Thursday, July 06, 2006

I have treated the relationship as a silent one because I don't want to ruin everyone. It's not as to being sorry for what happened, but for what had lost and for having the right decisions for myself.

I may have feelings for you before. Thinking that you could be the first guy to introduce to my parents as the "first official boyfriend", I anticipated and waited for months. But I was feeling hopeless and alone. That it's better if I would settle my life by my own and not to wait for you anymore. I'm stubborn that I couldn't take being the last priority. It could have been better, it could've worked out (no offense hon), but I guess fate didn't really want me to be yours but I have really tried hard to understand. It's just that sometimes, you have to give up.

TO HON:I'm sorry that I kept you waiting. I could've started this earlier but i promised my heart to someone before. But now that you have proven that this deserves a second (or technically) a third chance, I am up for it. I couldnt ask for a better boyfriend. I have seen the ups and downs of this relationship, and I'm very much happy that you share your dreams with me. I am really thankful for all your efforts and patience, going from south to north just to make sure I get home safe, for holding my hand when I feel tired, for kissing my fears when I'm afraid of losing you, for erasing my worries at work when everything seems hazy, for letting me see the sunset even with my eyes closed and for the love that you have been giving me for the past months.

I may be paranoid but you still accepted my madness, I may not be perfect but I seem to be the most perfect girl when I look into your eyes. I may be afraid of the thought of you going back to her, but when you repeatedly assured me that you would always be with me, all my worries are erased in a blink of an eye. And I am grateful for that.

Now the thing with the parents, my mom already told me na "kapag naging boyfriend mo si Patrick, blah blah blah." Goodluck, pero at least may thought na ganun. hehehe.

And I really pray that this would last a lifetime, as I have said, I have a good feeling about it. Thanks for everything, all these make up for the lost years. I so love you.

Went to Makati Shang this afternoon to attend the Hongkong Tourism Board Forum. Mam Lorie was supposed to go with Joedy and Mam Amor, but she let me go there because I was envious of Joedy seeing Mickey and Minnie Mouse (yeah, pathetic, I know!) They featured Hongkong Disneyland, and I'm really hoping to go there someday. Picturing the Disney Hollywood Hotel makes me have goosebumps and all. Also had my picture taken with the rat couple and freebies galore. (^__^)

After that, I forced him to meet me at glorietta. It's just that the place still feels strange for me and I'm not used to going there. Anyhoo, I'm glad to go there. The perks of my work! hehehe

Gotta sleep already. Am tired. buzzing off now.. (^____^) mwah!



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