Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Finally! Hon and I saw Twilight at the big screen! Yay!

After much contemplation of free schedules, and through the goodness of Ayala-powered sureseats, our 2:15-4:15PM yesterday was filled with adrenaline as we see Isabella "Bella" Swan and Edward Cullen's forbidden love evolve, with the consciousness, of her, being human and him, a vampire.

I wouldn't be doing a review here since this is not a page for it. Hahaha.

As a surprise, my Honey bought me a Twilight Illustrated Movie Guide. The first time I saw it, I was thinking of whether to buy it or not. Its pricey kasi. And the stingy in me says I wouldn't buy a 700 worth coffee table book to ogle at Edward's face. But since he knows me better, he surprised me yesterday with it. Awww..

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After the movie, went to Divi for Christmas shopping. At shempre, I still havent completed my list. I bought 2. Sa laki ng Divi. Cmon naman Ria.

And bad luck stroked me din. My ATM is lost. I just found out when I got home. Good thing that is on a payroll system and our bank's a sister company so I got the replacement today. Thank you God.


I have another event coming up on Thursday..

Sir Jun gave up these tickets for a major pig-out, eating high end goodies. :O

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Good luck nalang sa pag-abay sa December 29 at January 2. hahahaha.


Speaking of abays, my cousin texted me last Saturday that I will be her bridesmaid at her wedding. I told her no at first because I feel as if I havent enough time to pull myself a gown for the event. But she said she'll take care of it, so I have nada choice. Guess I really have to stop binging for a while.





Gotta go! Spread the Twilight Madness! :D

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