Monday, November 17, 2008

Brent, Hon and I went to Divisoria yesterday. Was a fun day mostly for both of them, because they bought what they wanted. For Brent, his "outrageous outfit" for his company's Christmas Party, and Hon, his sweatshirt. As for me, Ive scoured my Christmas Party costume parts. hahah. Parts because I had the shocking pink tights last Friday with Lhalha at St. Francis Square already. I just have to stand the competition. LOL.

Ive finally finished my two new Gossip Girl books. I just cant get enough of them! :D Though, Ive scored a great find last Saturday by buying Nights in Rodanthe for only 200pesos. I so love sales! :D


Miss Ivy, our former Supervisor, came to work with us again. And Ive never been happier. I dont know, maybe the fact that were getting bigger again made me that excited. And she's one of the closest people I know.

And we're all excited on the coming early-CCD Xmas party at Enchanted Kingdom. I know, its childish, but its the little things that perks us up. Also the idea of going to Davao. I cant wait!!! Okay, I sound like a cheerleader already. haha.


Gotta go. XOXO

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