Monday, August 21, 2006


Okay, was feeling sentimetal for a while, but thankfully, we were able to manage it all without having to not continue the monthly anniversary. Of course, only we two know the story. hahaha

Now here's one issue, I'm gonna bring him to our house in Novaliches tomorrow. Yeah, terrifying, I know. It's like meeting the parents, only my parents know him all my life. I just don't know why were even scared or something. Maybe because this is a different thing now. Like we can't hang out in my room anymore and talk about each others' relationships because this is an US thing now.


Honey, you are the best thing that happened in my life. I couldn't ask for anybody than you. Even though we were hesitant if we should continue this at first, it was the best decision and you are the wonderful choice I ever made. If I ever nag you at times, it doesn't mean i'm guarding on you. I just care about you. I also understand your work, so please dont think I couldn't. I just want you to know that despite our differences, our love keeps us strong. And wherever it might take us together, you know were not just an "us". As you've said before, we make the best of friends. And I intend to keep it because it would define what we wanted to have for such a great deal of time. Thank you for eveything and I would always stick with you no matter what! I so love you! (^______^)

No work tomorrow. Finally wouldn't have the Monday gloom. Thankfully, I'm gonna see him din. =) Happy happy! Well, have to rest now. have to doll up myself tomorrow. hahaha!

muah again!



i'm happy for you!! kahit na mejo lonely ako.. hay. i've been posting about it sa journal ko kaya lang in chinese kasi baka may makabasa na involved e.. but anyhoo.. happy!! =)


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