Friday, July 21, 2006

definitely in love and definitely happy!

Spend the second month at Baywalk last night. Whereas my my mom asked me why I came home late. Shempre, I lied to her again. Not that I wanna hide anything from her but I still can't make her face hon. stupid me.

My friends, Migs, my hubby and I will go to Starcity tomorrow to post-celebrate Brent's birthday. It should be fun but I have to go home early because I'll be attending Steffy's debut at 7 pm. Talk about hectic and schedules huh?

My boss will be back this weekend. Thankfully, I've done almost all of the things he asked me to do. Or something of that sort. Because if I see that I've disapponted him again, I think I have to move out here and look for another job, a writing job that fits well with me. Or something

But I dunno. Maybe I wouldnt.

Or maybe I would.

Argh my head hurts already. Have to meet Mela later so I should be going.


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