the perv that I know of. Just kidding, thanks for the gift. It isn't my birthday but thanks. I'm really glad you trusted me with all your stories about you know what and you know who. I also hope you learned much from me considering I'm your ate and not just the "Catholic School Girl" you used to refer me to. And please lang, wag ako nili-link kung kani-kanino ha! Bad yan!

Wahey, this is not a testimonial but I have to say my thanks here to Ryan. To the best partner in scouring the PICC for buyers, the videoke buddy and shuttle bus co-traveller, sobrang THANKS talaga. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't even survive the first day at WTC and have the guts to approach foreigners. Sana lang, wag niyo na kong ibenta ni Vic diba? You would always be the big brother I never had. I would really pray that you would have a great job asap, and a deserving partner that would really take care of you. I believe you could find one someday my fellow Virgo-counterpart. I would always be your lady version and you would be my guy version. Twin ba. =)

Enough being sentimental, now I have all the time to look for a permanent job again, or just bum around the house. My next mission is Port Area. If all else fails, I'd audition for a singing contest instead. (kamusta naman yun?!?)

And I wanna spend my time with someone I now miss since I haven't talked to him for quite some time. I appreciate that even through text, you never failed to make me smile everyday. *hug*

Oh well, my feet are aching badly. Gotta go. Sleep. Breathe. XD

Saturday, April 22, 2006


I have been a pain to two guys at work. But thanks to them, I'm really keeping up in overcoming my so-called shyness to talking to foreign buyers and asking them to answer the survey. But really, this experience brought me new friends, new attitude and adventure.

And although I'm such a baby to the two pampering "kuyas" (with Vic treating me as if I'm 15 and Ryan as if I'm 11.), I still think I'm managing to be sort of professional with work though sometimes, I tend to slack off. (labo) But I'm really trying to keep my pace.

Went to Boardwalk to celebrate Kai's grad dinner. Was fun and met Pangwi and Rainbow. The stars were all twinkling. Too bad you're not there to see it. I was hoping that one day, we could gaze at the skies just watching the stars. Sayang pa because we haven't had the chance to see the meteor shower.

Till here, I'll just blog again to share my experience and if i can make it to my quota tomorrow. am sleepy. its already 3am, i have work at 9 am, and yeah, hope I could wake this morning.


Monday, April 17, 2006

se siente como la primera vez

I wanna be Scarlett O'Hara for a day.

Nah, that would just be a fantasy. Number one, I am not a boy magnet. And two, I am so much loyal when it comes to love. Well, we sometimes have this thoughts of i-wanna-be (insert name here) and I tried watching Gone With the Wind last night for the second time. So there, so much for being a movie junkie.

But I have a very good reason to be one. Adapted from Gilmore Girls: "I wouldn't be the girl who would spend hours cleaning her keyboard when she could go out with her friends"

Get it? The best girls don't stay at home. They should be out with their special someone on a Saturday night or any night. Or maybe I don't wanna be Scarlett anymore. I choose to be Rory Gilmore, but not with Jess, with Logan. But hear ye, please be my Logan.. (wow, pinilit.)

Si friend (uy blind item. you know who you are) was pissed at me the other night for babbling about I being unemployed and all. So his way of making me shut up is to bombard me with lots of net sources and companies that are looking for writers/journalists/basta hindi call center!.. Well bottomline of mentioning? I would not blab again. nyarnyar..=)

I'm bored. I should be sleeping now but I can't. Said goodnight to you already but snuck up to check my emails. I'm not lying to anyone but I'm kinda guilty for this one, but you know, I'm giving myself a break.

The "TALK" made me feel good. It felt light afterwards. Or maybe because of the fact that you didn't let me get away from you. That felt nice. So nice actually. Just so you want to know, I've dealt with this before, and I tried so hard, but still it wasn't good for him. Actually, everything I do isn't good for him.

I guess it's been long enough that I had to remember that. My old self isn't present anymore. And I believe this is my third time to say that I have moved on. And I stand by it. I'm happy. So happy that it feels just like the first time I was in love..<3

..haay ria, itulog mo nalang yan.


Friday, April 14, 2006


I have been in the dumps lately. Though someone nice is trying to pick me up from the fall, this week has been one of the disasters I've ever had. I'm feeling bad about not seeing someone, not talking to that someone and not knowing where we'll end up. And my heart is getting bruised everytime I think of it, and makes me wanna cry more. I just don't know what to do about it. I have no idea what I should do or how I should ever think, let alone how I should feel. And the worst part, I'm getting used to the fact that I'm blaming myself for the damages that I've been doing for the both of us. I just don't want him to leave, but I'm getting frustrated about it. I don't know.

I don't want to care anymore, but eventually, I could not NOT care.

So anyway, enough with stress, because this time, I wanna take over my life. I mean taking over doing great stuff, concentrating on getting a job, waking because the world wants to you to wake up and all that stuff. I just don't wanna cry everyday and thinking about my strenuous almost there life. And if I could just leave my world for one day and think of no one, I believe I can get back to my old and normal self. The one who loves herself more than others.

But anyhow, I think it'll never happen again.

I have an upcoming summer job for four days or five if you count orientation with CITEM in one of their trade shows. But I'm really counting on ABC5 or Colors Publishing to interview then hire me. Channel 5 called and they were looking for a PR Writer for a contest, but I can't really tell you what because it might still be a secret or something. I even jokingly said to a friend that if I couldn't snag the job, I'll just join the contest or something. =) At least its something I'm good at, I think.

So the problem is, I'm really hoping that they would schedule the interview say, Monday or Tuesday next week because I would really be occupied from Wednesday till Saturday and I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it. So I'm praying real hard that nothing would go in my way because it would really be hard for me to decide where to go first or who to prioritize. That would really suck and I hate to break my promises.

Kai and I talked about best thesis and all this afternoon. I wonder if ours was chosen to be one of the Most Notable Theses. Sir Jere hasn't announced it yet, and were kinda hoping for it because we really worked hard on it and I think Sir Jeff would be pleased if we were one of them. News anyone?

Oh, and 4Journ1, about that outing you've been planning, I think I'm gonna try taking a break from jobhunting and my stressful life to spend time with you. I just hope that when you decide to have the gimmick, I would still be free. I'm just wishing to spend time with you guys. =)

So much for my Holy Week. But I enjoyed the Gilmore Girls Marathon. I just hoped they aired Season 5 because I missed a lot of episodes from that and Quiapo still doesn't have the series or something.

Well, guess I have to stop blogging now. Its late already. I mean, morning already.

Oh,and special mention to Byron James, thanks for having the time to read and comment on my blog. I hope you're doing well now you're overseas and all. And thanks for the faith, I knew I could count on you mi friend. =)

And I'm really out.. =)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunny Saturday

Have done enough bumming time today. On Monday, it's time for some serious job hunting obligations. I'm gonna be interviewed for CITEM, a trade and missions company, and they're also offering me as an initial something, a summer job for four days, inteviewing foreign investors. Not sure yet about it though, still have to be interviewed before I could interview these people. =)

Im afraid of losing this one person. I have been paranoid about the fact that one day, he could again forget that I exist. I just don't want that to happen again. Not when I'm kinda being used to the fact that he's one of the important people in my life, and someone who cares for me more than I could ever take care of myself. I just hope we could work things out. I just don't want something to end before it even began.

Had a movie date with Malyn and Angel this afternoon. Have been laughing our heart's out with Ice Age 1 and 2. Not really addicted, but had loads of fun since my heart's been jumping into circles and I need to laugh more.

Also passed my sample articles to COLORS Publishing. I so wanna be a travel writer. Wish I could work there, or CITEM din. Whoever hires me first naman. I just need a job, a writing profession. And I don't care how much money someone could rake in call centers. I'm not against it. It's not just an option yet.

I'm trying to catch my sleep back. I think I'm already insomniac. I just don't wanna think about being sick anymore, I would just be entitled to panic even though I'm perfectly healthy.

Oh well, its funny to finally realize that I'm growing up to be like my mother. I am definitely good at nagging, like her. We both enticed to fancy stuff that it led her to bring me shopping for office attires, and I think were both open to so many opinions, and our own opinions too. And its nice that were really close now. Not really Lorelai- Rory Gilmore relationship, but at least, were mother-daughter/friends.

Oh, how I really wish I could talk to you now. I'm missing you..really.

Gotta go sleep. I'm out..

Thursday, April 06, 2006

La La Land...

I'm in a different trance now. I coined the place La La Land because my feelings are kinda following that way *read: hearts, music, daydreams* I just hope it will lead me back home and could last for the longest time. <3

Had the most difficult test I've ever had today. Since Mela and I applied weeks ago in BusinessWorld, we were scheduled to have a TEST. She and I even reviewed our notes during Sir Salvosa's class for nothing. We has application, logic, strategic planning, arithmetic and personality tests. Some were easy but the problem is time management. Well I don't think some normal person could finish that too. After the exam, Icy, Mela and I felt tired but still tried to joke about the exhausting test.

So anyway, I think my chances on passing to the that company is getting slim to zero. But what the heck, there are a LOT of companies out there. I know I could accomplish to snag a job in one of the broadsheets in the Metro Manila. My other option is to go to the tourism jobs fair tomorrow at the PICC. Hopefully, companies are looking for PR Writers and stuff. I think that my dream job of traveling and writing at the same time could be there. I'm really crossing my fingers now.

I'm kinda sleepy. But I will talk at the right time. But for now, I guess I have to be mum about my life. Though I'm really into this. =)

Still happy and still inspired...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Motto: When God closes a door, he opens a window.

Told this when I sent my classmates a message in our yahoogroups. It's just funny that it actually came out of my mouth all of a sudden. First off, I'm still unemployed. Pending interviews and waiting for companies to actually barge me in my so-called slumber. But then, I'm not really complaining because someone's keeping me busy nowadays.

I miss my friends. It's just that every day I wake up, I would either think first if I was supposed to be in class. Then it'll finally dawn into me that I do no longer need to. So back to the sheets, I would cuddle myself until the sun turns to really make me wake.

Mela and I would go to PDI tomorrow to pass our resume. She said they badly needed BUSINESS Writers. In fairness and thanks to Sir Salvosa, I'm really hoping to be in the newspaper career from the subject he taught us.

And on Wednesday, we'll be having a test for BUSINESSWORLD. Since they're requiring us to bring a sample work, I would have to scour my things again.

Gotta go. I'm just happy right now. Just couldn't believe what just happened. But I'm glad to be part of your world. naks. =)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fool

My heart's been jumping lately, and for unknown reasons.

I have been interviewed last Friday at ABS CBN Creative Dev't Group. I feel as if I'm in deep water right now. Jops and I are not sure of our status in getting the job. She said that my concept paper was good, but then, Jops isn't one of the interviewers. I mean, it's my dream company to work into. I have been rooting for the station my whole life. Really, there's no other station in mind, though I applied in other stations. Rival stations pa ha!

I'll be having a celebration this afternoon. I'm gonna feel the waters again. Meaning pool waters. My family's going swimming and I'm coolm with that. =) Then afterwards, will go to Glorietta to celebrate with Mela and other classmates for her cum laude dinner.

BTW, Happy April Fool's Day and Happy Birthday to my 'kada, TATS!

Namimiss ka na ng XZENO!

Keanna Reeves won the Pinoy Big Brother celebrity edition title. I believe that among the four, she was the most deserving. I mean instead of *cough Zanjoe cough*
Sorry, I just don't like the guy..especially for him to win it? argh.

Right now, I'm afraid to get hurt again. I don't know. I might get too attached.. I just hope I wouldn't get disappointed.

...Im sleepy. have to do this another time =)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Graduated Batch 2006

... I've studied almost 17 years and felt like it is my first time to be on top of the stage.

When Sir Jere announced our names tonight at the PICC Plenary Hall, I really felt proud of us Journalism students. Not because our whole section bonded together through ups and downs, but because we all deserve to have a place in that crowd. That we strived hard to be in that moment. That we worked real hard to achieve that day.

So there, 4Journalism1 and 2002 1Journalism1, I'm gonna miss you all. these classes are both the best. Hope to see you all as excellent journalists. As to the future lawyers of the batch, good luck to you all. Because you graduated as journ students, I know you'd be fine lawyers. =)

(OMG, I sound like the valedictorian. I'm not gonna sing though!)

Seeing the professors flock there made me reminisce about the four great years that I have been in UST. It was all fulfilling to see them there, some gave me bad marks, some are great ones, but it was all erased during that instance because they've honed us to be good journalists. Let me say that I'm not gonna be a teacher, because it is a very honorable title. I will leave it to the ones who got passion for it. And I would be forever grateful for our mentors because in a span of time and within the four walls of the classroom, they will always leave an mark in your personality.

I'm excited to go to the real world now. The one without teachers guiding you. Where you could be independent and face the challenges without having to be spoonfed. Where you can really learn to stand up on your own and learn through your mistakes. I am (hopefully) being interviewed on Friday. Jops got a text message from Miss Sunny Rose fr0m ABS CBN, and since my fone was lost, I think she also texted from my then-globe number. So to be sure, I'm going to call them up tomorrow and confirm. Wish me luck guys! =)

Gotta go now, I'm beat. my hair's still in curls. And I think I'm gonna sleep happy.

Congratulations to UST Students Batch 2005-2006! We all did great! Viva Santo Tomas!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Nina's Baby Shower

Just got back from Ana Victoria's party. hehe. It's kinda cute, especially now that were all excited for Nina and Rolly. They even had the nursery set up already. I just wish thaty someday, I could also experience the bliss that a baby could give to parents. But since I'm still very much single and trying to figure out what would happen after college, I'm gonna invest in my future first but hopefully have someone to share my life with. I don't wanna get too sentimental. I might cry or something.

But anyway, I belted out again tonight. Hogged the mic since they have this huge videoke machine and people are not using it. With Nina's permission, I took the liberty of being the night's entertainer and didn't care whoever hears how I sing. Since everyone has their own right to criticize me or say if I have the worst voice, I still didn't care. I'm just frustrated of what's happening these days, and I hope we resolve it ASAP.

Last night was our Baccalaureate Mass. Of course, people couldn't help but be too nostalgic.

It is our last night in school to stay up late, our last time of singing the UST Hymn at school, the last mass, and of course, the highlight of the night and one of the best things in UST, the FIREWORKS, what else?

After the mass, we had the oath taking, it was giving me goosebumps when the lights around the school grounds were being lighted and produced a starry and beautiful effect of the school. They even lighted the Main Building again for us. Asked Brent to take a picture of myself with the building as my background. Cool! >___<

After the candle-lighting ceremony, the fireworks went a-banging. It was bongga since last Paskuhan, it was kind of shorter. And since I don't have my fone anymore, I couldn't take a picture of it. Good thing I brought a cam with me, but I plan to use some of it for the actual graduation.


Well, after my last post, things have become a little different and I learned a lot of things from my friends.

1. Sadly, I am now terrified of going home late, riding a jeep and men who flock together, with me thinking that they might be hold-uppers or such.
2. My phone won't remain in my bag anymore. My ID's are placed on my pockets, and my fone, wherever I could hide it. And sadly, I went back from MotoE398 to Nokia 3310. Sad fate. And I'm missing my fone terribly. Especially when I wake up and couldn't feel anything up my pillow.
3. Am planning to buy pepper spray in case it happens again.

Well, that's it. Am not going to tolerate evil in my surrounding. I learned my lesson. And from now on, no more miss nice girl who would cry when someone or some devil takes away my bag.

Gotta go sleep and lessen the bags under my eyes.

And I'm out again!

Saturday, March 18, 2006


I never feared about losing my life...until last night happened.

Have you ever lost a phone in your life? Wallet? Identification Cards?

Usually, people would misplace things one at a time. It never occurred to me that it would happen all at the same time, and twice as hurt.

Yesterday, we sent off our dad to the airport because he's gonna leave for abroad again. I was even in a hurry going to his office because earlier, Brent, Mela and I were going from companies to companies, looking for a job. I was even teasing Mela that it is a lucky day because it didn'€™t rain and we weren't late or such stuff.

Apparently, I was wrong.

After going to the airport and went to Baclaran Church to pray my dad and our family's safety, Mom, Lester and I went to SM Manila to look for a suit since Lester's Prom is already on Monday. Even though Mama and I are already tired, we still went to that mall because we promised him that we would go there. At around 7pm, we already went tired, going from shops to shops, but found no inexpensive ones that we decided to go home.

Funny thing is, we usually go home by LRT. But this time, we decided to ride a jeepney to Abad Santos. After passing through Blumentritt, a suspicious guy, with a cap, white shirt, wearing shorts got into the jeepney. I was even looking at him because I noticed that his eyes were already red. I thought maybe the guy was drunk. I was even looking at him funny because I took a nap at the jeepney, and just woke up at that time.

Minutes passed, I saw him took out something from his back. It was a huge knife. With holes in it. Big holes actually. Still in shock, I saw him point the knife to the driver then asked him to stop. Then he pointed the knife to the lady, one seat apart from me, then took her pink bag. I was trying to cover my bag, but he noticed me, that he pointed the knife at me too. I was hesitant to give it to him because all my things were there and it dawned to me that this is the very first time that I forgot to put my fone, my beloved fone, in my pocket.

When I never gave him my bag, he stressed pointing the knife at me and mumbled something, that I never remembered what, due to fear and the thought that it might be the last day of my life. Remember my belief about graduating students nearing danger when they're counting days till graduation? That was the only thought that I had in my mind. He pulled it in my hand and I just cried then and there. What was my other defense right? The other passengers were also scared because they said the other guy with him has a gun. Of course, they would fear for their lives too.

I never thought that this would ever happen in real life. I used to tell my friend I never had my bag slashed, fone snatched, wallet lost or stuff like that. Although I was feeling sorry for my fone, I am more worried about my IDs and friends' pictures. I just hope I'd get them back. I even dreamt of getting hold of my wallet again last night. I know it'll never come back again, but I think I'm luckier that I'm still alive.

My mom never promised me a new fone. And I think I'm still in shock and trauma, whenever I think about that knife pointed at me. Felt like I was only acting and I'm in a movie. But this morning, when I woke up and didn'€™t touch something above my pillow, I knew it was all real. The surroundings were already eaten up by too much evil. I just hope that someday, I could work in a paper or something, and try to make a change in these situations. It is also better if we could have better lawmen, policemen, and officials who would really try to really do their job. I remember the last time I was with my dad, we saw a man inhaling a bottle of rugby, and guess where the officials were? On the other side of the road. If I weren't inside a jeepney at that time, I would tap the officials and report the guy. BTW, this was in front of St. Jude College. It is even a school zone! It's really irritating.

So there, just recalling my so-called experience. I'm just thanking I'm safe. And since my globe and sun numbers were all gone, please email me at for your contact numbers or send a message on my friendster. I'll update my directory. And if by chance, my numbers texted you or anything, just disregard it. It'€'s the snatcher. Grrr.

Hope you all learned by this. Always be safe and always be on guard.

Thursday, March 16, 2006



I'm sick right now. I can't breathe and usually, it would take me days before I get well. But anyway, I'm hoping to be better by tomorrow before we go job hunting and all. My dad's gonna leave again too. His flight's gonna be at 5pm. So tomorrow is a really long day. I just hope I could be as giddy as ever.

Watched Fever Pitch this afternoon and I recalled our SportsJourn Mag creating days. Back then, we had a crash course with Baseball, researching for Baseball Terms, Teams, and anything about the sport. I just couldn't believe that we wouldn't do that anymore.

My PC's not behaving well. I couldnt open my mail without having the debugging sign. Help!

Uh, I guess there's nothing more to blog about. Funny how I forget the things to blog about when Im in front of the monitor already. Hope to be back again tomorrow. But as of now, I have to be "un-sick" and rest. Blahblahblah.

And still no lovelife. 13 days to go before graduation. Full moon tonight, and I'm alone.

But life is good. Thanks to friends.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Drenched in Rain

Drenched in Rain

I feel exhausted everytime I wake up. I mean, its normal but the thing is, I haven't been productive these past two days. Seems like I'm stressed, but not that much. Weird.

My family members are barging me too. Yesterday, I have to wake up at 5 am to help my brother with his research statement. Feeling nya talaga, walking typewriter ako. The nerve of him to even get mad at me for not helping him the night before. And tonight, he wanted me to "help" him make his assignment. But hello? I know him that well, that I would end up doing the entire paper for him! So I declined to help him and said that I wouldn't read the assigned reading and make the article at the same time. At siya pa yung may karapatang magalit? hmmp!

After finishing his research statement, I took a nap again. At 8 am, my mom was asking me to have my dad's picture be scanned or developed. Still with my eyes halfway open, the 'responsible' daughter that I am didn't complain anymore and got up to do it. I just shut my mouth because I didn't have the energy nor the courage to argue with them.

And this morning, I found out that my dad would leave on the 16th for work again. Meaning he won't be at my graduation. Ironic because back when I was young, I was eager to see him off, but now, I'm kinda getting used to him being in the house. and I anticipated that he would be on my graduation. Oh well, I'm speechless now.

....sometimes, i regret that I wasn't able to complain.

Last Saturday, Kai, Les and I went to Paco to conduct the survey testing for her thesis. Was stressful because its hard to search for 40-54 year-old women. Its actually a slum area, and the roads are very narrow. Not that I am complaining, but it is time-consuming and energy-sucking. On the other hand, you would feel lucky to be blessed with all the luxuries in this lifetime. Most of the women I interviewed didn't even had the chance to finish high school or elementary.

Luckily, most of them are accomodating. They have their own stories and stuff to at least ease our tired faces. I just wish that whatever happens, they could get on with their lives. They're good people, just unfortunate with luck.

Mela and Brent went here this afternoon. Had a movie date with them. Instead of splurging to cinemas, I asked my dad to buy me a pirated dvd of 'Memoirs of a Geisha'. 'Twas a good movie. Happy ending for her, although, mistress pa din sya. But Ziyi Zhang was good. She was so cute. hell, cute..

And this past days, I also had a movie marathon of my own. Saw Walk the Line to observe why Reese Witherspoon got the Best Actress in the Academy Awards and she was good playing June Carter. My tears welled-up again, especially when Johnny Cash was proposing to her. Aww, love.. <3

Also watched Bewitched and The Perfect Man. Next goal, Brokeback Mountain, Cinderella Man and Fever Pitch.hehe..

Oh well, its a long day. and its gonna be one tomorrow. I hope the sun would be up, I'm really hating the rain now. Bye! XD

Friday, March 10, 2006

par-tay on!

par-tay on!

Just got from Trixie's birthday at her house today. Was fun, I never thought I could have uber delicious foods again. The baked mac was divine and the "fondue" was mouth watering. Of course, since I am a chocoholic, I tend to be that dramatic when it comes to them. I feel bloated already..nah, just kidding.

BTW, friendships and I went to RobPlace earlier to buy Sir Jeff, our thesis adviser, a token of appreciation for all the help he's done for our thesis. First impressions really are deceiving. And we actually wanted to not try him to be our adviser at first, but he made us sky-rocket to 1.0 for the thesis. The thesis, for heaven's sake.

Nothing interests me nowadays except sleep. It has been my buddy since our "vacation" started. But Im planning on a movie marathon this weekend since I dont have classes anymore and I bought whole lotta DVD's. I'm lagging behind new movies, and I need to be in the know about which OSCAR movie was really deserving. Got Memoirs of a Geisha, Brokeback Mountain and Walk the Line. Well, its Reese Witherspoon so I insisted my dad to buy me one. XD And yeah, I know its piracy. I just can't help it. Money's really hard to earn. I just hope someone from the companies' I passed resumes on would finally call and schedule me an interview or some sort. Like Badet, I'm desperate to find a job already. And no offense, but I really really hpe I could get a job in line with my course instead of being a CC Agent.

I also am loving PBB Celebrity Edition. I want Gretchen to win. So kewl, a kick-ass lady for sure.

Gotta go get some more sleep, because I intend to finish Memoirs tomorrow. bye!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

eternal youth

I can't get over the fact that I was being mistaken to join the PBB Teen Edition!

Last Tuesday, Jops and I went to ABS CBN to pass our resumes for the Creative Department. Didn't really have the chance to see a whole lotta stars but the fact that I'm in the building still excites me. So anyway, after giving our resume, Jops asked me to see the PBB house. So off we go, but since the sun's really up, she told me to wait until there could be a shade for us to walk to. Beside the guard house, I asked the one assigned there if Jasmine Trias already went out of the house. he said he didn't know. But the next statement really burst my laughs out.

Guard: ilang taon na po kayo?
Moi: 20 po.
Guard: Sayang, akala ko sixteen ka lang, mag-audition ka sana sa teen edition.
Moi: kamusta naman manong!

Emmalyn says I have eternal youth. ewan. Parang ayoko nga. But its nice in a way.

gotta sleep.mwah!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Feeling nostalgic and all that jazz

Feeling nostalgic and all that jazz

After contemplating whether to post or not, I decide to since it is only fitting to say my farewell to pressure and hell week.

We snagged an interview with Mr. Cordero last Friaday. It was such an experience going to San Miguel and all the hard work that we experienced during the interview. As in trabahong JOURNALISTA talaga kami. Well, after that ineterview, now I can feel I could do anything and Pressure is just a word.

I finished my part in business journ just this moment. Mela would just edit the whole article and do the revisions and stuff. Thankfully, I could now sleep and relax. Being online is another thing because our fone's not working and I have been swiveling and shouting this afternoon after it dawned to me that it isn't doing its job.

But I have plans to go to school this week. I could finally watch Memoirs of A Geisha this Thursday and make Sir Jeff sign our Thesis Cd. Thankfully after that, we'll just have to deal with practice (if there's any or something of that sort.)

Jops, Karch and I were planning to go to ABS this Tuesday to apply for the cReative Dept. Hopefully, we could acquire something from them. And really crossing my fingers.

Gotta go. Wish our fone would work when I get home. Tata!

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Most Disappointing Day of My Life

The Most Disappointing Day of My Life

"Ria, ga-graduate ka na ba this year?"
"Opo sa March 29, 2pm sa PICC"

Now I'm not sure if I can get through graduation for God's sake. I have this huge dilemma in our Press Ethics Finals. I woke up this morning feeling positive that we could interview the famous Ed Cordero, but ended up being much disappointed and exhausted.

Here goes:

The Alumni Affairs has no right to be called so. Why? because their data are not updated and what's the freaking use of an alumni directory when you can't find a decent contact? huh? No wonder Ateno and La Salle can easily have funds for their whims if they want to because theyre supported by alumnis. Whereas to our beloved school, you could only find a measly and old investiture list, with an address that's been since 1980. And it's 2006 already.

So we thought it was luck that it led us to have the address. I even swallowed my pride to ask my Ninang for directions to that BL Subd. (I just don't want her to think I'm not making efforts, but since I'm not aware nor interested about Paranaque, I asked for her help) So anyway, it's do or die for us that we decided to scour Paranaque and wherever that subdivision is. On the way there was kinda fine. Our only problem occured when the Tricycle driver pissed us and took us on the wrong way. But since it is already over, I decided to keep my mouth shut and just curse him after he dropped us.

We found the house, and found out that he isn't residing there anymore. The house was in disarray since it is being renovated. We talked to his brother, Junn, and he accomodated us and texted Mr. Ed that we were actually there and were students of Mam Perena. Sir Ed took Mela's number and promised to call her that we decided to scram already since we can't expect him to be there and presently having his meeting.

Hoping that he'd actually call, I guess we had our hopes up for nothing. Mela stayed up late and waited, even sacrificed not seeing her boyfriend (or maybe they did, Im not sure) but still, he didn't call. No nothings. Mela even checked her number if its correct in case everything fails. But our only fault is we didn't get Sir Junn's number or their home phone. I guess we got excited and all that we didn't bother to since Sir Ed promised to keep in touch. We didn't get Sir Ed's number too since he asked for us naman. We respected his "decision" of not having his number. Journalists' code. privacy.

That is why, ladies and gentlemen, I am compelled to kill myself or something to make it easier for me to take it if I fail MY LAST FINALS and won't be able to graduate. (serious: now sobbing)
I always thought that graduating students shouldn't be pressured anymore since they would leave already, but no, some paper could ruin my life in an inch for my diploma and my transcript of record! (read: REALLY, NOW CRYING)

I never thought I would ever cry while posting in my blog. Tomorrow is another day, but so is the submission for the finals. And I still have the PolDy test, so this really sucks right now. I just wish there could be a bright future for us tomorrow. Or else, it's goodbye world for me.

Have to go figure out my future (if I still would allow myself to have one)

And she's gone.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

And I Thought Thesis Was The End of Me...

And I Thought Thesis Was The End of Me...

I always thought that doing our thesis was the most exhilirating stuff we did. Well, it did force me to have pressure attacks but then, doing it was basically fun at the same time considering that our research is about blogs and we are pro-blogs. But then, this week happened.

The State of Emergency isn't over yet. We had 4 days of hiatus. I was forced to feel that rest but then I wanted to continue it. Now I'm not interested to do my paperwork because I'm not driven to the things that i have to do anymore. I tried reading Memoirs of a Geisha and stuck my nose to the computer to download stuffs needed for a project. But then, I haven't started the project since I don't have some materials with me and my mind has difficulties functioning.

Good thing I haven't had a nervous breakdown yet.

My Xzeno friends are planning to go to Enchanted Kingdom before graduation. I kinda said yes although I haven't consulted with my mom yet. But I'm hesitant since they're planning to do it before our graduation. And believe me when I say I am that superstitious. Or let's just put it in a context that I'm really trying to be safe so my years of slaving in school wouldn't go down the drain. You know, i wanna graduate, get a job, get married, have kids, etcetera etcetera. i just don't wanna gamble on something that's a 50-50 percent thing. (although I know that my ultimate crushie would probably be there.)

One week and then were off to go. Time flies that fast. I just wish that by April or June, I could already snag a job, then and there. I just wanna apply my craft to a job that suits my course. And not be a telephone/customer service assistant. I wanna make a difference in writing and especially doing that passion to create bigger things. You know what I mean.

Gotta go make better things happen. Yay! Peace Out!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

E-book galore!

E-book galore!

I have loads to do, but haven't (yet) started. I feel as if I'm only accustomed to counting the things I do, but when time comes that I have to face them all, I get lazy or sleepy doing them. My friends already told me not to slack off since this isn't the best time to do so.

Been trying to finish "Memoirs of a Geisha"though I haven't done reading "By the River Piedra, I Sat Down and Wept". The e-book just excites me since were planning to watch Zhang Ziyi play the role of Chiyo. And I'm already on the 200th page. YAY!

I'm not political but since pur country's on the STATE OF EMERGENCY, might as well say my mind's view.

---I always liked President Arroyo, until this morning. Napaka-chaotic, I woke up feeling sorry for everything that's been happening. If it's really necessary for her to step down, why can't she just give up her position? But anyway, there's no one suitable for it either. And that sucks even more.

...mapatiwakal na lang kaya tayo lahat? yay!


Jowk lang. everyone knows I'm up for peace and order. I just wish this country has more of that.

My mom and dad, together with some friends went to Baguio tonght to witness the Panagbenga Festival. Ang daya talaga! I've been wishing to return and watch it too, but since time doesn't permit me to have a vacation, I really can't be bitter about it.


Have to go. blah


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