Friday, March 10, 2006

par-tay on!

Just got from Trixie's birthday at her house today. Was fun, I never thought I could have uber delicious foods again. The baked mac was divine and the "fondue" was mouth watering. Of course, since I am a chocoholic, I tend to be that dramatic when it comes to them. I feel bloated already..nah, just kidding.

BTW, friendships and I went to RobPlace earlier to buy Sir Jeff, our thesis adviser, a token of appreciation for all the help he's done for our thesis. First impressions really are deceiving. And we actually wanted to not try him to be our adviser at first, but he made us sky-rocket to 1.0 for the thesis. The thesis, for heaven's sake.

Nothing interests me nowadays except sleep. It has been my buddy since our "vacation" started. But Im planning on a movie marathon this weekend since I dont have classes anymore and I bought whole lotta DVD's. I'm lagging behind new movies, and I need to be in the know about which OSCAR movie was really deserving. Got Memoirs of a Geisha, Brokeback Mountain and Walk the Line. Well, its Reese Witherspoon so I insisted my dad to buy me one. XD And yeah, I know its piracy. I just can't help it. Money's really hard to earn. I just hope someone from the companies' I passed resumes on would finally call and schedule me an interview or some sort. Like Badet, I'm desperate to find a job already. And no offense, but I really really hpe I could get a job in line with my course instead of being a CC Agent.

I also am loving PBB Celebrity Edition. I want Gretchen to win. So kewl, a kick-ass lady for sure.

Gotta go get some more sleep, because I intend to finish Memoirs tomorrow. bye!

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