Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hon and I are starting to build our DVD collection for when we get married someday, we'll gonna have a movie room. Nice huh? Hence, we went to Quiapo last Wednesday and found out that DVD only sells for 60 pesos. Kamusta naman diba? So maybe next year, after all the mad X-mas shopping, I would start acquiring a selection of American TV series like Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, Charmed and One Tree Hill. Funny coz Hon saw this McGyver DVD.Haha.

Launching was finally over. But career doesn't end yet. Presently, I have making changes and stuff for the website. Done deal a lot of articles already. And I'm really loving my job. Hon just keeps on being weirded on me staying so late at work But it pays a lot for me, I mean, it fulfills me a lot.

Tatin just called a while ago. I missed our High School Days. You know like the first time I got to know them, the jokes that we always share and the dramas that fell behind us. She even recalled about how I wished for someone who would love me unconditionally. And apparently, I found him and she was so happy about it. Now I'm really dedicated to organize the party with them.

I really miss my friends.. Tats and Tin, don't worry, while were partying, we'll really and definitely be thinking that somehow, both of you are here too. Promise!

I wouldnt want to say negative things in my blog, but I couldn't be everyone's friend na. Or nice about her matter. As Brandy told Monica, the boy is definitely mine and what we have is something REAL.

gotta go..

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