Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Motto: When God closes a door, he opens a window.

Told this when I sent my classmates a message in our yahoogroups. It's just funny that it actually came out of my mouth all of a sudden. First off, I'm still unemployed. Pending interviews and waiting for companies to actually barge me in my so-called slumber. But then, I'm not really complaining because someone's keeping me busy nowadays.

I miss my friends. It's just that every day I wake up, I would either think first if I was supposed to be in class. Then it'll finally dawn into me that I do no longer need to. So back to the sheets, I would cuddle myself until the sun turns to really make me wake.

Mela and I would go to PDI tomorrow to pass our resume. She said they badly needed BUSINESS Writers. In fairness and thanks to Sir Salvosa, I'm really hoping to be in the newspaper career from the subject he taught us.

And on Wednesday, we'll be having a test for BUSINESSWORLD. Since they're requiring us to bring a sample work, I would have to scour my things again.

Gotta go. I'm just happy right now. Just couldn't believe what just happened. But I'm glad to be part of your world. naks. =)

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