Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We Need a Resolution...

Because the year is turning to a close, I have to make promises to this coming 2009. And hopefully, I could fulfill most of them :D

1. Stop Procrastinating- Yep, I do that I lot these days. Every time I needed to do something fast, I get so distracted to the point where I don't know how to even finish.

2. Must.LOSE.WEIGHT- Serious matter. It has been one of the reasons why Hon and I fight a lot. He tells me to trim down, while I make excuses for everything, But I know all I need is an inspiration, and to lessen how I eat. Or maybe a reason to stop stuffing myself for food. hahaha.

3. Be on time- If you could see how much I make in the past months, I only get enough for my fare and food. You know why? because since I cannot afford being late anymore, I have to time in a half day to the office or I would be suspended. So if I wanna be really rich at 25, I have to get my ass early in the morning.

4. SAVE SAVE and SAVE- After the payday week, I never really know where my money went. Seriously. Yes, I signed up to have some money deducted off my salary every month, but I wanted to save up more than that. So no more frivolous gimmicks anymore. And since Hon pays for the card anyway, I need to stuff more money in the bank, than stuff myself with so much food. See, that's even related. :P

5. Be more reasonable- Sometimes, I base my decisions on chance. So I really have to be more mature in the things that I do, in order to really get it. And for me to fulfill this resolution, I think I really need to grow up first.

6. Make more memories- I could never really know how this 2009 will go but I'm signing up for a lot of fun moments, adventurous travels, and a multitude of joy with Hon, my family and friends.

Happy 2009 in a few hours everyone! :D


A yearender:

2008 has brought me so much than in the past years. I have made new friends, and lost some of them, babies were born, my work is more tedious but enjoyable, visited a lot of places, made many memories, cried a few but smiled a lot.

2008 had many tragedies too. A death of a colleague, the passing of strangers who brought huge impact on their lives, too much scandals and lies.

But 2008 is still a year of blessing. And it passes by saying that we all dealt some good and bad things, but the good thing is, we still made through the end of it.

And so we should make the most of the remaining hours of the year. And face the coming year with a big celebration and hopefully more luck it could give us.

..So I'll be signing on next year already! And Iloilo, here I come! hehehe :D

Be Safe everyone! :D

Monday, December 29, 2008

And their hearts reunite as one...

One of my best friends, Mary Rose got married to Mellard this day. What supposed to be a very simple and intimate wedding became more special when all their family and friends joined them as they become husband and wife.

Ive known Maro when we were in first year high school. I was looking for new friends, being new to our high school, and I discovered that she was also a transferee. So that majority, made us click right from the very start. She was my partner in crime. When I was looking for girl crushes (yes, that's normal at an all girl school), she was also looking for hers. We were both obsessed with stickers and stationeries at the back of the school, and would be seen at that place after our last class. And boy, did we ever trade some of them, just for the heck of it.:D When my favorite was Tweety Bird, she favored Hello Kitty. But both our favorite colors are pink and purple.

After our session at the stationery store, we would wait for our respective school service. Or she would go with me to our service first, and vice versa. And though we parted barkadas, our friendship is that strong, that we still see each other, in every class, or get together sometime.

And now, she's all grown up, and ready to face the challenges of being a wife.

After five years of being with Mellard, she finally found her happy ever after. And we are just so happy that her search for true love did not go in vain. So I wish them lots of babies, an unending love and more years together. :D


Now the story about the wedding is, I caught the bride's bouquet. And you know the usual stuff they say when a single lady catches the flowers are usually the next to marry. I don't actually believe in superstitions, but I respect them. Like getting out of trouble and such. So here's the funny story:

Before the commentator asks the "single ladies" to go up front and catch the bouquet, I had a little dilemma under our table. My sandals, for uncanny reasons, decided to snap at me and leave me, shoeless. Already panicked by the situation (and yeah, do I ever resist a photo opportunity), got my balls up and walked up with my already "given up" sandals, just to fit in. I actually think losers are those who do not stand up in the midst of a crisis. So to not be a loser, means getting my ass up there and face whatever humiliation it might bring.

After the photographs were taken, I situated myself at the back of the girls who are ready and eager to catch the bouquet. I had two things in mind, being spared from the 'tradition' and get out of the center of attention because for crying out loud, I have a broken sandals to think about first. After a few seconds, I was surprised to see the two girls in front of me who skidded at the floor to get the bouquet. And because they were already rolling at the floor, my hands, that were spread out at that time, surprisingly caught the flower, and before I knew it, I was being dragged at the center stage to sit while the groom tosses the bouquet o the single guys.

Two of my friends already told me that it was just like in movies, that maybe its destiny telling me that I will be the next in line. Okay, please stop pressuring me okay? Ive had enough for the day. Please don't tolerate the situation anymore. Its just a coincidence. And yeah, I'm crossing all my fingers that IT IS JUST A COINCIDENCE FOR NOW. Maybe in a few years, but this year, definitely not.

Though their wedding is one of the best I have attended. Simple, but definitely special in its own way. And I can see in their faces that they are really happy to start their lives together :D


So there, I think Ive already said a lot. I have to rest. Finally.

Smoochies everyone!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bella? Bella? Under my Umbrella. hehehe

ahahaha. So true! :D

I'm a Bella! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

You are observant, diplomatic and often aim to please. You are unaware of your attractiveness and despite being uncomfortable with any form of attention, people enjoy your company. You can be impatient, stubborn and headstrong, but you are true to your word and mature for your age, often taking care of your family and enjoying a good book over chatting with girlfriends on the phone.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Perfect Definition of Joining the Bandwagon

OMG. Even Perez Hilton wrote about this in his blog. Good luck sating mga Filipinos if we could ever show our face to the Hollywood. Oh, some of the comments are really offensive. I dont know, Im not anti-Shaina and Rayver bnor ABS-CBN, but dont think this will work out. Why dont they just make a typical story, where originality exists. Im sure there are lot of brooding writers around. But a Twilight ripoff? Cmon now, panu na ang YABANG ng PINOY?

Anyway, Im a FIlipino and a victim of a copycat, so I guess nothing's new here. Sadly..


Yesterday, Hon found an excuse to pig-out again. Went to MOA to buy a wedding gift for Mellard and Maro on Monday, and Hon treated at Sakae Sushi again. And I was in sushi heaven. Maybe because this time, we didnt have to rush. So I enjoyed their conveyor belt. It was my bestfriend that day. haha.

And I wanna thank him for my super pretty pink earphones. It wasnt actually on my wish-list, because its on my to-buy list, but he got it for me, so there. Happy happy. :D

On the other hand, Im really excited of our Iloilo Trip. Psyched. And I wanna thank Kath for my new backpack. hehehehe. I am starting to pack right now. Though I have to do this another thing first for a friend. Something I should definitely slave on tomorrow.

Went to Tutuban earlier. Have to buy new shoes for Ate Lory's wedding. And for like five minutes, I found the pair I can use for that day. Nothing so fancy, after all, its just for a day. lol.


Im enjoying myDSL. hahaha. Im sorry, its just that in this very hectic season, thank God I can easily upload my stuff.

Nothing goes here na. I have to do some movie marathon later. If my biological clock permits me. hahaha. Muah!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And so Its Christmas.. myspace graphic comments

Merry merry Christmas everyone! I hope you're all enjoying the holidays. I know I will...


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If He's Gonna Be Aro..

Then he's definitely gonna be one hell of a hot hot VAMPIRE!

..And now Im wondering whether I'd still be smitten with Edward. LOL! Malandi.

But his features are so angelic. I'm not sure if he's fit to be with the Volturi. Oh, I don't know. Guess I'll have to wait for New Moon. And Taylor Lautner's gonna be replaced by half-Filipino Michael Copon for Jacob's role. Not that I dont want Taylor, but Bella looks bigger than him. He's supposed to be a werewolf, for geez sakes.

As for Copon, I am supporting his (hopefully) casting. Not because he's Pinoy, but because he looks just like Taylor. And I mean a better version, at that. :D


Work is kinda lazy today. No one really wants to ride up their saddles. We all do our own thing. I only did a report. One measly report that I could finish in five minutes. Imagine that. And I'm not in a mood for anything. My boss even has this other work downstairs so our meeting couldnt start yet. It is so frustrating.

Gotta go. Muah!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Of Christmas Rush and Christmas Munch

Ive been a grinch these past few days because my Christmas Shopping isnt done yet. I was supposed to finish them all tomorrow, and buy a gift for Maro's wedding, try to do that something I promised for the 29th and wrap officemate's gifts. But our parents dragged us to go to Cavite for Ate Red's son's baptism, then met Hon for dinner at MOA. Plus I got up late this morning, all uniforms unironed and all my plans for the morning, ruined.

So tonight, I'll pull up another all-nighter to wrap the remaining gifts, go to the mall to buy the other remaining gifts, have good night's rest to be hyper over the holidays, clean the house and maybe greet friends who are not in the Philippines. On the remaining days, I have to rest for Maro's wedding, take care of relatives who are going to our house this Christmas, plan on what to bring to Hon's house on the 25th and prepare my things for our Iloilo Trip.

This, by far, has been the most hectic Christmas in my whole life. And without an ample time to prepare for the holidays. Even my 24th is so preoccupied. Sadly.


Went to Paskuhan last Friday to meet Nina and give my gift to Avi. I didnt get the chance to see the fireworks because I was late. Then Saturday night, went to Xzeno's Christmas Night where only four of us were present. Good thing I was still perky.

So that's it. Im so busy as a bee. So I'll keep this one short.

See me on the holidays! You know you love me. :D

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hail to Madonna's Era and Of New Moon Date

Before I talk about our uber cool Christmas Party, I got so excited at what Ive seen in Yahoo.


On November 20, 2009, New Moon will be shown worldwide and will be directed by Chris Weitz, the one who brought us The Golden Compass. :D

Though on the other hand, I'm not so sure if I will enjoy this movie or not. See, when I read New Moon, I feel that the book makes you wait too long for major scenes to really happen. And I was irritated to hell with Jacob. I dont know, its just that he's so clingy and everything. But anyway, since this is a movie, and will be condensed to two-hours or so, I'm crossing fingers that it would work fine.


So anyway, we held our Christmas Party at the roofdeck of Citystate Bank at Shaw Blvd last night. And I believe that it might be the best party we (or they) ever had. Almost everyone participated to dress up, be colorful and groove through the sounds of 80's. The stage that I made, managed to look like a colorful jukebox, intentionally. Thanks to my partner in crime, Mitch, who helped me buy the things I needed and helped me do the actual layout. :D

Oh, and I joined a dance contest. And its something very unlikely of me. Singing, I would gladly grab the mike, but dancing is another issue. I have left feet, actually. My hips never sways, or so I think. But last night, I did and Im not sure if Im gonna be able to do that again, and gain the respect of the people at the office. haha.

Sadly, we did not win. But it was hell of a party, so them appreciating my efforts, is really worth it. And I have too many goofy pictures with our President. XD. Sayang lang because I didnt get the chance to take a picture with "crush". OMG, this is so high school. But Im not that sad, and its just a little crush, not like I faint everytime we touch. hehehehe. Kinanta. lol.

And my boss won Star of the Night. hehehhe. Coolness.


Gotta go. I need rest. But with Paskuhan at UST tomorrow and Xzeno's Xmas Party on Saturday, I doubt I'll ever get it. hahah.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Dappy..

My Dad's home already. Yep, the reason why I havent blogged for days. (Like its really the reason. hahaha) But since that was partly the case, I am really happy these days, despite being sick.

He brought me this:

Never mind that my brother got hold of the new camera already, but this is still a 3.2MP phone, so Im settled. :D After all, I'm wishing for a DSLR now. And Ive already let him see one. SO hopefully, when he goes back abroad, he could fulfill my request. hehehe. Crossing fingers now. :D


My Christmas list, on the other hand is semi-completed. I just need to buy a few pairs of this and that. And we went to the World Bazaar at World Trade Center last Friday. I really enjoyed it. Even saw Nene Tamayo on the PBB booth, but I didnt buy anything there. My favorite was the Precious Moments store. And because they went all the way from Aklan pa.

Anyhoo, because of my addiction to dolls and stuffed toys, Hon Hon bought me the mermaid and schoolgirl doll and they were both so adorable. He said its gonna be gift number 1. His gift number 2, was the one Ive requested for him to buy, two jelly lenses! Yay! :D And Im'a love it because its for my fone. nyahaha.


Its gonna be our Christmas Party on Wednesday. We havent practiced for the dance yet. harhar. Goodluck to us. Not that we would wanna win or something, but I plan to make every Christmas Parties special. Due to future plans..if it'll push thru. :D

Anyhoo, I have to go. 2 parties more.. Hugs! :D

Monday, December 08, 2008

Uy, Uy, Uy!

Buhay na ka pala? At aba, ang latest news, NAKIKITWILIGHT KA PA! hahahahaha. Sabi ko sayo you cant really hide from me eh. And until I couldnt get a single fact that you keep doing things behind my back, hindi ako magsasalita.

Nga pala, nabasa mo ba yung book? Baka naman may hyfaluting words ka na naman jan? Ay oo, pati nga pala yung friendster at multiply mo no? Tungkol din sa Twilight. Grabe na talaga. Nung una, Harry Potter, tapos pose sa pictures, tapos blairbands, ngayon may bago ka na namang nakopya. Alam mo bubunutin ko na talaga yung mata mo. Promise. Ang ganda ganda mo kasi eh. *vomits until my breakfast turns to blue"

After my months of hiatus, nagwawarfreak na naman ako. Kasi naman pig, maliit lang ang cyberspace, nakikipagsiksikan ka pa. Bakit ba kasi ang daming pwedeng awayin eh. Tapos ang tanda mo na pero immature ka pa rin. FYI, di bagay sa yo promise. Andami pa kong nirerecruit na pagtawanan ka. Kaya awat na. Ang dami mo namang pwedeng gawin sa life mo eh. Mag bake ka ng cake tapos gumulong ka dun. Baka dun gumanda ka. hahahaha.

Tsaka dami ko ng hate mails sayo eh. Di ka pa rin nagtanda. O baka naman paurong yung edad mo? Ganun ba ang pig years? Tutal gusto mo maging vampire, okay lang. Pero kasi sila Edward, beautiful vampires. Tsaka sa novels ni Stephenie Meyer, naggoglow sila. Alam mo sayo, mantika yung naggoglow eh. Kahit yung Amazon covens magaganda sila. Nabasa mo ba yun? Anu? Mukhang hindi. Tapos naging super fan ka nalang bigla nu? Wow ang saya. Kelan mo na natuklasan yung Twilight? Nung nauso na sa buong Pilipinas? Hahahaha. Yaya, youre such a loser talaga.


Yun lang. theraphy session lang. Minsan kasi andamin daming trivial things ka na matutuklasan sa everyday life. hahahaha.

Byebye boar!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Wish a Wishlist!

Since everyone has their wishlist already, I know Im so inggitera, so Im posting one myself too. :D And lately, I saw nifty nifty things. :D

1. Quik Pod- For people who doesnt know what are these, let me show you a visual:

No, I dont want the camera, nor the Tower of Pisa, I just wanted the tripod. Well, its an easy to use Tripod, without leaving your camera anywhere. Plus its so easy to use in my camwhoring moments. haha.

2. Jelly Lenses- This is not pimp my camera show, but Im getting fond of this another tiny thing. I wanted a fish eye camera, but this is the closest thing to it, without having to scan pictures and stuff.

It only costs 500PHP. Plugging I ordered the fisheye lens. If someone wants to buy me one, I'd like the heart frame or vignette lens. :D

3. Gossip Girl Books!- And I only need the three remaining books, Only In Your Dreams, Would I Lie To You and Dont You Forget About Me.

Of course, the much-loved TV series is very much different from the book. But I still love Blair, Serena, Dan and Nate. :D

4. Trench Coat-like Dresses- Nowadays, this is very uso. And I want something like this in White too!

Okay, why I love it? Because Filipinos couldnt possibly wear trench coats just like that. Since the weather doesnt really permit us to get super cold, these dresses are the closest thing to it. Plus you get to have the girly-girl vibe.

5. Flats- any brand will do!

The one above is from Skechers. But this is something like my Mom's. But nonetheless, I thrive for flats. It makes me move freely. And I wouldnt have to complain to Hon Hon that my feet sores when we go on a very long walk.

6. Trip to HongKong

I know this seems impossible right now, but this is a someday, maybe trip. Sana lang. :D

7. Sony Alpha 300 DSLR

This may look like your ordinary (as if we could call them as ORDINARY) DSLR, but a whopping 24 Megapixel is enough for you to go ga-ga over this cam. I want one. But, I have to shell a thousand bucks for this. And the thing is, do I have that hemp sum? hahaha.

8. World Peace

In a land where most of the things are material, we all still need something intangible but real. And were by a long shot to having world peace, but at least were trying right?


Last night, we went to the Taste of the City 3 at Taguig City. I never really thought that there could be such an event where so many participating restaurants would shell out for booths, their food and even excitement for a night. And all of us were so full after the day.

And since were at it, Hon finally completed his stickers to get his Starbucks 2009 Planner. He got the black one. I know he's happy. But I feel sad because there's no excuse for me to go to Starbucks for now. Its just the excitement for coffees and planners get into me. haha.


Have to go now. Too many reports before the holidays.


Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I waited for the dark sky to smile at me, but instead, it frowned. Bad Jupiter-Venus and Moon. Oh well, I guess next time. haha.


Everyone is posting their wish list already. And I'm so inggitera. But I'll do that some other time. I don't have too many material things that I want for now. Just Bliss. Period.

Something happened today. I thought it was just me being crazy, but I realized that it isnt the case. After all, I have posted this issue many times, just to ease whatever's building up inside me. Its part-rage, but I don't wanna classify it as that because I still considered her a friend.

...And then today happened.

My boyfriend said that I have been missing a lot since I got back with her. That might be the case sometimes, but Ive been shrugging the thought since were, friends. And I feel as if I could balance being her friend, a good girlfriend to Pat, a fair friend to my other friends, and a good daughter to my family. She had one of my biggest parts. Bestfriends kami eh, so why not give her that?

So now, your means of telling me to move on with my life has become more tangible. You wanted this. You started this tiff. Sawang sawa na rin akong manuyo. Maybe this time, I could also focus on my other friends. Friends who doesnt tell you how shallow your friendship may be or people who do not always test your loyalty. I am not saying that I am the greatest friend in this world, but I'm done. This is the last straw.

Good luck nalang sayo. Marami kang friends diba? Yung isa nagpahamak sa buong section, yung isa nagpapayabangan kayo, yung isa may sariling mundo. Go on. After all, I have to break free from always being the good girl. Come to think of it, thanks for making me stop being so goody-goody.

Excuse me while I try to step into my light. Maybe there's a purpose for this. And thanks for making get out of this toxic relationship with you.


Have to go and compose myself. I should be up for this long and bumpy ride.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Twilight Madness Continues...

Finally! Hon and I saw Twilight at the big screen! Yay!

After much contemplation of free schedules, and through the goodness of Ayala-powered sureseats, our 2:15-4:15PM yesterday was filled with adrenaline as we see Isabella "Bella" Swan and Edward Cullen's forbidden love evolve, with the consciousness, of her, being human and him, a vampire.

I wouldn't be doing a review here since this is not a page for it. Hahaha.

As a surprise, my Honey bought me a Twilight Illustrated Movie Guide. The first time I saw it, I was thinking of whether to buy it or not. Its pricey kasi. And the stingy in me says I wouldn't buy a 700 worth coffee table book to ogle at Edward's face. But since he knows me better, he surprised me yesterday with it. Awww..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After the movie, went to Divi for Christmas shopping. At shempre, I still havent completed my list. I bought 2. Sa laki ng Divi. Cmon naman Ria.

And bad luck stroked me din. My ATM is lost. I just found out when I got home. Good thing that is on a payroll system and our bank's a sister company so I got the replacement today. Thank you God.


I have another event coming up on Thursday..

Sir Jun gave up these tickets for a major pig-out, eating high end goodies. :O

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Good luck nalang sa pag-abay sa December 29 at January 2. hahahaha.


Speaking of abays, my cousin texted me last Saturday that I will be her bridesmaid at her wedding. I told her no at first because I feel as if I havent enough time to pull myself a gown for the event. But she said she'll take care of it, so I have nada choice. Guess I really have to stop binging for a while.





Gotta go! Spread the Twilight Madness! :D

Friday, November 28, 2008

New Blog Layouts

In celebration of the Twilight movie (and yes, Rob Pattinson too! :D), I tweaked my favorite Twilight picture and made myself a new multiply layout. Oh, and I also saw a pink twilight layout for my blogspot. I know, I'm obsessed. I just cant get enough of it. Suddenly, I felt so high school again. haha.

..and it felt so long since I had new layouts. So, I'm really psyched for my babies.. :D


Anyhoo, Brent texted me earlier if I would greet (her). I'm really not sure if that would be the best thing. Not that I wanna punish her or anything, but she has lot of learning to do. That we are not living in high school anymore and you cannot just push your best friend for every scheming thing you wanna do.

And all I need is one word. One word to make it all right. Yun lang eh.


My leave has been approved already! Yay! Mom, Dad, Lester and I will be going to Iloilo this January to attend my cousin's wedding, and eventually unwind a bit. The return of my normalcy! hehehehe. I mean, going around places and having long weekends. :D

Now I just have to convince them places to go to. Meaning, if there is something new in Iloilo. The last time we went there, we went to Miag-Ao. And I felt proud because it is one of our country's heritage. But we dint get the chance to go inside (because its a weekday). Sad.

..So I'm determined to make this trip worthwhile, even if we have to trotter around it for a limited time.


Excuse me while I have to make an announcement:


Are we getting dull already? PM me, text me or call me whether you wanna see each other this December (before or after Christmas). Figured that we haven't got the chance to be together again, SO WE REALLY NEED THIS ONE. I'm trying Shang to volunteer her house so we could hold the party there, and the rest, bring booze, bring food and bring your most gorgeous self. :D


That's all.

Gotta go! :D

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I hate snobs. Sobra.

As if its not annoying enough, but Im through. I tried everything to reach out to you. But as far as Im concerned, you do not give a damn. And now, so do I. Continue doing your games, but I DONT EFFING CARE.

And in any way, hindi naman ako nawalan. So Ciao!


One more day to go, TWILIGHT na! But I wouldnt be able to watch tomorrow because he has work. Saaad. But Im cool with it. After all, I just waited for it for a month lang naman. hahaha. Unlike Harry Potter, which I have been waiting for a year already, and Im still waiting. But of course, let's not dismiss the fact that one of the reasons Im going to watch the movie is because of Robert Pattinson. Second nalang dun yung ploit itself. haha.

So, I guess I'll be seeing it on Sunday or Monday, whichever day my Mom lets me come out and play. lol. Which I know, I'd still have to beg of her because when my Dad comes home again, she couldnt drag me to Nova anymore, thank you very much, but it'll last for at least a month only.

...And I have to wait again until my brother's schedule clears up.

Yun lang. Have to go. Nag-eenjoy na naman ako mag-dl. haha. Byers! :D

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Month Older and Hopefully Wiser..


Were nearly getting off the calendar, but it only means one thing. We are becoming stronger than ever. :D Yay! This month, we discovered that no matter how much space we could get out of, we still find ways to be back into each other. That being apart means a bit impossible for us. We had the most terrible fights, but made us love each other more. And that nothing could ever tear us, no matter how strong a wind tries to tumble us. You are my truest sense of home. :D Love you so so much!


Enough being cheesy, I am up for a boring weekend up the mountains. Kidding. Everyone knows I couldnt hike, much more to save myself. Im just going to Nova (again) for the weekends. No computers, Mom uses her laptop for games, no internet connection, Im up to watch Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 and Mamma Mia on DVD. Yes, for me to keep my sanity.

Not that I so hate it that much. Im just weirded by not going out with my friends on weekends. But since my family is there, I guess I have to make up for it. My only consolation, thank you very much.


Twilight fever is on States right now. sad.

Shempre, its November 21 there na. While here, it'll be shown on the 26th pa. Have to buy tickets na yata. Or it'll be too late for us to watch it. There's so much Edward-Bella fans pa naman.

..Wonder if it'll be shown in IMAX? That I'll have to research..NOW.

..Okay my time is up. No Twilight in IMAX. Sad.

Sureseats.. Have to ask my Mom yet. because I intend to watch on a weekend. :P


Gotta go make the most of this Friday. Hugs! :D

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh Chucker..

It is only now that I can see a true person in Chuck Bass. Finally! I loved how he had butterflies in stomach and telling Blair that he has feelings for her. But now, I was thumbs up for him and Nate. For them being true friends. Something so unusual for his Gossip Girl character.

.. Oh and I loved how they make them more humane in the series than in books. I dont know, its just that sometimes, I wanted to kill Cecily von Ziesegar's characters, Chuck and Jenny. haha.


Christmas is so around the corner. Mom and I have already put up decorations at our house at Novaliches. And we changed decoration colors. We had orange last year, and now we've bought pink tree balls, flowers and stuff. And I enjoyed it that much. hahaha.

On the other hand, I can also already feel Christmas at the office. They have put up a huge Christmas Tree at the Ground Floor for the building decorations and another Christmas tree at the lobby. Kat and I couldnt even resist taking pictures of ourselves in fromt of it. haha.


Now my dilemma, is how the hell am I going with my family to my Ate Lory's Wedding. I dont wanna be stuck home while theyre having the lime of their lives with our relatives. I have to plan early or no biscochos and pinasugbos for my friends. :D

Have to go. Have some more thinking to do. :D

Monday, November 17, 2008

Natotoxic Ako!?!

Brent, Hon and I went to Divisoria yesterday. Was a fun day mostly for both of them, because they bought what they wanted. For Brent, his "outrageous outfit" for his company's Christmas Party, and Hon, his sweatshirt. As for me, Ive scoured my Christmas Party costume parts. hahah. Parts because I had the shocking pink tights last Friday with Lhalha at St. Francis Square already. I just have to stand the competition. LOL.

Ive finally finished my two new Gossip Girl books. I just cant get enough of them! :D Though, Ive scored a great find last Saturday by buying Nights in Rodanthe for only 200pesos. I so love sales! :D


Miss Ivy, our former Supervisor, came to work with us again. And Ive never been happier. I dont know, maybe the fact that were getting bigger again made me that excited. And she's one of the closest people I know.

And we're all excited on the coming early-CCD Xmas party at Enchanted Kingdom. I know, its childish, but its the little things that perks us up. Also the idea of going to Davao. I cant wait!!! Okay, I sound like a cheerleader already. haha.


Gotta go. XOXO

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Er..okay. I was Bitten

I joined one of Twilight groups in multiply and was overwhelmed with the number of merchandise they're selling. Twilight tumblers, shirts, mousepad, pins, caps, bags, SHOES!, and even perfumes. That was so totally unexpected. haha. So while at it, why not indulge eventually. lol. Oh, and I'm loving this picture. Bella is so hot! :D

(credits to EW for this photo)

Am not actually a big Bella supporter, but I really liked this photo. She even looks like a vampire here already. :D Buzz came out that the movie will be shown on November 26 instead of November 21. Wow Pilipinas. You really got me craving there. Oh well, like I can do something about it. hahaha.

(Hot guy, HOT ride. What more can you ever ask for?)

But I disagree with the people who hated Breaking Dawn. I know, its too fairy tale-y and all but younger generations are reading the book. Of course, it MUST appeal to its viewers.

I wanna change my layout from Queen B to to Bella and Edward. Oh, Lord, just please let me have the time. :D

Okay, I have to stop talking about Twilight already. Its getting me worked up again. :D


I have three articles due. Happy Happy Happy! No, not so happy about the loads of work, but happy to have lots to publish. Its an ULTIMATE dream for me. harhar.

I just have to finish them all today. Aww, I wish.


I have to go.




Friday, November 07, 2008

There Couldnt Be Two Queen Bees..

I'm so wishing that this will go out of my mind already. I know, its been bugging me for weeks, but still, I dont wanna wave the white flag. Sorry will not come from me. Friendship is so overrated. Maybe one of the toxic friends Ive been talking about is her. Im not sure.

Im past being immature. She says I'm not a good friend because I refused to do what she wanted me to do. For what? Is our friendship even worth that favor? And besides, Im not the one responsible for her actions, I didnt push her to play with this certain person. So why am I getting blamed?

And the worst part of it all? I dont have to prove my loyalty to a person. I think that I have been beyond loyalty issues already. Were in our twenties, for God's sake. Were not even in Elementary where one steals another bestfriend or gets mad at the other because he/she has been a much greater friend. Because really, that one is immature and selfish.

So this will be my last piece. Go to your toxic friends, if youre really so into them. I dont care. I dont want to care anymore. Just like Serena said, " I have been bending over backwards so I dont outshine you." Maybe this time, I could fine my own stage, the truest sense of people around me. And lets go past insecurity issues. Because frankly, I'm not. And I will never be.

Bad news for me. I just found out that my brother's schedule still isnt pristine. And I have to deal with going with Mom to Novaliches every weekend...again. I know it might sound so melodramatic, but I always thought that it'll be for a semester ONLY. Oh well, guess I couldnt do anything but wait for Dad to come home.

And this weekend, I will finally finish Breaking Dawn, the last book in the Twilight Series. Yay! I started last weekend, and Im finally over! What an accomplishment, by the way. Maybe I was just too eager to read them. And the fact that I am so excited of what'll happen. After that, I could finally read my other books, and buy more books (or in my case most of time, he takes care of buying them) until someday, our future house will look like this:

That is what I'd consider a perfect life. hehehe. Of course, given the fact the I also have HIM

And lastly, AIR21 called me up just now and told me that he's currently outside our house and delivering my BDJ 2009 planner right to our doorstep. Yay! Now Im excited to go home. 5 sharp, here I come. hehehe.

Gotta go! Have a nice weekend! I know I will, at least for the Sunday. hehehe.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Love Na Sana Kita Eh.

But you didnt include me in your little rendezvous. You told me to wait until someone backs out. You dont know how I feel. Im so disappointed --(Ria feeling all Blair-ish when she wasnt included at BDJ's Launch.)

Hahaha. Im so bitter. I just felt sad that Im ready to cross out November 11 off my calendar to go to Greenbelt when I received their email this morning. And in less than 24 hours? All 80 people have confirmed already? Im finding it really hard to believe. But anyway, Im not gonna go ga-ga over that. After all, its only ONE event. Im demanding to be invited on the next one. hehehe.

Speaking of planners, my boyfriend wants to spend a thousand bucks for one. Apparently, Starbucks launched its 2009 Planner already, and you just have to complete 16 stickers instead of 24. I remember him last year ordering non-coffee drinks (because he's not allowed to drink coffee) just so he could get the planner. He even treats his friends so he could get a sticker. We even bought coffees the day they are issuing double stickers. How desperate is that? o_O But thats one of the many ways why I love him. hehehe. The way he's so persevering to get what he wants. And now, he's also determined on getting me one. I mean, I love coffee. It is my own version of alcohol. He just stopped when I asked him what the hell am I gonna do with two planners? I couldnt even fill up one, much more if I have two. hehehe.


I really hope that the Christmas Holiday will extend up to January 2. See my cousin will get married on the 3rd that month and my whole family's flying to Iloilo to attend her wedding. So if it ever happens that we have work on that Friday, I'll be stuck in Manila while they see almost all of my relatives. And miss the reunion. Seriously, that WOULD REALLY SUCK. I mean, its okay to get too lazy for work and still go to it, but going to work and miss all the fun, is a torture for me. Plus hearing my brother brag about it would make it even more annoying.

So please, that's all I wanted for Christmas. A nice holiday with my favorite cousins and relatives.


I'm nearly finished reading Eclipse. And so far, Im enjoying the sort-of love triangle of Edward, Bella and Jacob. Of course, I'm still rooting for Edward, you know the typical "Were getting hitched because we so love each other but I found out that my bestfriend has feelings for me" story. Its so melodramatic, but the thought of dealing of being a vampire and having a werewolf for a bestfriend makes the story more intriguing.

And the story's getting even better. hehehe.

Now Im'a wait for November 21 to watch the Twilight movie.

And so far, I still can't wait. I mean seriously? Cedric Diggory as a vampire? I thought he was a wizard. hehehe.

Gotta go! Muah!

Friday, October 31, 2008

A New Day

Since I discovered Twilight, I know I'm'a talk about it nonstop too. Just like Harry Potter, Gossip Girl and etc. And it will be a phase. Again. I just know it. hahaha.

Anyway, since Hon and I wouldn't be able to meet this weekend, weve already managed to meet last night. After dinner, we went to Fully Booked to check if there's a paperback of New Moon. Lo and behold, I was lucky that night, so we immediately bought it. Now I'm on page 181. :D

And after that, I'll be reading the Eclipse na! I'm soo excited.

Now I don't care if I look like a vampire reading those or how excruciating it might be to sleep late just so I could finish it in one sitting. lol.


So tomorrow, our family will go to one of the busiest and noisiest cemetery in Manila. Suddenly, I begin to remember my Lola Merced. Before she died, she used to go with us too. Five years have passed but I still remember how she were. How she loved and took care of us. Especially I, who have grown up with her.

Its Halloween tonight, but still, we have work. Sad.

But anyway, it doesn't matter because I didn't have to go to the province just so I could visit a relative anyway, so I guess it still is lucky enough for me. I just pray that the weather will be fair tomorrow because if it rains, it will be the end of me.


Sometimes, I just hate my brother.

See, he was blabbing about cellphones and cameras and all last night. He said that he wanted Dad to buy him an iphone. Of course, I asked him if he's rich that he'd actually ask Dad for that.

Okay, not to bea hypocrite, but whenever Dad buys me something, I just let him do that for me. Not because I asked him to, but because he wanted to do it. Unlike my pesky brother who asks for a lot.

I'm not a saint either, but I don't know why I'm so annoyed at him. I just hope I'm not turning to be like him.


Have to go finish two articles before the day ends. And I'm hoping to finish New Moon tonight.

This is a great challenge. :D

Have a great spook everyone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Smitten and Sick

I have been so in love with my books. Last night, I was looking at them and I feel as if Im their proud mom. But lately, I havent had the time to even read some of them. I think I may have more than ten books unread. Its tragic when you dont have the time to do so.

Back in high school, my library card would entirely be filled up. I just cant get over the Wakefield Sisters (Elizabeth and Jessica, Sweet Valley), Sweet Dreams, Choose your Own Adventure, Goosebumps and other paperbacks I could borrow. Out of sheer desperation, I almost borrowed Harry Potter, but it would always be out of order or something like that. So back home, I can only make up with my measly book collection of Archie Comics and again, Sweet Valley Twins.

Now I have a mini-library and I cant even finish a book in one sitting. Unlike before. Sad.


I'm still sick. And still went to work even though I have this splitting headache when I woke up. I know, I shouldve gone back to my bed, but my fair judgments are still intact and I could work pa naman.

Ayoko lang ng stupid aircon that makes me ngongo right now.

And I still have a meeting for the Christmas Party. Im so excited already! :D


I wonder what theme will they propose this year. Okay, so far Ive been a Fairy and a My Fair Lady Character.

Cant wait. Hope I'd also win something this year. Bibo daw ako eh. But I really want to attend this year's party.

..Even though Miss Cherry told me to wait for the IMPORTANT call.

I'm crossing my fingers. Next year nalang kasi. lol.

Gotta go now. :D

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

School Stuff Survey

(Repost from Cess)
1. Student number?

2. College?
The Pontifical and Royal Catholic University of the Philippines - University of Sto.Tomas

3. Ano ang course mo?

4.(Magshi)Nag-shift ka ba o na-kickout?
Hindi naman.

5. Saan ka kumuha ng entrance exam?

6. Favorite subjects?
Sociology by Prof. Peppin Aguilar, Broadcast Journ by Prof. Marie Mamawal, PR and Practice by Prof. Al Dimalanta, Feature Writing by Prof. Nestor Cuartero, Photojournalism by Prof Javier

7. Favorite PE?
Handball :D

8. Saan ka nag-aabang ng hot babe/guy?
Sa may Dapitan or sa Asturias. hehe

9. Favorite prof(s)?
Prof. Mamawal, Prof. Rivera, Prof. Cuartero, Prof. Aguilar, Sir Ian, Sir Jeff Aquino

10. Pinaka-ayaw na subject?
Algebra by Rosales. hated the subject and hated the prof.

11. Kumuha ka ba ng Wed or Sat classes?
May Wednesday at Sat classes naman talaga kami eh.

12. Nakapag-field trip ka ba?
Katulad ng sabi ni Cess, sa Bilibid lang. haha. Pero nung fourth year din pala, sa ABS-CBN. hehe

13. Naging student council member ka ba?
Tried to be a staffer. (At dahil kay Junjun Amanse. hehhe)

14. Ano ang Org/Frat/Soro mo?
JournSoc, Journalese

15. Saan ka tumatambay palagi?
Asturias, Lovelite, V.Conception o kaya sa Central Library (sa Internet Section)

16. Dorm, Boarding house, o Bahay?
Bahay. Lapit lang eh.

17. Kung walang entrance test at malaya kang nakapili ng kurso mo, ano yun?
Shempre Journ. First Choice ko yun eh.

18. Sino ang pinaka-una mong nakilala?
Jops. As in nilapitan ko talaga sha para tumabi sa upuan niya.

19. First play na napanood mo?
Hindi ko na maalala eh. Oedipus Rex lang sa UP yung natatandaan ko.

20. Name the 5 most coño orgs?
meron ba nun sa USTe?

21. Name 5 of the coolest orgs/frats/soro.
DI ko rin lam eh.

22. May frat/soro bang nag-recruit sa yo?
Wala naman

23. Saan ka madalas mag-lunch?
V. Conception. sa may murang kainan.

24. Nakasama ka na ba sa rally?
Hindi naman

25. Ilang beses ka bumoto sa Student Council?
Required naman every year.

26. Name at least 5 leftist groups.
n/a. lol

27. Pinangarap mo rin bang magcum-laude nung freshman ka?
sa pangarap, sinu ba hindi. pero sa performance, alam kong impossible. hehe

28. Kanino ka pinaka-takot na prof/doc?
Katulad ng sabi ni Cess, si Senora. pero hindi namin sha naging prof. so si Sir Baron nalang siguro. tsaka yung purple monster na din

29. Sinong doctor hirap ka intindihin ang sulat?
wala naman.

30. Kung di ka jan sa school mo, anong school ka?
Baka PLM kung inalam ko yung results ko, pero nothing beats USTe. :D

Monday, October 27, 2008


Im finally on Page 370. Started last Saturday morning and Im halfway through reading book one. Too bad we didnt get the New Moon. So I guess I'd be reading out of an e-book or something.

Replay to Friday, Hon and I went to MOA to buy stuffs and for him to give the tickets for our Davao flight. (As if naman na kinabukasan na, eh Feb pa naman. LOL) Anyhow, when we got to Fully Booked, they still have copies of the Twilight Saga. See, when you go to Powerbooks and National Bookstore, all books are already sold-out. So anyhoo, in order for me to let him buy the books (which I read in the end. bad Ria!), he also let me take two Gossip Girl books. Yeah, Im a spoiled brat, thank you very much.

But the book posted above isnt the cover of one we bought. We had the new paperback version, front is the cast of the movie, Twilight, to be shown on the twenty-first of November. Moreover, thanks to you, who took the time and effort to make me want to read the book. :D

Here's to more years, love and love for books together. :)


Yesterday, I received a very surprising message from my high school friend, Maro, asking me if I could be one of her bridesmaids.

Surprising because she was one of my "conservative" friends, who didnt have a love life when we were sophomores. She was shy and timid, though a little outgoing at times. Anyway, she has long been with her boyfriend, so maybe they have planned this a long time ago. I just wished she gave me a three month headstart before she told me that she's gonna be married. Not when we barely have two months to prepare. hehehe.

She said that her wedding's going to be simple, so maybe we dont need to dress up so elegantly.

But in my wedding, that would be a no-no. hahaha. Spoiled brat talaga. LOL.


I have to go, finish things. I just wish I could make it through the week. Muah!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Chopped Again

Before anything else, let me clarify that I did not break-up with my boyfriend nor did we have any recent problems. LOL. The drastic action behind chopping my hair is due to my other frustrations and I feel as if my hair is adding another load in my life. Hence, the short haircut.

Yesterday, most of my officemates were v. surprised by the hair. They were all feeling sorry, maybe because I have this long hair already. They all made a huge deal out of it. But I actually love the new me. After all, give it a few months and it'll be long again. It never fails me. hahaha.


Hon Hon surprised me with a speech last night, thanking me for everything that has happened for the past months. See, he isn't someone who talks about his feelings, so it kind of startled me a bit. But I'm really happy. :D

And meet my new baby...

I'm even the luckier one. :D See, he indulges with my love for books. And I know, books are pricey and all, but he said that it still wouldn't make up for everything. Love you talaga. hehehe. And thanks for the upcoming trip. I know, I have to wait for February pa, but I know I;ll be having a blast with you and Jon.


Davao, what are the great places to discover about you?

I guess I have to wait for four months before I'd be in awe. :D

Have to go. Muah!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm Feeling Lucky..

Happy 29th Monthsary to us Hon Hon!!!

I cant help but sing this song...

I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I’m lucky we’re in love every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

--Lucky, Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat


This past week, only did I realized that I have been so blessed. People have been telling it straight to me. And of course, I wanted for my friends to have the best things in life too. :D

I thanked Hon yesterday for putting up with me. I'm not sure if he got that seriously. But I really am. I so hate being cheesy, maybe that's why he contradicted me agad. And I really feel so lucky because even though he didn't want to blurt it out, I know that the reason why we've stayed this long is because we tolerate each other, and accepts each others faults. There might be a little competition sometimes, but that's how we are. Its like the scenes in THE NOTEBOOK where Allie and Noah always fight with each other but they were also crazy about one another. And were sooo like that. hahaha.

While I say, luck are also for those who wait... thank God I patiently did. ;D

Love you Hon Hon!!!!


I'm so loving cruchyroll! They make me watch Itazura na Kiss, the anime/Jap version of It Started with a Kiss. I never really liked Anime. Hon made me watch Ichigo 100% before and that's it. I was just hooked with INK because it detailed It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again. Oh, and during weekends, I'm watching this series that starred Cai Yi Zhen and Joe Cheng named Summer X Summer. My mom's getting crazy with me already. Seemed like I managed to get all DVD stocks at Quiapo daw. Its just that their plots are nice. What more pa if I could understand them without subtitles no? hehehe.

See, I have a life after Gossip Girl. LOL.


Gotta go. I'm not feeling good today. I don't know why. Maybe because we wouldn't see each other. Sad..


Friday, October 17, 2008

Ria Is Excited With...

The Belle De Jour 2009 Power Planner! I have reserved a copy already. Yay!

So if you're a girly-girl who needs to have a journal/planner because you're life is so effing fabulous and always on the go, reserve one too. :D

Credits to

I'll not discuss the details of the planner up to the insides anymore because they have the site to explain it. Just jump to the link above. :D


Last night, I had an impromptu dinner with Precious. And most of the reactions Ive got was, "Why did you do it?" No offense, but she and I have this awful history together. And most of my high school friends are living evidences that Precious stole my mother's opportunity to be the first one to slap my face. It was, hell of a bitchslap, if I may add. And why I was so angry about it, we just don't think that she could do it. Well, were wrong.

And the funny part was, I got slapped because she was defending this other friend whom I was making parinig when she borrowed a magazine without my permission. Its so high school right? Well, at the moment, IT IS High School. haha.

But actually, I didn't learn my lesson. She even gave me a better reason to be a total biatch that time. Plus I had the coolest friends to boot with, so me being slapped equals friends who loved me despite everything.

I never grew tired of telling that story. I may be a little bit ashamed because of that awful incident, but the fact that I got true people behind my back makes all that slap worth it. Seriously.

Moving on, met her at Rob Ermita, and everything still feels the same. Well, me looking at her weirdly whenever she speaks of something out of the blue. Talking about our former teachers makes us feel old and how crazy we were during those years.


Ive a crappy morning. I woke up at 6:30 and only a few minutes to spare before I fix myself up and board the train. Good thing I wasn't late. Or it would be another charity case for me. So I'm not complaining anymore. Finally, MRT got into its senses and decided not to punish me anymore. (See it always make me late).

Gotta go and find some more updating to do. One more weekend at Nova and and I'm all free. Thank goodness for sembreaks. And brothers who would accompany mom to go to our house at Nova. hahaha.

Moochies! :D

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weird Turn

I've a tip from a very reliable source that our superior would be transferred to another department.


See, I also love this other person who would replace her, but I am only staying in the company because of my boss. Seriously. For months, I have been afraid of not getting the boss I would grow to love, other than her. Someone who steps out of the way just so she could let you shine. Someone you could trust your work with, and someone more than just a boss-employee relationship. She has been my "surrogate" mom in the office. She doesn't care if I have this weird sense of style and wouldn't be afraid if she also does that too because its uso.

For TWO years. Boooo!

But anyhow, if it ever happens, maybe its time for me to move on...


Everytime Hon and I talk about my work, things just keep on heating up.

He says: Why dont you try to get a higher position? Or even get promoted. After all, its been two years. Why not have the position of Sir Melan?

I say: NO effing way. I may be vying for a better job, but Im not confident to lead. And besides, I dont want to be Customer Care Supervisor. I dont want to answer complicated things. I still want my peace.

What I really mean to say is, besides being too tamad to argue with him, I still know my limits. I might have a typical job for now, but my confidence to lead other people isnt in me yet. You know the type of people who are born leaders? Im not one of those. I was born to be a great team player instead. I associate well with other people and I work on my own sometimes. That's just me, no excuses whatsoever.


Well maybe someday, I could also *cough* lead. But for now, its not yet in the cards. I just know.

Now excuse me, but I've to take lunch with the greatest team Ive ever known. My CCD family.

Ta ta now! :P

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lord, Have I Been Bad?

Isang weekend lang naman yung gusto ko eh. Isang weekend ng walang parents, walang iniisip na projects, walang naririnig na problema, at purely fun. Pero hindi mo pa rin sha kayang i-give sakin. You know Im not mad at you or something, pero lahat naman ginagawa ko na ah. I never lie to my parents, I never cheated on my partner, Ive never been plastic to my friends, and I have paid my dues, religiously and citizenship-wise. But what have I done to deserve this?


Amidst being so melodramatic, I learned that I simply have to let it go. May mas better trip pa. Come summer, aariba na naman ako. And once my Dad come home in a few months, the family will go on a christmas spree, maybe on Iloilo (again) or somewhere totally out of the blue.

On a lighter note, I have to be thankful to God that he has blessed me with a great year of going places Ive never thought possible. And hopefully get lucky this two-oh-oh-nine. :D


Last Friday, something he said made me sad.

"Hon, ayusin mo na passport mo, in case mag-migrate ang family namin sa Canada"

I know, coming from him, its still too good to be true. Considering the numerous paperworks to accomplish, visa and all. Its even nice if youre just going there for a trip right? And I believe that if God wants you to leave your family, it would be seamless to do it. At first, I thought of Kuya Arnel and his family. They were the first Lumandog to ever go there. Not that Im assuming I'd be second. haha.

Anyhoo, IF and only IF that would happen, it would be very hard for me. I am one of the few people who's allergic to change. I love foreign countries, but not actually living there. And I'm not a fan of "Hi mom, Im here at (insert place) today, I'll call you back later because my work's so hectic.." No effing way.

So whatever my future holds still havent made way to clear the landing yet.


So to compensate for the lost Baguio trip, just went to Tagaytay to attend Jon's birthday. And Im proud to say that I went there all by myself. Thank you very much. (Though I have bombarded Jon with a hundred messages on how the road is leading me. haha)

There, their town has a provincial feel. They had booze for everyone and I had the mic to hog. hehehe. Though, not really because the tanggeros were all lined up to sing too.

Going home, Brent and I had the Amazing Race feel, going from Tagaytay to our house at Nova to give something to my brother, then head home to Novaliches. It is an adventure I dont want to repeat. ever. haha.


Have to go. muah!

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Shortest Blogpost ever

Sabi ni Brent, "Friends disappoint you when you least expect it". I totally agree now.

Sabi naman ni Hon, Di ko magets kung bakit naiinis sha sa iba kong friends.

..Well now I know (insert Blair Waldorf's signature stare here)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Are We Filipinos the New Guinea Pigs on Humor?

Just when we thought ABC's attempt to bring down Filipinos are over, a British network encored the public humiliation regarding our OFWs.

Must Read:

By OLIVER TEVES,Associated Press Writer AP - Tuesday, October 7

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine government protested a popular BBC comedy sketch in which a Filipino maid was told to have sex with a neighbor, officials said Tuesday.

Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Esteban Conejos said the Philippine Embassy in London sent letters to the BBC, as well as to the Secretary of State for Women and the Press Complaints Commission, to protest "this slur on our domestic workers" in Britain.

Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo also summoned the British Ambassador Peter Beckingham to discuss the matter, he said.

Rep. Risa Hontiveros, a women's rights activists, demanded an apology from the broadcaster.

She described the Sept. 26 episode of the TV show "Harry and Paul," starring British comedians Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse, as "revolting and disgusting" and called it an "insensitive and racist attempt to satirize a scene of exploitation."

The BBC did not comment immediately but the British Embassy in Manila issued a statement saying the BBC has editorial independence and the views expressed and portrayed by the network "are completely independent" from the government.

It said Filipinos in Britain "are an important part of British society, making invaluable contributions to our scientific and service sectors, and enriching U.K. culture."

The plight of millions of Filipinos working overseas is a sensitive issue for the Philippines, whose economy is kept afloat by billions of dollars in remittances they send home.


First of all, overseas workers are working really hard despite the fact that they couldn't care for their children back home, and what do they get in return? Public humiliation? Seriously, it is NOT WORTH IT.

What these effing foreigners couldn't understand is that putting other down for their own gain is not funny at all. They could laugh all they want, but in return, karma will take them down. I just know. They never understood that no matter how large they pay for our workers wouldn't weigh for the care that these maids have brought inside their homes. Or maybe, why not just torture their kids, so then we could all call it quits.

I speak as a child with an OFW Dad. I never get to see him during holidays and even the most important stages of my life. He would always give us gifts, but never really known that his presence is more important than material things. We never get to be close. I was never a Daddy's girl. Admittingly, its still his choice, but hearing these awful things from foreigners who doesn't have a clue on anything is the worst.

Last Friday, Maam Kit lectured about speaking for one's behalf. Like for example, a department of a company did something wrong to a client. The client wouldn't speak just about the department, but would criticize the whole company. As for us Filipinos, no matter if its the maids they're talking about, we speak as one. And therefore, humiliating them also means humiliating the whole country.

As for these two jackasses, BURN IN HELL YOU BLOODY BUGGER SHAGS!

Oh yeah, if you havent noticed, we Filipinos have a very good sense of humor too. Only, we treat you as mindless pieces of crap.

Bring it on Pinas! This is another racism problem we have to address :D

Monday, October 06, 2008

A Pinch of Biatchness

All my life, I have been a girly-girl. I love dresses when I was a kid and rarely wear shorts. Its usually mini-skirts and all that. Only then in high school that I learned to fit into jeans. They have been a constant best friend because they make me feel comfortable to move. Anyhow, I just want to point out one of my favorite people who can pull off any wardrobe. And how I adore her. :D

Credits to

Now I don't care if Hon likes Serena more that her, or he thinks that I behave Serena-like with one of my best friends, but I just adore Blair. Um, pardon my tomboy-ish ways again. As Ive said, its something influential once you've been in an exclusive school for girls. Hehe.



Not that I needed to sound melodramatic but for the longest time, I haven't been out of the house for a weekend getaway. Or as Ive told Jeni earlier, I need to get out of the system that I have been for the past months.

Teka, you might think that my life is THAT miserable ha. Not really, I just feel as if work and everyday life has gotten so much inside my brain and I need a break from all of that. Nothing so serious naman.


Guess I'm blabbing too much na naman. SO I have to sign off. Buhbye! :D

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fitting to a Tee

Sometimes, you just wish for the sense of belongingness. In ones family, or in a group of friends, you cant help but wonder if everything is real, or everything would be real.

This afternoon, I went with Hon to Andi’s baptism. Well, I was actually late so I just had to catch the reception. Anyhow, Sophia, his niece was totally ignoring me. Maybe because of the fact that we haven’t seen each other for a month’s time now. Its been two years and I still feel like an alien to them. Not that in an ignored kind of way, but on how his cousins look stunning. Though I don’t really want to sparkle or anything, I just feel so glad that they don’t look down on me or anything. That no matter how they all shine, I still feel like I fit in.

Come to think of it, I may be in a mess sometimes, but someone out there is willing to understand how crazy I am or how (sometimes) pathetic I can be. Hahaha.


Hon and I went to Divi after the baptism. It has been a long time since we did that. Were supposed to buy flats but I ended up to a bag instead. Priorities Ria, priorities. But I also promised myself that I’ll splurge once that fund I’ve been waiting comes up. And Christmas is coming. Gawd, I really have to save up.

Gotta go now. Catch me up tomorrow.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Juggling Priorities

I got this new inspiration from Gossip Girl. Well actually, I just liked the song because its preppy and it lifted my mood, as I badly need it right now. :D

And it came from this scene:
Cant wait to meet Hon later because he bears the fifth episode. I know, loser right? hahahaha. Stupid dial-up at home could not download online episodes. Guess I have to wait for Dad before we could finally negotiate with PLDT.
My rest day didnt entirely turned out as I expected. It rained the whole day so I wasnt able to go to Divi to splurge and I was stuck doing laundry and cleaning my room. Oh, and I fed chickens, cows, lambs, brushes my horse Harry and courted Karen by giving her amethyst that I mined inside the cave. In short, I let myself get carried away playing Harvest Moon on my lappie. Pathetic, but since I'm so fond of imaginary friends and all, this is my world after my daily routine. hahaha.
Back to my major concern, I have so many commitments this October, but Jon still added another day to it. This Sunday would be Andi's Baptism and on the 17th would be our Baguio trip. But since Jon's birthday falls on the tenth, he invited us next Saturday to go to their house at Tagaytay. As we call it, he will have the grand birthday ever. (debutante daw eh. lol) And the problem is, how on Earth will I tell my Mom that I have consecutive engagements? I know, its hard living with your parents, but that's how my life is. Unless I get hitched, I cannot, for the life of me, move out or live on my own. That's the rule. Sorry Ria. huhuhuhu.
I guess I have to practice my speech this early. Or I would resort to not going with my friends. Even Brent would come. Unfair! And they just knew each other because of me. Asar talaga.
Have to go now. SO many paperworks today. Even though I brought this home to do it yesterday, it is still unfinished. waaah.
Gotta go. Moochies!


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