Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Polident Takes on Denture Care Awareness

Did you know that 9M Filipinos wear dentures? I remember my Mom telling me that they now wear dentures because as a kid, they used to refrain from brushing their teeth after eating candies. And now, Philippines is the country with the highest incidence of denture wearers in Asia, with mostly in the 35-69 year old age group. Aside from dental care, GSK’s Polident embarks on a campaign to educate the public on the proper maintenance of dentures to allow them to pursue regular activities such as speaking and eating without fear. Of course, who would want their dentures to fall off now and then right?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sound Recording Rights Society Inc to Represent Record Labels and Producers in PH

Mr. Tony Ocampo (Viva/Vicor Music), Soundsright President Atty. Marivic Benedicto (Star Recording / ABS CBN Film Productions), Mr. Rene Salta (GMA Records), Mr. Alvin de Vera (Alpha Music), Soundsright Chairman Mr. Ramon Chuaying (Universal Records/PolyEast Records), Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) OIC Atty. Allan Gepty, Atty. Edwin Dating (OIC for CMO Accreditation, IPOPHL), and; IPOPHL Atty. Mark Herrin.

Last May 14, 2015, the Intellectual Property Office of the Phippines presented the Certificate of Accreditation to Soundsright Officers and Board Members to represent the record labels and producers in the Philippines. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Every Moment is a Selfie Moment with Sunsilk

Almost everyone I know loves to take a selfie. And now, even Sarah Geronimo and her Hairkada is always #SunsilkSelfieMoment ready, made possible with Sunsilk's Smooth and Manageable range.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Finally Home

I've spent three days in Baguio and it was one of the most memorable vacations in my life, I must say. I actually can't wait to post my blog about it. I just can't find the time to do so. I promise to get to it once I had enough sleep. 

When I was in Baguio, we had an activity where we had a game a la Amazing Race. It was like exploring the city in a different way. See, I have been in and out of Baguio since I was a kid and we only visit the usual places - Mines View Park, Burnham Park, Botanical Garden, Wright Park, Lourdes Grotto and The Mansion. Few years back, I asked my parents if we could visit Tam-Awan Village and I got the chance to see its awesomeness. Because I'm into the arts, I got to see the Igorot culture, arts, music, and even lefty guitarists

This year, I got the chance to see the La Presa Farm, see a glimpse of the Diplomat Hotel and The Treetop Adventure. I never thought that there are more new things in Baguio since I've been there three years ago.

Touchdown, Manila, I had new friends, discovered a lot about myself - strengths, fears and all, and what I could do more. And today, I learned that this year will be more about traveling and knowing different cultures all over.

Can't wait to go back to Baguio. I miss the cool breeze and the pines. Till next time. And thank you, Azalea Residences for the very warm welcome. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

On Travel and Making the Most Out of It

Loved this place, but missing the beach too. 

Summer is almost over and I can't believe that I haven't been on an actual beach since January. Yes, instead of frolicking in my most favorite place, I've been places where I have to work and less play.

My ideal summer is lying on the sand, without a care in the world and listening to music like a sort of bootzilla. I have plane tickets to Palawan, but it is remained untouched because of our busy, busy schedules.

On the next half of the year, I have some major traveling to do, and I'm pretty excited about it. See, it would be my first time out of the country since I promised myself that I would explore my own first, before going out there. And because I believe I managed to go to the different PH spots already, it's time to explore. Destination: Asia.

Of course there are times that I wish I could travel and work at the same time. But who knows right? I guess its time to reach for greater things and its time to start now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sugarsmile's Beauty Find: Rimmel Berry Rose Lipstick

I miss doing beauty posts! Mostly, my posts have been all about food, tech and well, more food. Anyhow, since we are mostly girls in the office, one of our bosses would bring in a new lipstick brand or makeup and during our break, we'd try them all. And right now, I am raving about Rimmel's Berry Rose. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Win a Fab Dining Experience in Nobu Hotel Manila!

People are raving about Nobu Hotel Manila as people can get to experience celebrity-inspired hospitality in Japanese setting right at the Philippines’ newest entertainment capital, the City of Dreams Manila.


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