Monday, October 13, 2008

Isang weekend lang naman yung gusto ko eh. Isang weekend ng walang parents, walang iniisip na projects, walang naririnig na problema, at purely fun. Pero hindi mo pa rin sha kayang i-give sakin. You know Im not mad at you or something, pero lahat naman ginagawa ko na ah. I never lie to my parents, I never cheated on my partner, Ive never been plastic to my friends, and I have paid my dues, religiously and citizenship-wise. But what have I done to deserve this?


Amidst being so melodramatic, I learned that I simply have to let it go. May mas better trip pa. Come summer, aariba na naman ako. And once my Dad come home in a few months, the family will go on a christmas spree, maybe on Iloilo (again) or somewhere totally out of the blue.

On a lighter note, I have to be thankful to God that he has blessed me with a great year of going places Ive never thought possible. And hopefully get lucky this two-oh-oh-nine. :D


Last Friday, something he said made me sad.

"Hon, ayusin mo na passport mo, in case mag-migrate ang family namin sa Canada"

I know, coming from him, its still too good to be true. Considering the numerous paperworks to accomplish, visa and all. Its even nice if youre just going there for a trip right? And I believe that if God wants you to leave your family, it would be seamless to do it. At first, I thought of Kuya Arnel and his family. They were the first Lumandog to ever go there. Not that Im assuming I'd be second. haha.

Anyhoo, IF and only IF that would happen, it would be very hard for me. I am one of the few people who's allergic to change. I love foreign countries, but not actually living there. And I'm not a fan of "Hi mom, Im here at (insert place) today, I'll call you back later because my work's so hectic.." No effing way.

So whatever my future holds still havent made way to clear the landing yet.


So to compensate for the lost Baguio trip, just went to Tagaytay to attend Jon's birthday. And Im proud to say that I went there all by myself. Thank you very much. (Though I have bombarded Jon with a hundred messages on how the road is leading me. haha)

There, their town has a provincial feel. They had booze for everyone and I had the mic to hog. hehehe. Though, not really because the tanggeros were all lined up to sing too.

Going home, Brent and I had the Amazing Race feel, going from Tagaytay to our house at Nova to give something to my brother, then head home to Novaliches. It is an adventure I dont want to repeat. ever. haha.


Have to go. muah!

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