Friday, November 28, 2008

In celebration of the Twilight movie (and yes, Rob Pattinson too! :D), I tweaked my favorite Twilight picture and made myself a new multiply layout. Oh, and I also saw a pink twilight layout for my blogspot. I know, I'm obsessed. I just cant get enough of it. Suddenly, I felt so high school again. haha.

..and it felt so long since I had new layouts. So, I'm really psyched for my babies.. :D


Anyhoo, Brent texted me earlier if I would greet (her). I'm really not sure if that would be the best thing. Not that I wanna punish her or anything, but she has lot of learning to do. That we are not living in high school anymore and you cannot just push your best friend for every scheming thing you wanna do.

And all I need is one word. One word to make it all right. Yun lang eh.


My leave has been approved already! Yay! Mom, Dad, Lester and I will be going to Iloilo this January to attend my cousin's wedding, and eventually unwind a bit. The return of my normalcy! hehehehe. I mean, going around places and having long weekends. :D

Now I just have to convince them places to go to. Meaning, if there is something new in Iloilo. The last time we went there, we went to Miag-Ao. And I felt proud because it is one of our country's heritage. But we dint get the chance to go inside (because its a weekday). Sad.

..So I'm determined to make this trip worthwhile, even if we have to trotter around it for a limited time.


Excuse me while I have to make an announcement:


Are we getting dull already? PM me, text me or call me whether you wanna see each other this December (before or after Christmas). Figured that we haven't got the chance to be together again, SO WE REALLY NEED THIS ONE. I'm trying Shang to volunteer her house so we could hold the party there, and the rest, bring booze, bring food and bring your most gorgeous self. :D


That's all.

Gotta go! :D

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