Saturday, April 22, 2006

I have been a pain to two guys at work. But thanks to them, I'm really keeping up in overcoming my so-called shyness to talking to foreign buyers and asking them to answer the survey. But really, this experience brought me new friends, new attitude and adventure.

And although I'm such a baby to the two pampering "kuyas" (with Vic treating me as if I'm 15 and Ryan as if I'm 11.), I still think I'm managing to be sort of professional with work though sometimes, I tend to slack off. (labo) But I'm really trying to keep my pace.

Went to Boardwalk to celebrate Kai's grad dinner. Was fun and met Pangwi and Rainbow. The stars were all twinkling. Too bad you're not there to see it. I was hoping that one day, we could gaze at the skies just watching the stars. Sayang pa because we haven't had the chance to see the meteor shower.

Till here, I'll just blog again to share my experience and if i can make it to my quota tomorrow. am sleepy. its already 3am, i have work at 9 am, and yeah, hope I could wake this morning.



Yeah, nakakita ako ng isang meteor. kaso, halos mga tatlong oras akong nakatingala sa langit at ang sakit pa ng batok ko ngayon. wala pa akong tulog masyado, hehe.


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