Saturday, May 20, 2006

My day was quite chaotic (well if quite could be paired to chaotic.hehe). Made few mistakes that caused me to have the teary-eyed syndrome. Ok, I admit, I had my first tear shedding day at work because I'm stressed, confused and feeling hazy. But the best excuse I made was

"Sorry tita Chat, gutom lang po ako".

Well, it's really true naman no!

Will watch The Da Vinci Code tomorrow with a friend. Am really excited because I have read the book years ago and have been waiting for its release once I found out that Tom Hanks would play Robert Langdon and Audrey Tatou got Sophia's character. =)

Fiesta on Sunday. So excited. Gotta see bezzie and Jasmin there.

Oh and before I forget, congrats to Nina for giving birth last May 14. And welcome to Anna Victoria in this world. =) Your fairy godmother Ria will always be here for you, though I havent seen you yet. mwah to both of you! =)

Gotta go now. Have to sleep. Again, work and pleasure in one day. I can't get sleepy because I have to concentrate on the movie. hehehe.

God, I'm really confused. Don't ask, few are only chosen to know why.

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