Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I waited for the dark sky to smile at me, but instead, it frowned. Bad Jupiter-Venus and Moon. Oh well, I guess next time. haha.


Everyone is posting their wish list already. And I'm so inggitera. But I'll do that some other time. I don't have too many material things that I want for now. Just Bliss. Period.

Something happened today. I thought it was just me being crazy, but I realized that it isnt the case. After all, I have posted this issue many times, just to ease whatever's building up inside me. Its part-rage, but I don't wanna classify it as that because I still considered her a friend.

...And then today happened.

My boyfriend said that I have been missing a lot since I got back with her. That might be the case sometimes, but Ive been shrugging the thought since were, friends. And I feel as if I could balance being her friend, a good girlfriend to Pat, a fair friend to my other friends, and a good daughter to my family. She had one of my biggest parts. Bestfriends kami eh, so why not give her that?

So now, your means of telling me to move on with my life has become more tangible. You wanted this. You started this tiff. Sawang sawa na rin akong manuyo. Maybe this time, I could also focus on my other friends. Friends who doesnt tell you how shallow your friendship may be or people who do not always test your loyalty. I am not saying that I am the greatest friend in this world, but I'm done. This is the last straw.

Good luck nalang sayo. Marami kang friends diba? Yung isa nagpahamak sa buong section, yung isa nagpapayabangan kayo, yung isa may sariling mundo. Go on. After all, I have to break free from always being the good girl. Come to think of it, thanks for making me stop being so goody-goody.

Excuse me while I try to step into my light. Maybe there's a purpose for this. And thanks for making get out of this toxic relationship with you.


Have to go and compose myself. I should be up for this long and bumpy ride.

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