Monday, April 17, 2006

I wanna be Scarlett O'Hara for a day.

Nah, that would just be a fantasy. Number one, I am not a boy magnet. And two, I am so much loyal when it comes to love. Well, we sometimes have this thoughts of i-wanna-be (insert name here) and I tried watching Gone With the Wind last night for the second time. So there, so much for being a movie junkie.

But I have a very good reason to be one. Adapted from Gilmore Girls: "I wouldn't be the girl who would spend hours cleaning her keyboard when she could go out with her friends"

Get it? The best girls don't stay at home. They should be out with their special someone on a Saturday night or any night. Or maybe I don't wanna be Scarlett anymore. I choose to be Rory Gilmore, but not with Jess, with Logan. But hear ye, please be my Logan.. (wow, pinilit.)

Si friend (uy blind item. you know who you are) was pissed at me the other night for babbling about I being unemployed and all. So his way of making me shut up is to bombard me with lots of net sources and companies that are looking for writers/journalists/basta hindi call center!.. Well bottomline of mentioning? I would not blab again. nyarnyar..=)

I'm bored. I should be sleeping now but I can't. Said goodnight to you already but snuck up to check my emails. I'm not lying to anyone but I'm kinda guilty for this one, but you know, I'm giving myself a break.

The "TALK" made me feel good. It felt light afterwards. Or maybe because of the fact that you didn't let me get away from you. That felt nice. So nice actually. Just so you want to know, I've dealt with this before, and I tried so hard, but still it wasn't good for him. Actually, everything I do isn't good for him.

I guess it's been long enough that I had to remember that. My old self isn't present anymore. And I believe this is my third time to say that I have moved on. And I stand by it. I'm happy. So happy that it feels just like the first time I was in love..<3

..haay ria, itulog mo nalang yan.



Ayyyy chica, que pasa contigo, escribando en espanol y todo esto? :D Hahaha you MUST be feeling pretty good. LOL


LOL you're right. Even I don't think people should be at home when there's an opportunity to be out with friends, and I'm the PC addict. XD


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