Wednesday, November 05, 2008

But you didnt include me in your little rendezvous. You told me to wait until someone backs out. You dont know how I feel. Im so disappointed --(Ria feeling all Blair-ish when she wasnt included at BDJ's Launch.)

Hahaha. Im so bitter. I just felt sad that Im ready to cross out November 11 off my calendar to go to Greenbelt when I received their email this morning. And in less than 24 hours? All 80 people have confirmed already? Im finding it really hard to believe. But anyway, Im not gonna go ga-ga over that. After all, its only ONE event. Im demanding to be invited on the next one. hehehe.

Speaking of planners, my boyfriend wants to spend a thousand bucks for one. Apparently, Starbucks launched its 2009 Planner already, and you just have to complete 16 stickers instead of 24. I remember him last year ordering non-coffee drinks (because he's not allowed to drink coffee) just so he could get the planner. He even treats his friends so he could get a sticker. We even bought coffees the day they are issuing double stickers. How desperate is that? o_O But thats one of the many ways why I love him. hehehe. The way he's so persevering to get what he wants. And now, he's also determined on getting me one. I mean, I love coffee. It is my own version of alcohol. He just stopped when I asked him what the hell am I gonna do with two planners? I couldnt even fill up one, much more if I have two. hehehe.


I really hope that the Christmas Holiday will extend up to January 2. See my cousin will get married on the 3rd that month and my whole family's flying to Iloilo to attend her wedding. So if it ever happens that we have work on that Friday, I'll be stuck in Manila while they see almost all of my relatives. And miss the reunion. Seriously, that WOULD REALLY SUCK. I mean, its okay to get too lazy for work and still go to it, but going to work and miss all the fun, is a torture for me. Plus hearing my brother brag about it would make it even more annoying.

So please, that's all I wanted for Christmas. A nice holiday with my favorite cousins and relatives.


I'm nearly finished reading Eclipse. And so far, Im enjoying the sort-of love triangle of Edward, Bella and Jacob. Of course, I'm still rooting for Edward, you know the typical "Were getting hitched because we so love each other but I found out that my bestfriend has feelings for me" story. Its so melodramatic, but the thought of dealing of being a vampire and having a werewolf for a bestfriend makes the story more intriguing.

And the story's getting even better. hehehe.

Now Im'a wait for November 21 to watch the Twilight movie.

And so far, I still can't wait. I mean seriously? Cedric Diggory as a vampire? I thought he was a wizard. hehehe.

Gotta go! Muah!

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