Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Drenched in Rain

I feel exhausted everytime I wake up. I mean, its normal but the thing is, I haven't been productive these past two days. Seems like I'm stressed, but not that much. Weird.

My family members are barging me too. Yesterday, I have to wake up at 5 am to help my brother with his research statement. Feeling nya talaga, walking typewriter ako. The nerve of him to even get mad at me for not helping him the night before. And tonight, he wanted me to "help" him make his assignment. But hello? I know him that well, that I would end up doing the entire paper for him! So I declined to help him and said that I wouldn't read the assigned reading and make the article at the same time. At siya pa yung may karapatang magalit? hmmp!

After finishing his research statement, I took a nap again. At 8 am, my mom was asking me to have my dad's picture be scanned or developed. Still with my eyes halfway open, the 'responsible' daughter that I am didn't complain anymore and got up to do it. I just shut my mouth because I didn't have the energy nor the courage to argue with them.

And this morning, I found out that my dad would leave on the 16th for work again. Meaning he won't be at my graduation. Ironic because back when I was young, I was eager to see him off, but now, I'm kinda getting used to him being in the house. and I anticipated that he would be on my graduation. Oh well, I'm speechless now.

....sometimes, i regret that I wasn't able to complain.

Last Saturday, Kai, Les and I went to Paco to conduct the survey testing for her thesis. Was stressful because its hard to search for 40-54 year-old women. Its actually a slum area, and the roads are very narrow. Not that I am complaining, but it is time-consuming and energy-sucking. On the other hand, you would feel lucky to be blessed with all the luxuries in this lifetime. Most of the women I interviewed didn't even had the chance to finish high school or elementary.

Luckily, most of them are accomodating. They have their own stories and stuff to at least ease our tired faces. I just wish that whatever happens, they could get on with their lives. They're good people, just unfortunate with luck.

Mela and Brent went here this afternoon. Had a movie date with them. Instead of splurging to cinemas, I asked my dad to buy me a pirated dvd of 'Memoirs of a Geisha'. 'Twas a good movie. Happy ending for her, although, mistress pa din sya. But Ziyi Zhang was good. She was so cute. hell, cute..

And this past days, I also had a movie marathon of my own. Saw Walk the Line to observe why Reese Witherspoon got the Best Actress in the Academy Awards and she was good playing June Carter. My tears welled-up again, especially when Johnny Cash was proposing to her. Aww, love.. <3

Also watched Bewitched and The Perfect Man. Next goal, Brokeback Mountain, Cinderella Man and Fever Pitch.hehe..

Oh well, its a long day. and its gonna be one tomorrow. I hope the sun would be up, I'm really hating the rain now. Bye! XD

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