Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've a tip from a very reliable source that our superior would be transferred to another department.


See, I also love this other person who would replace her, but I am only staying in the company because of my boss. Seriously. For months, I have been afraid of not getting the boss I would grow to love, other than her. Someone who steps out of the way just so she could let you shine. Someone you could trust your work with, and someone more than just a boss-employee relationship. She has been my "surrogate" mom in the office. She doesn't care if I have this weird sense of style and wouldn't be afraid if she also does that too because its uso.

For TWO years. Boooo!

But anyhow, if it ever happens, maybe its time for me to move on...


Everytime Hon and I talk about my work, things just keep on heating up.

He says: Why dont you try to get a higher position? Or even get promoted. After all, its been two years. Why not have the position of Sir Melan?

I say: NO effing way. I may be vying for a better job, but Im not confident to lead. And besides, I dont want to be Customer Care Supervisor. I dont want to answer complicated things. I still want my peace.

What I really mean to say is, besides being too tamad to argue with him, I still know my limits. I might have a typical job for now, but my confidence to lead other people isnt in me yet. You know the type of people who are born leaders? Im not one of those. I was born to be a great team player instead. I associate well with other people and I work on my own sometimes. That's just me, no excuses whatsoever.


Well maybe someday, I could also *cough* lead. But for now, its not yet in the cards. I just know.

Now excuse me, but I've to take lunch with the greatest team Ive ever known. My CCD family.

Ta ta now! :P

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