Friday, October 20, 2006

Im loving my stay at Fortune Care. It's just that no matter how toxic my day could be, I could say that I want to stay longer with them. And very much excited of my projects and all. My boss has faith in me. She makes me feel empowered everytime I talk to her. Like when she says that I should grab every oppurtunity that was given to me.

Pero what I love about her is when she wants to be treated as my mommy..heheh..


Am about to celebrate our 5th month this saturday. And so far, everything's been fine. Pat has been a best friend, a confidante, my go-getter, my shoulder to cry on, my mr.fix-it and one who loves me as much as I do. So basically, everything about him is perfect, no matter what anyone would say about him.

love is soo divine.. and tomorrow, im gonna live life with my complete set of gilmore girls dvd.

i so love having my life. muah!


hey ria! wow, you are blooming and your happiness is everywhere! I'm happy for you and Patrick. You've always been into that starfish, anyway. hahaha! :D


i am sooooo happy for you! =)


ive been watching some gilmore girls epi from season 7. kakaiyak. waaahhhhhh!


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