Friday, October 31, 2008

Since I discovered Twilight, I know I'm'a talk about it nonstop too. Just like Harry Potter, Gossip Girl and etc. And it will be a phase. Again. I just know it. hahaha.

Anyway, since Hon and I wouldn't be able to meet this weekend, weve already managed to meet last night. After dinner, we went to Fully Booked to check if there's a paperback of New Moon. Lo and behold, I was lucky that night, so we immediately bought it. Now I'm on page 181. :D

And after that, I'll be reading the Eclipse na! I'm soo excited.

Now I don't care if I look like a vampire reading those or how excruciating it might be to sleep late just so I could finish it in one sitting. lol.


So tomorrow, our family will go to one of the busiest and noisiest cemetery in Manila. Suddenly, I begin to remember my Lola Merced. Before she died, she used to go with us too. Five years have passed but I still remember how she were. How she loved and took care of us. Especially I, who have grown up with her.

Its Halloween tonight, but still, we have work. Sad.

But anyway, it doesn't matter because I didn't have to go to the province just so I could visit a relative anyway, so I guess it still is lucky enough for me. I just pray that the weather will be fair tomorrow because if it rains, it will be the end of me.


Sometimes, I just hate my brother.

See, he was blabbing about cellphones and cameras and all last night. He said that he wanted Dad to buy him an iphone. Of course, I asked him if he's rich that he'd actually ask Dad for that.

Okay, not to bea hypocrite, but whenever Dad buys me something, I just let him do that for me. Not because I asked him to, but because he wanted to do it. Unlike my pesky brother who asks for a lot.

I'm not a saint either, but I don't know why I'm so annoyed at him. I just hope I'm not turning to be like him.


Have to go finish two articles before the day ends. And I'm hoping to finish New Moon tonight.

This is a great challenge. :D

Have a great spook everyone!

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