Monday, October 02, 2006

I believe I'm a changed woman. Hahaha.


UST won Game 2 at the UAAP Finals. Wishing i could watch the finals, but I have work til 6 tomorrow. And being the self-admitted (and I dont know if I really am) jinx, I opt not to go to the last game because it could be their chance to, if not win the finals, at least be into the finals.

And Im praying they would win.hahaha!

Kami lang anak ng Diyos sa Tondo last Friday

Due to the massive blackout, my life went miserable but lo and behold, at four am that friday, sobrang street lang namin nagka-ilaw. Hahaha. I can't believe our luck. So cool. =)

I'm not sure if he could read this, but I am more in love with "the one". I don't know why but for as long as Ive waited for him to come back, the more I realized that I wanna spend my future with him. As one message said, I just wanna cherish it for as long as its here. And I'm really wishing we could end up together someday soon.

Hafta go. Started with a kiss marathon tonight. Mwah!



elo elo =)

maganda ba yung it started with a kiss?


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