Friday, November 21, 2008


Were nearly getting off the calendar, but it only means one thing. We are becoming stronger than ever. :D Yay! This month, we discovered that no matter how much space we could get out of, we still find ways to be back into each other. That being apart means a bit impossible for us. We had the most terrible fights, but made us love each other more. And that nothing could ever tear us, no matter how strong a wind tries to tumble us. You are my truest sense of home. :D Love you so so much!


Enough being cheesy, I am up for a boring weekend up the mountains. Kidding. Everyone knows I couldnt hike, much more to save myself. Im just going to Nova (again) for the weekends. No computers, Mom uses her laptop for games, no internet connection, Im up to watch Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 and Mamma Mia on DVD. Yes, for me to keep my sanity.

Not that I so hate it that much. Im just weirded by not going out with my friends on weekends. But since my family is there, I guess I have to make up for it. My only consolation, thank you very much.


Twilight fever is on States right now. sad.

Shempre, its November 21 there na. While here, it'll be shown on the 26th pa. Have to buy tickets na yata. Or it'll be too late for us to watch it. There's so much Edward-Bella fans pa naman.

..Wonder if it'll be shown in IMAX? That I'll have to research..NOW.

..Okay my time is up. No Twilight in IMAX. Sad.

Sureseats.. Have to ask my Mom yet. because I intend to watch on a weekend. :P


Gotta go make the most of this Friday. Hugs! :D

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