Sunday, July 02, 2006

I never liked Superman. Dahil isa kong praning and super paranoid before.

But after watching the movie, (of course with Brandon Routh), I kinda liked the story. Not to mention Lois Lane being a journalist, and a Pulitzer Prize winner. Hence, I find myself relating to it, with Superman being in vamoose for five years.

Okay, so here's the situation, Hon has been gone for almost four years. I am a journalist (well, technically because of my degree). When he came back to me, I am kind of loving someone. Come on, just bear with me on this. I'm just being sentimental and all. Guess that's what love's doing for me.

Went out with Brenti and Mela this Saturday afternoon. Well because I'm a free woman today, I have to be with my friends' company. I just missed them because this would probably the longest time that we three have been separated. And like everyone who knows us could ever guess, we still had the chismisan part of classmates and all. But nothing gross or anything, haha. And somewhere in Robplace, there's this Massageforless chairs that costs 20 pesos for three minutes. After having lunch ( a divine Supreme Pizza at Sbarro's), we tried the massage chairs, talked about going to Starcity and etcetera, etcetera.

There, it was super fun because the last time we went to watch a movie was months ago or maybe a year ago, I'm not sure. It's just great that I got the chance to spend my time with them again. So I proposed that now that were earning from work (or Mela as the Sosy high!), we should go out once a month. Maybe next time, I could push my StarCity plan. Actually I had a Starcity visit two Fridays ago because of the holiday and all.

And the funny thing was, I actually missed him because I promised that my Saturdays are for him, but he had this event he should be going to, and Superman's his favorite movie. But then I had to watch it first, without him, when he begged me to go with him before. haha. Now he's green with envy, though he could still watch it again naman.hehe.

Work for the week would be kind of like a breeze. My boss would be gone for a week and two days, ergo, I could leave early, do things more smoothly and go on dates. Though I have to do things for our seniors because a tour would be coming up. I even asked Mam Chat if I could join the briefing because Father Lucio would be there, and I kind of like to see him because he's a part of AB and college and UST. Connect it, I'm not in explaining mood right now.

Have to go. can't be stressed anymore. It's going up my system and it's not good for me. Nytie nyt!

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