Friday, July 03, 2015

Manila Touch Launches Filipino App Spa Finder PH

The leading spa directory of the Philippines, Manila Touch, has launched SPA FINDER PH, an app devoted to bring convenience to its users who are a massage enthusiast on June 29, 2015.

SPA FINDER PH is designed to locate spas and home service massage near you preferred city or nearby your location via GPS. You can then check their facilities, amenities, services offered, pricing, and more. This app is actually great because you don't have to search for this on the Internet. Once you have found your preferred place, you can contact them directly for reservations via phonecall or even SMS.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Back to School WD Gifts for your Children

Only if hard drives were available when I was in college, WD would be the perfect back to school gift for me. I remember having to use floppy discs when saving a Photoshop file and then putting it inside a plastic case to protect it. Good thing there are hard drives now, and it makes your child's school life easy and convenient. Now, let WD guide you on the best hard drives to avail.

Coming in three colors, My Passport Ultra is the perfect teen portable hard drive. Because it has striking colors, they are pegged as innovative and stylish for the younger generation. It is password protected and has 256-bit hardware encryption that ensures the security of every photo, video, music and important file you save.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of My Passport, My Passport Ultra Anniversary Edition is only available for a limited time and exclusive in all Silicon Valley branches nationwide. It retails Php 4,590 for 1TB and Php 7,490 for 2TB.

For the on-the-go teens, and if you and your friends are selfie addicts and love taking pictures and videos, then the My Passport Wireless could be a great gift for either one of you. My Passport Wireless allows you to wirelessly back up all your smartphone photos onto the portable hard disk drive. Now you don't have to worry having insufficient space on your phone, right?

In addition, a built-in SD card slot allows you to transfer photos directly from SD cards in your camera, right into the My Passport Wireless. You won’t need a laptop to store your photos, and free up space on your camera anymore! The Passport Wireless is available at Php 9,590 for 1T and Php 11,990 for 2TB.

For a larger space, say, you need a drive where you can put photos, books, documents and other large sized projects, then the My Book Duo is the excellent choice.

You also do not need to wait long for your files to be transferred as it has transfer speeds up to 290 MB/s. My Book Duo boasts the ability to transfer a full-HD movie in just under 20 seconds. Amazing!

My Book Duo also features two additional USB expansion ports for easy additional storage. The sheer volume of storage potential, as well as fast transfer speeds offered by the My Book Duo means that you and your friends can store even more movies and music, and your entire digital collection! Looks like student moments is taken care of for the next few decades. Now that could even take you until you finish law or med school. SRP are as follows: 4 TB – Php 13,990; 6 TB – Php 16,990; 8 TB – Php 22,990; 12 TB – Php 31,990.

As a WD user myself, I know that these devices can very much help teenagers today in their everyday life. I've always believed that information is power, and with WD, information is literally in the palm of your hands.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Reader's Digest to Honor PH's Most Trusted Brands

Trust. It takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. Our lives are fueled by trust and our decisions, whether personal or professional are influenced by the confidence we have in these relationships.

Monday Girl

Priorities, priorities. 

As a Banker and a Blogger at the same time, I always adhere to certain rules when it comes to dressing up. Of course, I need to wear a uniform when I'm at work. That sometimes, I think it dulls my sparkle as a very outgoing person. But maybe that's just me. 

Being a blogger, I get to attend events where I could dress up. I remember watching After the Ball the other day, and there's this outfit that Kate designed to be wearable for corporate and for a night out. 

As for me, skater skirts are staples in my closet. I can just pair it with any top and it can alter my look altogether. See what I'm wearing above? A simple tee can look fab with a floral skater skirt. If you want to check more online, Zalora even has a special page dedicated to skater skirts.

So let us not have our Monday feel like a chore. I believe that dressing up to something comfy and fabulous makes my day feel awesome.

How about you? What are your closet staples? Do you also love skater skirts? 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Movie Night: After the Ball

I've seen After the Ball with Krystle last week and I loved it. It's sort of a Cinderella story, but it has a different twist, because it is a modernized and fashionable version.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Essilor Inaugurates its Very First Sight Center in the PH

Did you know that over 20M Filipinos are in need of visual correction? In line with this, Essilor, the top global ophthalmic lenses manufacturer opened its first Sight Center in the Philippines, located at the Manila Central University, Caloocan City.

Have a Safe and Non-Surgical Way to Lose Weight with Laser Fit and Acutrim

"We melt it, you burn it" - Contours Body Design Studio by Dr. Claudine Roura lives by these rules. Gone are the days when you have to spend so much money in losing weight, because this personalized and innovative aesthetic center offers non-surgical weight loss that you can very well control and maintain.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

#MagnumNowOrNever as Magnum Manila Closes on July 26

They say that all great things must come to an end. And after 15 months, we are nearing the close of the limited edition pop-up concept, Magnum Manila. This special brand activation, which had opened previously in London, Paris, and Brazil, did not disappoint in bringing the ultimate Magnum brand experience here in Manila. I was actually one of the few people who witnessed how big this concept has been.

Haier is Chillin’ Summer until June 30

Summer's not over until I say so! Yes, there might be drizzles here and there, but it's still hot in the Metro. And with Haier, the sun keeps on shining with its Chillin’ Summer Promo. So make the rest of your summer count by making Haier a part of it, and let the summer fun continue!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

McDonald's Welcomes Back the Minions!


The Minions are back at McDonald's, and even I can't resist! The small, yellow, lovable goggled creatures are out to take over the world once again! 


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