Sunday, July 16, 2006

I may not show my truest feelings, but I hope you know I do love you...

Sentimental mode struck me today. Maybe because I thought I couldnt fit it your world. But then I realized, we share our own world, so why should I worry about anything? But really, I have been so happy from right from the very start and I couldn't ask for anything more perfect than this. Too bad my mom didn't get to see you again. Argh.

I need to write something. I don't know. Work requires me to write but not that much as I did back in college. I feel as if the passion is slowly losing. But oh heck, I love writing, I shouldn't be too affected by the bug.

I'd be a Godmother tomorrow to Ariadne (Shang's baby girl!) Haven't seen her yet though 'cause its been pretty hectic at work or because of dates, I have been going home a little later than I was expected to. So tomorrow's a pretty big day, seeing my xzeno family again, and I would be introducing my honey to them. (^___^)

but before going to bed, I'm wishing my friend BRENTI a very merry and happy Birthday!

Gotta go sleep! muah! =)

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