Saturday, December 27, 2008

OMG. Even Perez Hilton wrote about this in his blog. Good luck sating mga Filipinos if we could ever show our face to the Hollywood. Oh, some of the comments are really offensive. I dont know, Im not anti-Shaina and Rayver bnor ABS-CBN, but dont think this will work out. Why dont they just make a typical story, where originality exists. Im sure there are lot of brooding writers around. But a Twilight ripoff? Cmon now, panu na ang YABANG ng PINOY?

Anyway, Im a FIlipino and a victim of a copycat, so I guess nothing's new here. Sadly..


Yesterday, Hon found an excuse to pig-out again. Went to MOA to buy a wedding gift for Mellard and Maro on Monday, and Hon treated at Sakae Sushi again. And I was in sushi heaven. Maybe because this time, we didnt have to rush. So I enjoyed their conveyor belt. It was my bestfriend that day. haha.

And I wanna thank him for my super pretty pink earphones. It wasnt actually on my wish-list, because its on my to-buy list, but he got it for me, so there. Happy happy. :D

On the other hand, Im really excited of our Iloilo Trip. Psyched. And I wanna thank Kath for my new backpack. hehehehe. I am starting to pack right now. Though I have to do this another thing first for a friend. Something I should definitely slave on tomorrow.

Went to Tutuban earlier. Have to buy new shoes for Ate Lory's wedding. And for like five minutes, I found the pair I can use for that day. Nothing so fancy, after all, its just for a day. lol.


Im enjoying myDSL. hahaha. Im sorry, its just that in this very hectic season, thank God I can easily upload my stuff.

Nothing goes here na. I have to do some movie marathon later. If my biological clock permits me. hahaha. Muah!

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