Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nina (The typhoon) ruined our Baguio trip, thank you very much.

A friend of mine went to Baguio this weekend and said that the area is under zero visibility. Mom called up my Tita Fely to ask for her house and she also said that its been raining cats and dogs and there's no way we could roam around.

To mix things up, a landslide has been reported last night.


I vote for Jon. LOL.

So were planning to reschedule it come mid-October or early November. Figured it would be a little sunny that time. With fingers crossed. :P


And with so much unluckiness this September, my hunnie has been confined at the hospital. So we vowed not to each much (Yay! Diet!) or go vegan (or so I hope I could). No more uber oily foods or sodas and all that.

That's because were vying for a healthy heart from now on. And since I need to lose weight, I have to eat healthy too.

Goodluck on your suicide mission Ria. LOL.


Anyhoo, I couldnt seem to download Gossip Girl's fourth episode. And with Hon still at the hospital, no one can do it for me. Sad.. but its okay, there's still another time for that. hehehe.

Have to go. Nothing's that exciting anymore. The only thing that keeps me from looking forward to weekend just blew up because of the DAMN STORM. Oh well, resked.Again.

Muah! And still weekend at Novaliches. huhuhu.

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