Thursday, March 16, 2006


I'm sick right now. I can't breathe and usually, it would take me days before I get well. But anyway, I'm hoping to be better by tomorrow before we go job hunting and all. My dad's gonna leave again too. His flight's gonna be at 5pm. So tomorrow is a really long day. I just hope I could be as giddy as ever.

Watched Fever Pitch this afternoon and I recalled our SportsJourn Mag creating days. Back then, we had a crash course with Baseball, researching for Baseball Terms, Teams, and anything about the sport. I just couldn't believe that we wouldn't do that anymore.

My PC's not behaving well. I couldnt open my mail without having the debugging sign. Help!

Uh, I guess there's nothing more to blog about. Funny how I forget the things to blog about when Im in front of the monitor already. Hope to be back again tomorrow. But as of now, I have to be "un-sick" and rest. Blahblahblah.

And still no lovelife. 13 days to go before graduation. Full moon tonight, and I'm alone.

But life is good. Thanks to friends.

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