Sunday, April 23, 2006

I can only express my truest feelings through writing.. the problem is, I'm unsure of how I feel.

Don't get me wrong by this, I'm just pressured to find a job that suits me. My four-day work with CITEM is already over. It's unemployment for me again. But I found real people with the enumerators I've worked with-- Vic, Leo, Kharl, Richy, Louie, Dianne, Marvi, Vanni and of course to my partner in taking the guts out to the buyers, Kuya Ryan. Mas ibang level ka talaga. hehe. Although four days is a short span of time to realy know each other, we proved that it was a team. No foreigners who didn't want to answer our surveys nor the buzz at the Buyer's Lounge could ever make us give up. haha, I just hope they learned the lesson to deal with us the next time, well, if there is by chance a next time. =)

More thanks to Vic because he proved that he isn't really the perv that I know of. Just kidding, thanks for the gift. It isn't my birthday but thanks. I'm really glad you trusted me with all your stories about you know what and you know who. I also hope you learned much from me considering I'm your ate and not just the "Catholic School Girl" you used to refer me to. And please lang, wag ako nili-link kung kani-kanino ha! Bad yan!

Wahey, this is not a testimonial but I have to say my thanks here to Ryan. To the best partner in scouring the PICC for buyers, the videoke buddy and shuttle bus co-traveller, sobrang THANKS talaga. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't even survive the first day at WTC and have the guts to approach foreigners. Sana lang, wag niyo na kong ibenta ni Vic diba? You would always be the big brother I never had. I would really pray that you would have a great job asap, and a deserving partner that would really take care of you. I believe you could find one someday my fellow Virgo-counterpart. I would always be your lady version and you would be my guy version. Twin ba. =)

Enough being sentimental, now I have all the time to look for a permanent job again, or just bum around the house. My next mission is Port Area. If all else fails, I'd audition for a singing contest instead. (kamusta naman yun?!?)

And I wanna spend my time with someone I now miss since I haven't talked to him for quite some time. I appreciate that even through text, you never failed to make me smile everyday. *hug*

Oh well, my feet are aching badly. Gotta go. Sleep. Breathe. XD



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