Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'm in a different trance now. I coined the place La La Land because my feelings are kinda following that way *read: hearts, music, daydreams* I just hope it will lead me back home and could last for the longest time. <3

Had the most difficult test I've ever had today. Since Mela and I applied weeks ago in BusinessWorld, we were scheduled to have a TEST. She and I even reviewed our notes during Sir Salvosa's class for nothing. We has application, logic, strategic planning, arithmetic and personality tests. Some were easy but the problem is time management. Well I don't think some normal person could finish that too. After the exam, Icy, Mela and I felt tired but still tried to joke about the exhausting test.

So anyway, I think my chances on passing to the that company is getting slim to zero. But what the heck, there are a LOT of companies out there. I know I could accomplish to snag a job in one of the broadsheets in the Metro Manila. My other option is to go to the tourism jobs fair tomorrow at the PICC. Hopefully, companies are looking for PR Writers and stuff. I think that my dream job of traveling and writing at the same time could be there. I'm really crossing my fingers now.

I'm kinda sleepy. But I will talk at the right time. But for now, I guess I have to be mum about my life. Though I'm really into this. =)

Still happy and still inspired...

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