Sunday, April 02, 2006

My heart's been jumping lately, and for unknown reasons.

I have been interviewed last Friday at ABS CBN Creative Dev't Group. I feel as if I'm in deep water right now. Jops and I are not sure of our status in getting the job. She said that my concept paper was good, but then, Jops isn't one of the interviewers. I mean, it's my dream company to work into. I have been rooting for the station my whole life. Really, there's no other station in mind, though I applied in other stations. Rival stations pa ha!

I'll be having a celebration this afternoon. I'm gonna feel the waters again. Meaning pool waters. My family's going swimming and I'm coolm with that. =) Then afterwards, will go to Glorietta to celebrate with Mela and other classmates for her cum laude dinner.

BTW, Happy April Fool's Day and Happy Birthday to my 'kada, TATS!

Namimiss ka na ng XZENO!

Keanna Reeves won the Pinoy Big Brother celebrity edition title. I believe that among the four, she was the most deserving. I mean instead of *cough Zanjoe cough*
Sorry, I just don't like the guy..especially for him to win it? argh.

Right now, I'm afraid to get hurt again. I don't know. I might get too attached.. I just hope I wouldn't get disappointed.

...Im sleepy. have to do this another time =)

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