Thursday, November 20, 2008

It is only now that I can see a true person in Chuck Bass. Finally! I loved how he had butterflies in stomach and telling Blair that he has feelings for her. But now, I was thumbs up for him and Nate. For them being true friends. Something so unusual for his Gossip Girl character.

.. Oh and I loved how they make them more humane in the series than in books. I dont know, its just that sometimes, I wanted to kill Cecily von Ziesegar's characters, Chuck and Jenny. haha.


Christmas is so around the corner. Mom and I have already put up decorations at our house at Novaliches. And we changed decoration colors. We had orange last year, and now we've bought pink tree balls, flowers and stuff. And I enjoyed it that much. hahaha.

On the other hand, I can also already feel Christmas at the office. They have put up a huge Christmas Tree at the Ground Floor for the building decorations and another Christmas tree at the lobby. Kat and I couldnt even resist taking pictures of ourselves in fromt of it. haha.


Now my dilemma, is how the hell am I going with my family to my Ate Lory's Wedding. I dont wanna be stuck home while theyre having the lime of their lives with our relatives. I have to plan early or no biscochos and pinasugbos for my friends. :D

Have to go. Have some more thinking to do. :D

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