Friday, October 17, 2008

The Belle De Jour 2009 Power Planner! I have reserved a copy already. Yay!

So if you're a girly-girl who needs to have a journal/planner because you're life is so effing fabulous and always on the go, reserve one too. :D

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I'll not discuss the details of the planner up to the insides anymore because they have the site to explain it. Just jump to the link above. :D


Last night, I had an impromptu dinner with Precious. And most of the reactions Ive got was, "Why did you do it?" No offense, but she and I have this awful history together. And most of my high school friends are living evidences that Precious stole my mother's opportunity to be the first one to slap my face. It was, hell of a bitchslap, if I may add. And why I was so angry about it, we just don't think that she could do it. Well, were wrong.

And the funny part was, I got slapped because she was defending this other friend whom I was making parinig when she borrowed a magazine without my permission. Its so high school right? Well, at the moment, IT IS High School. haha.

But actually, I didn't learn my lesson. She even gave me a better reason to be a total biatch that time. Plus I had the coolest friends to boot with, so me being slapped equals friends who loved me despite everything.

I never grew tired of telling that story. I may be a little bit ashamed because of that awful incident, but the fact that I got true people behind my back makes all that slap worth it. Seriously.

Moving on, met her at Rob Ermita, and everything still feels the same. Well, me looking at her weirdly whenever she speaks of something out of the blue. Talking about our former teachers makes us feel old and how crazy we were during those years.


Ive a crappy morning. I woke up at 6:30 and only a few minutes to spare before I fix myself up and board the train. Good thing I wasn't late. Or it would be another charity case for me. So I'm not complaining anymore. Finally, MRT got into its senses and decided not to punish me anymore. (See it always make me late).

Gotta go and find some more updating to do. One more weekend at Nova and and I'm all free. Thank goodness for sembreaks. And brothers who would accompany mom to go to our house at Nova. hahaha.

Moochies! :D

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