Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Still feeling cranky. Have been arguing even the tiniest things with Hon. I don't feel like having a flu or something but I'm definitely in the dumps lately.

Went Christmas Shopping with Hon last Saturday and yesterday. Having someone with you is a big help when youre not only shopping for gifts but for costumes for the party as well. The whole Customer Care ladies will be in wings. Wait til tomorrow for women to be fairies. And yeah, wait for the dozen of pictures that I will be taking. Haha!

My Christmas list is halfway done. Hon has been an angel from the start. Although we managed to fight over the number of people at Divi, how we almost got lost, the sweat and all the striking sun, in the end, we still made it..and had peace...finally.

Then yesterday was the second round of the Christmas Shopping. It's actually burning holes in my pocket my seeing my brother all glad about his gift, it was definitely worth it. I can't even imagine how my mom's face would look like once she's seen hers. I feel really cool..(^___^)

I saw this guy I once knew, and seeing that he's happy now, makes me feel that I had very good decisions. Decisions that led me to my destined partner. And now that he's happy makes me feel the same way about him too. And I really mean it.. especially now..

i just couldn't explain how I'm feeling now. but it sure is cool to finally spend christmas with lotsa reasons to celebrate. and going to 2 houses for the holidays makes you feel so welcome and warm. I so love this life. And I sooo love Hon Hon..

GTG.. party tomorrow.. details the next day.. when Im sober.haha

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