Thursday, March 30, 2006

... I've studied almost 17 years and felt like it is my first time to be on top of the stage.

When Sir Jere announced our names tonight at the PICC Plenary Hall, I really felt proud of us Journalism students. Not because our whole section bonded together through ups and downs, but because we all deserve to have a place in that crowd. That we strived hard to be in that moment. That we worked real hard to achieve that day.

So there, 4Journalism1 and 2002 1Journalism1, I'm gonna miss you all. these classes are both the best. Hope to see you all as excellent journalists. As to the future lawyers of the batch, good luck to you all. Because you graduated as journ students, I know you'd be fine lawyers. =)

(OMG, I sound like the valedictorian. I'm not gonna sing though!)

Seeing the professors flock there made me reminisce about the four great years that I have been in UST. It was all fulfilling to see them there, some gave me bad marks, some are great ones, but it was all erased during that instance because they've honed us to be good journalists. Let me say that I'm not gonna be a teacher, because it is a very honorable title. I will leave it to the ones who got passion for it. And I would be forever grateful for our mentors because in a span of time and within the four walls of the classroom, they will always leave an mark in your personality.

I'm excited to go to the real world now. The one without teachers guiding you. Where you could be independent and face the challenges without having to be spoonfed. Where you can really learn to stand up on your own and learn through your mistakes. I am (hopefully) being interviewed on Friday. Jops got a text message from Miss Sunny Rose fr0m ABS CBN, and since my fone was lost, I think she also texted from my then-globe number. So to be sure, I'm going to call them up tomorrow and confirm. Wish me luck guys! =)

Gotta go now, I'm beat. my hair's still in curls. And I think I'm gonna sleep happy.

Congratulations to UST Students Batch 2005-2006! We all did great! Viva Santo Tomas!!

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