Saturday, May 06, 2006

Finally snagged a job. It was surprising because I didn't know that I'm gonna start this afternoon. Kung alam lang namin eh di nagcelebrate na nanay ko! But anyway, now I'm a PR assistant in a travel agency. I'm obsessed with the desk and the work, I wanna marry it. Just kidding, like I would really do that. So anyway, the travel co. specializes on Pilgrimage Tours. So I think I got in because I graduated from UST and ICAM, both Catholic Schools and with the help of my sample works, Voila, instant job! And yeah, the interview was okay, though our boss told me I look sixteen. =)

But I'm really caught up with the fact that I saw Manila Times and passed my resume there at the last Job Fair we've been to. I mean, I wished that I have the bigger chance to work there since I had my internship at that company. Oh and yeah, I saw Sir Rome at the travel agency. Funny but small world. And at that moment, I kinda missed working for a newspaper, the deadlines, the pressure, Miss Tessa's freebies and even the people. it's not that I don't want to work for PR at Adam's, but then, i just missed the feeling of working in a paper, that's all.

I guess my mistake was that I didn't go to Times earlier or something. I just hesitated because they have a journalism school and would probably hire from their graduates. oh wel



hi ria! good to hear you got a job! ako naman i quit after 5 days. hahahaha. :)


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