Saturday, March 18, 2006

I never feared about losing my life...until last night happened.

Have you ever lost a phone in your life? Wallet? Identification Cards?

Usually, people would misplace things one at a time. It never occurred to me that it would happen all at the same time, and twice as hurt.

Yesterday, we sent off our dad to the airport because he's gonna leave for abroad again. I was even in a hurry going to his office because earlier, Brent, Mela and I were going from companies to companies, looking for a job. I was even teasing Mela that it is a lucky day because it didn'€™t rain and we weren't late or such stuff.

Apparently, I was wrong.

After going to the airport and went to Baclaran Church to pray my dad and our family's safety, Mom, Lester and I went to SM Manila to look for a suit since Lester's Prom is already on Monday. Even though Mama and I are already tired, we still went to that mall because we promised him that we would go there. At around 7pm, we already went tired, going from shops to shops, but found no inexpensive ones that we decided to go home.

Funny thing is, we usually go home by LRT. But this time, we decided to ride a jeepney to Abad Santos. After passing through Blumentritt, a suspicious guy, with a cap, white shirt, wearing shorts got into the jeepney. I was even looking at him because I noticed that his eyes were already red. I thought maybe the guy was drunk. I was even looking at him funny because I took a nap at the jeepney, and just woke up at that time.

Minutes passed, I saw him took out something from his back. It was a huge knife. With holes in it. Big holes actually. Still in shock, I saw him point the knife to the driver then asked him to stop. Then he pointed the knife to the lady, one seat apart from me, then took her pink bag. I was trying to cover my bag, but he noticed me, that he pointed the knife at me too. I was hesitant to give it to him because all my things were there and it dawned to me that this is the very first time that I forgot to put my fone, my beloved fone, in my pocket.

When I never gave him my bag, he stressed pointing the knife at me and mumbled something, that I never remembered what, due to fear and the thought that it might be the last day of my life. Remember my belief about graduating students nearing danger when they're counting days till graduation? That was the only thought that I had in my mind. He pulled it in my hand and I just cried then and there. What was my other defense right? The other passengers were also scared because they said the other guy with him has a gun. Of course, they would fear for their lives too.

I never thought that this would ever happen in real life. I used to tell my friend I never had my bag slashed, fone snatched, wallet lost or stuff like that. Although I was feeling sorry for my fone, I am more worried about my IDs and friends' pictures. I just hope I'd get them back. I even dreamt of getting hold of my wallet again last night. I know it'll never come back again, but I think I'm luckier that I'm still alive.

My mom never promised me a new fone. And I think I'm still in shock and trauma, whenever I think about that knife pointed at me. Felt like I was only acting and I'm in a movie. But this morning, when I woke up and didn'€™t touch something above my pillow, I knew it was all real. The surroundings were already eaten up by too much evil. I just hope that someday, I could work in a paper or something, and try to make a change in these situations. It is also better if we could have better lawmen, policemen, and officials who would really try to really do their job. I remember the last time I was with my dad, we saw a man inhaling a bottle of rugby, and guess where the officials were? On the other side of the road. If I weren't inside a jeepney at that time, I would tap the officials and report the guy. BTW, this was in front of St. Jude College. It is even a school zone! It's really irritating.

So there, just recalling my so-called experience. I'm just thanking I'm safe. And since my globe and sun numbers were all gone, please email me at for your contact numbers or send a message on my friendster. I'll update my directory. And if by chance, my numbers texted you or anything, just disregard it. It'€'s the snatcher. Grrr.

Hope you all learned by this. Always be safe and always be on guard.



omg. ria i am so sorry to hear that.

but i'm glad na you're safe and ok. yes, traumatized but that's one more experience to make you stronger, di ba? just think na at least it was just a phone. ok, i don't know how important it was to you, but surely you wouldn't think it's more important that your life, right? but yeah. i hope you feel fine na..


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