Sunday, June 11, 2006

Somehow, I just couldnt decide.

Past is coming back to my present, Present is not taking care of me. My future is still uncertain. And I really am trying hard to do the best thing that I wouldn't end up being sorry for my decisions. I just wish I could just disappear and go to this another world where I could start with past. Jargon. Well, I have to decide immediately.

Went to SM SL this afternoon to watch CARS. Too many kids at the moviehouse nga lang. But of course, its an animated movie, and based on what I saw this noon, it was a hit. hehehe.

Work is getting a little complicated nowadays. It's just that I needed for our press releases to be released to every newspaper in the country. MB says we should revolutionize. And anyhow I make up for it, I just can't seem to really try to make him proud of me again. Or making his money's worth. This week, I have to go to this seminar pa. Ang cool talaga ni Boss MB, and I'm grateful because somehow, he believes in what I could do. I just have to act fast.

People at work are nice but getting complicated. Or maybe I'm just irritated that they are always seeing my faults nowadays. I mean, they should at least cut some slack out of me. Or see me as an individual and not compare me to other people whom I dont want to compete with. I hate competition with friends. Argh.

And my mother. I don't know what I'm gonna do with her. I just wish she'd accept my choice. Enough said.

I'm just tired of rationalizing things. Sha said she hasn't heard me laugh in a while until tonight when I talked to her. I guess I was really happy and its am obvious moment for her to notice. I guess so, I just wanted to be happy. I think I've suffered enough.I don't know. But it's really getting complicated every minute.

SO now I am asking you to wait.

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