Sunday, March 26, 2006

Just got back from Ana Victoria's party. hehe. It's kinda cute, especially now that were all excited for Nina and Rolly. They even had the nursery set up already. I just wish thaty someday, I could also experience the bliss that a baby could give to parents. But since I'm still very much single and trying to figure out what would happen after college, I'm gonna invest in my future first but hopefully have someone to share my life with. I don't wanna get too sentimental. I might cry or something.

But anyway, I belted out again tonight. Hogged the mic since they have this huge videoke machine and people are not using it. With Nina's permission, I took the liberty of being the night's entertainer and didn't care whoever hears how I sing. Since everyone has their own right to criticize me or say if I have the worst voice, I still didn't care. I'm just frustrated of what's happening these days, and I hope we resolve it ASAP.

Last night was our Baccalaureate Mass. Of course, people couldn't help but be too nostalgic.

It is our last night in school to stay up late, our last time of singing the UST Hymn at school, the last mass, and of course, the highlight of the night and one of the best things in UST, the FIREWORKS, what else?

After the mass, we had the oath taking, it was giving me goosebumps when the lights around the school grounds were being lighted and produced a starry and beautiful effect of the school. They even lighted the Main Building again for us. Asked Brent to take a picture of myself with the building as my background. Cool! >___<

After the candle-lighting ceremony, the fireworks went a-banging. It was bongga since last Paskuhan, it was kind of shorter. And since I don't have my fone anymore, I couldn't take a picture of it. Good thing I brought a cam with me, but I plan to use some of it for the actual graduation.


Well, after my last post, things have become a little different and I learned a lot of things from my friends.

1. Sadly, I am now terrified of going home late, riding a jeep and men who flock together, with me thinking that they might be hold-uppers or such.
2. My phone won't remain in my bag anymore. My ID's are placed on my pockets, and my fone, wherever I could hide it. And sadly, I went back from MotoE398 to Nokia 3310. Sad fate. And I'm missing my fone terribly. Especially when I wake up and couldn't feel anything up my pillow.
3. Am planning to buy pepper spray in case it happens again.

Well, that's it. Am not going to tolerate evil in my surrounding. I learned my lesson. And from now on, no more miss nice girl who would cry when someone or some devil takes away my bag.

Gotta go sleep and lessen the bags under my eyes.

And I'm out again!

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