Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ive been meaning to blog really long earlier (but not for the sake of just blogging), but because Ive missed writing. It has been weeks since my last article for the company's website, and another one coming up. Ive pulled up a job that wasn't supposed to be mine. (Nonetheless, I was still happy!) And even though our Baguio trip hasn't pushed through, we have settled for another date. But I don't wanna jinx it so I'd rather keep silent about it.

Its my Dad's birthday today but instead of us buying him gifts, he was actually the one who asked us what phones we want, again, something techie. Jeni says I'm spoiled. But I don't really think I am. Or let's just say that he's been making up for the past years when our Mom wouldn't let us tell him what we really want. Like for instance, she wanted me to ask my Dad for a Mickey Mouse watch. So I asked for it, but deep down, I don't really like to have one. I'd rather add another Barbie to my collection than asking for a watch I didn't even begin to like. In the end, it is now collecting dirt, together with my not-so-good stuff.

(Okay, sounding like a brat na talaga. LOL)

Anyhoo, it will be a happy happy Christmas for my brother and I. Supernova here I invade. hehehe.


I wanna try something new. Bungee jumping or swimming ng bumabagyo? hahah! I remember Jon telling Judith to wear two-piece when we go to Baguio. Kamusta naman.

I'm not that serious ha, I'm not scared of heights pero I'm scared of falling. nyahaha. And I don't wanna go swimming ngayon no. Siguro baliw nalang talaga ko pag nag-beach ako sa panahon na to. hehehehe. I can wait for summer, thank you very much.


Oh, and how I love St. Francis Square now. Ive seen this quaint stall that sells books for a cheaper price. And they even have the new paperbacks and Gossip girl books. Hello S and B. :D

Speaking of Gossip Girl, I am sooo loving the twists of Season 2. I'm so excited to see how thay adapted the book, and how they didn't entirely screw some parts. If you know what I mean.

And since I have Hon Hon to download the episodes for me, I still have to wait every Friday for us to meet so I could get my usb to watch them. So sweet.


And to you, even though you think I'm cold towards you, it just means that I wanna distance myself so you would know how much I care for you. That somehow, I want to make you see that I'm right. But no matter what, you know my love would never cease.

At least that's what I could promise you. And in the end of the day, I'll always come back running to you, because you are my home. :D

Have a happy and rainy holiday everyone! :D

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