Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I hate snobs. Sobra.

As if its not annoying enough, but Im through. I tried everything to reach out to you. But as far as Im concerned, you do not give a damn. And now, so do I. Continue doing your games, but I DONT EFFING CARE.

And in any way, hindi naman ako nawalan. So Ciao!


One more day to go, TWILIGHT na! But I wouldnt be able to watch tomorrow because he has work. Saaad. But Im cool with it. After all, I just waited for it for a month lang naman. hahaha. Unlike Harry Potter, which I have been waiting for a year already, and Im still waiting. But of course, let's not dismiss the fact that one of the reasons Im going to watch the movie is because of Robert Pattinson. Second nalang dun yung ploit itself. haha.

So, I guess I'll be seeing it on Sunday or Monday, whichever day my Mom lets me come out and play. lol. Which I know, I'd still have to beg of her because when my Dad comes home again, she couldnt drag me to Nova anymore, thank you very much, but it'll last for at least a month only.

...And I have to wait again until my brother's schedule clears up.

Yun lang. Have to go. Nag-eenjoy na naman ako mag-dl. haha. Byers! :D

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