Sunday, April 09, 2006

Have done enough bumming time today. On Monday, it's time for some serious job hunting obligations. I'm gonna be interviewed for CITEM, a trade and missions company, and they're also offering me as an initial something, a summer job for four days, inteviewing foreign investors. Not sure yet about it though, still have to be interviewed before I could interview these people. =)

Im afraid of losing this one person. I have been paranoid about the fact that one day, he could again forget that I exist. I just don't want that to happen again. Not when I'm kinda being used to the fact that he's one of the important people in my life, and someone who cares for me more than I could ever take care of myself. I just hope we could work things out. I just don't want something to end before it even began.

Had a movie date with Malyn and Angel this afternoon. Have been laughing our heart's out with Ice Age 1 and 2. Not really addicted, but had loads of fun since my heart's been jumping into circles and I need to laugh more.

Also passed my sample articles to COLORS Publishing. I so wanna be a travel writer. Wish I could work there, or CITEM din. Whoever hires me first naman. I just need a job, a writing profession. And I don't care how much money someone could rake in call centers. I'm not against it. It's not just an option yet.

I'm trying to catch my sleep back. I think I'm already insomniac. I just don't wanna think about being sick anymore, I would just be entitled to panic even though I'm perfectly healthy.

Oh well, its funny to finally realize that I'm growing up to be like my mother. I am definitely good at nagging, like her. We both enticed to fancy stuff that it led her to bring me shopping for office attires, and I think were both open to so many opinions, and our own opinions too. And its nice that were really close now. Not really Lorelai- Rory Gilmore relationship, but at least, were mother-daughter/friends.

Oh, how I really wish I could talk to you now. I'm missing you..really.

Gotta go sleep. I'm out..

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