Friday, December 05, 2008

Since everyone has their wishlist already, I know Im so inggitera, so Im posting one myself too. :D And lately, I saw nifty nifty things. :D

1. Quik Pod- For people who doesnt know what are these, let me show you a visual:

No, I dont want the camera, nor the Tower of Pisa, I just wanted the tripod. Well, its an easy to use Tripod, without leaving your camera anywhere. Plus its so easy to use in my camwhoring moments. haha.

2. Jelly Lenses- This is not pimp my camera show, but Im getting fond of this another tiny thing. I wanted a fish eye camera, but this is the closest thing to it, without having to scan pictures and stuff.

It only costs 500PHP. Plugging I ordered the fisheye lens. If someone wants to buy me one, I'd like the heart frame or vignette lens. :D

3. Gossip Girl Books!- And I only need the three remaining books, Only In Your Dreams, Would I Lie To You and Dont You Forget About Me.

Of course, the much-loved TV series is very much different from the book. But I still love Blair, Serena, Dan and Nate. :D

4. Trench Coat-like Dresses- Nowadays, this is very uso. And I want something like this in White too!

Okay, why I love it? Because Filipinos couldnt possibly wear trench coats just like that. Since the weather doesnt really permit us to get super cold, these dresses are the closest thing to it. Plus you get to have the girly-girl vibe.

5. Flats- any brand will do!

The one above is from Skechers. But this is something like my Mom's. But nonetheless, I thrive for flats. It makes me move freely. And I wouldnt have to complain to Hon Hon that my feet sores when we go on a very long walk.

6. Trip to HongKong

I know this seems impossible right now, but this is a someday, maybe trip. Sana lang. :D

7. Sony Alpha 300 DSLR

This may look like your ordinary (as if we could call them as ORDINARY) DSLR, but a whopping 24 Megapixel is enough for you to go ga-ga over this cam. I want one. But, I have to shell a thousand bucks for this. And the thing is, do I have that hemp sum? hahaha.

8. World Peace

In a land where most of the things are material, we all still need something intangible but real. And were by a long shot to having world peace, but at least were trying right?


Last night, we went to the Taste of the City 3 at Taguig City. I never really thought that there could be such an event where so many participating restaurants would shell out for booths, their food and even excitement for a night. And all of us were so full after the day.

And since were at it, Hon finally completed his stickers to get his Starbucks 2009 Planner. He got the black one. I know he's happy. But I feel sad because there's no excuse for me to go to Starbucks for now. Its just the excitement for coffees and planners get into me. haha.


Have to go now. Too many reports before the holidays.


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