Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I can't get over the fact that I was being mistaken to join the PBB Teen Edition!

Last Tuesday, Jops and I went to ABS CBN to pass our resumes for the Creative Department. Didn't really have the chance to see a whole lotta stars but the fact that I'm in the building still excites me. So anyway, after giving our resume, Jops asked me to see the PBB house. So off we go, but since the sun's really up, she told me to wait until there could be a shade for us to walk to. Beside the guard house, I asked the one assigned there if Jasmine Trias already went out of the house. he said he didn't know. But the next statement really burst my laughs out.

Guard: ilang taon na po kayo?
Moi: 20 po.
Guard: Sayang, akala ko sixteen ka lang, mag-audition ka sana sa teen edition.
Moi: kamusta naman manong!

Emmalyn says I have eternal youth. ewan. Parang ayoko nga. But its nice in a way.

gotta sleep.mwah!

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