Saturday, May 13, 2006

During my internship at Times, I used to see editors having their storycon, though I'm not working in a publishing company, I kinda experienced my own storycon, only through a form of meeting. Ok so I don't know a thing about tourism and package tours, but I know how to advertise and further establish marketing for the agency. It's also great to know that some people are depending on you because you know some things that they don't. =)

Anyway, Sir MB talked about passion for work last night. I'm not sure if I have passion for my work. Well, I hope. =) I love writing, I love people, so maybe it's a criteria for having the job. But really, I'm trying to do my best in it. I even took the job home so that I could pass a better work for my boss.

Got my pay from my CITEM work today. Well, its a four day job so its kinda small. It was even frustrating because I have to leave my work to get the check, encash it to the bank and all. It was really stressful. Good thing MB isn't at the office yet, or else, I would just have a week's work and I'm gonna be fired or something.

My mom's in Galera today. I'm green with envy. Imagine her having to plan a vacation when she knows I can't come because of work. Nice! But she has all the right to enjoy since it's Mother's Day on Sunday and she deserves a break from her stressful kids.

O well. Have to go now. Needs rest. AND YEAH, I SO HEART YOU! <3

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