Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It'll be a holiday tomorrow! Yay!

And it will be a general cleaning day, or a general splurging day. I dont know which of the two will happen. But I really do hope I could still splurge, considering Ive bought new shoes and all that stuff yesterday. hehehe.


I feel a bit old.

Or something, its just that I found one of my former classmates just got married. And even though Ive only seen their pictures at multiply, I felt a bit nostalgic of my college days. I know, it has only been two years, but when you see your classmates and their little kids already, or they get married, you would feel a little left out.

Well of course, I know that I couldnt afford to have my own family for now. And I have so many things to achieve.


I'll blog later (or so I hope) Gotta go and get home first. Muah! :D

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