Thursday, October 02, 2008

I got this new inspiration from Gossip Girl. Well actually, I just liked the song because its preppy and it lifted my mood, as I badly need it right now. :D

And it came from this scene:
Cant wait to meet Hon later because he bears the fifth episode. I know, loser right? hahahaha. Stupid dial-up at home could not download online episodes. Guess I have to wait for Dad before we could finally negotiate with PLDT.
My rest day didnt entirely turned out as I expected. It rained the whole day so I wasnt able to go to Divi to splurge and I was stuck doing laundry and cleaning my room. Oh, and I fed chickens, cows, lambs, brushes my horse Harry and courted Karen by giving her amethyst that I mined inside the cave. In short, I let myself get carried away playing Harvest Moon on my lappie. Pathetic, but since I'm so fond of imaginary friends and all, this is my world after my daily routine. hahaha.
Back to my major concern, I have so many commitments this October, but Jon still added another day to it. This Sunday would be Andi's Baptism and on the 17th would be our Baguio trip. But since Jon's birthday falls on the tenth, he invited us next Saturday to go to their house at Tagaytay. As we call it, he will have the grand birthday ever. (debutante daw eh. lol) And the problem is, how on Earth will I tell my Mom that I have consecutive engagements? I know, its hard living with your parents, but that's how my life is. Unless I get hitched, I cannot, for the life of me, move out or live on my own. That's the rule. Sorry Ria. huhuhuhu.
I guess I have to practice my speech this early. Or I would resort to not going with my friends. Even Brent would come. Unfair! And they just knew each other because of me. Asar talaga.
Have to go now. SO many paperworks today. Even though I brought this home to do it yesterday, it is still unfinished. waaah.
Gotta go. Moochies!

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