Friday, March 03, 2006

The Most Disappointing Day of My Life

"Ria, ga-graduate ka na ba this year?"
"Opo sa March 29, 2pm sa PICC"

Now I'm not sure if I can get through graduation for God's sake. I have this huge dilemma in our Press Ethics Finals. I woke up this morning feeling positive that we could interview the famous Ed Cordero, but ended up being much disappointed and exhausted.

Here goes:

The Alumni Affairs has no right to be called so. Why? because their data are not updated and what's the freaking use of an alumni directory when you can't find a decent contact? huh? No wonder Ateno and La Salle can easily have funds for their whims if they want to because theyre supported by alumnis. Whereas to our beloved school, you could only find a measly and old investiture list, with an address that's been since 1980. And it's 2006 already.

So we thought it was luck that it led us to have the address. I even swallowed my pride to ask my Ninang for directions to that BL Subd. (I just don't want her to think I'm not making efforts, but since I'm not aware nor interested about Paranaque, I asked for her help) So anyway, it's do or die for us that we decided to scour Paranaque and wherever that subdivision is. On the way there was kinda fine. Our only problem occured when the Tricycle driver pissed us and took us on the wrong way. But since it is already over, I decided to keep my mouth shut and just curse him after he dropped us.

We found the house, and found out that he isn't residing there anymore. The house was in disarray since it is being renovated. We talked to his brother, Junn, and he accomodated us and texted Mr. Ed that we were actually there and were students of Mam Perena. Sir Ed took Mela's number and promised to call her that we decided to scram already since we can't expect him to be there and presently having his meeting.

Hoping that he'd actually call, I guess we had our hopes up for nothing. Mela stayed up late and waited, even sacrificed not seeing her boyfriend (or maybe they did, Im not sure) but still, he didn't call. No nothings. Mela even checked her number if its correct in case everything fails. But our only fault is we didn't get Sir Junn's number or their home phone. I guess we got excited and all that we didn't bother to since Sir Ed promised to keep in touch. We didn't get Sir Ed's number too since he asked for us naman. We respected his "decision" of not having his number. Journalists' code. privacy.

That is why, ladies and gentlemen, I am compelled to kill myself or something to make it easier for me to take it if I fail MY LAST FINALS and won't be able to graduate. (serious: now sobbing)
I always thought that graduating students shouldn't be pressured anymore since they would leave already, but no, some paper could ruin my life in an inch for my diploma and my transcript of record! (read: REALLY, NOW CRYING)

I never thought I would ever cry while posting in my blog. Tomorrow is another day, but so is the submission for the finals. And I still have the PolDy test, so this really sucks right now. I just wish there could be a bright future for us tomorrow. Or else, it's goodbye world for me.

Have to go figure out my future (if I still would allow myself to have one)

And she's gone.

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