Monday, March 06, 2006

Feeling nostalgic and all that jazz

After contemplating whether to post or not, I decide to since it is only fitting to say my farewell to pressure and hell week.

We snagged an interview with Mr. Cordero last Friaday. It was such an experience going to San Miguel and all the hard work that we experienced during the interview. As in trabahong JOURNALISTA talaga kami. Well, after that ineterview, now I can feel I could do anything and Pressure is just a word.

I finished my part in business journ just this moment. Mela would just edit the whole article and do the revisions and stuff. Thankfully, I could now sleep and relax. Being online is another thing because our fone's not working and I have been swiveling and shouting this afternoon after it dawned to me that it isn't doing its job.

But I have plans to go to school this week. I could finally watch Memoirs of A Geisha this Thursday and make Sir Jeff sign our Thesis Cd. Thankfully after that, we'll just have to deal with practice (if there's any or something of that sort.)

Jops, Karch and I were planning to go to ABS this Tuesday to apply for the cReative Dept. Hopefully, we could acquire something from them. And really crossing my fingers.

Gotta go. Wish our fone would work when I get home. Tata!

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